Zhong Nanshan, the national public health czar for the pandemic, has been the public face of the counter-epidemic operation, similar to Anthony Fauci in the United States.

Brilliant, his new title is “Czar-Dr. Fauci.”

Of the 496 health workers and volunteers who died on the front lines as of April 29, 328 were party members.

I hadn’t heard this. That’s 66%. Incredibly sad, but very moving.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “good emperor.” Some years ago, the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama coined the term “bad emperor problem.” It was meant to theorize that in an authoritarian political system, even if there can be good rulers, there is little to prevent a bad ruler from gaining power and ruining the country. This is not the time or the place to debate this theory. But one thing I do know now is that Xi is a “good emperor.”

So the article’s author doesn’t actually call Xi an emperor, but is referring to a kind of model known to liberals. Which is a shame because I was all ready to quip that it was a missed opportunity to give him the title “Dictator of the Proletariat, Xi Jinping.” Surprisingly good article.


I hadn’t heard this. That’s 66%. Incredibly sad, but very moving.

Yeah, brought me to tears. I think around that time Cuba was also sending out their doctors and they were talking about how it was their revolutionary duty. Also back then, health workers in the US were left with trash bags while both Cuba and PRC celebrated their doctors. Just the contrast alone should shatter anyone’s illusions about the US.

US also lashing out at countries, with South Africa being one of them, for accepting Cuban aid

Felipe Forte

Comrades are dreamers


“An advocate” for China.

Why the word “advocate?” I mean, yeesh, why not call American jingoists “advocates for America.”

Sorry, it’s just that the language used here in the first sentence is already a red flag. That, and honestly: it’s the online rag Foreign Policy. I’m afraid that I’ll just end up hate-reading it…

Felipe Forte

Considering the history of liberalism, it’s pretty bold for them to come forward and accept the limitations of their own ideology. You know liberals.


True, true.

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