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They’re in luck since their vaccines are doing noticeably worse against the delta variant.

To me the label isn’t quite so important as being in line with the modern anti-imperialist trend. What do I mean by modern anti-imperialist trend? The world as it stands is generally split into 2 camps (not perfectly, hence the use of ‘generally’), 1 camp generally leans towards the US, the other leans away. For example, in the UN, the countries that denounce what PRC does in XJ are the usual suspects of the anglosphere, Europe, Japan. Those that support the PRC tend to be the current “main enemies” of the US like Iran, Russia, Venezuela as well as some GS countries. When I say modern anti-imperialist trend I’m referring to the attitude shown by this latter group.

I agree. I also think we ought to come as close to this person’s style of argumentation as possible. It’s not insulting and you don’t come across as being intellectually lazy ceding ground to the person you’re arguing against (truth is in the middle cop-out).

Eh, they were already edging towards it previously, some democrats just followed the party line this time around. Reminder that USians were always easy to propagandize considering post 9-11 Bush had 90% approval ratings.

Before 2013, was an apolitical lib. After that, started hearing about climate change and sustainability issues. Inevitably, that lead to questions about the “system”. From about 2014-2018, I was anti-market, anti-capitalism and I didn’t call myself a socialist or a communist because those had negative associations thanks to what the education system taught me. One day I stumbled upon Abby Martin’s interview with Richard Wolff talking about Marxism. Wolff was a great communicator and I started watching more to inform myself about first Marxism, then slowly socialism proper. In that time, I’d witnessed many arguments between MLs and Anarchists/Socdems on reddit. The ML arguments just made more sense.

Interesting video I found on XJ. The old man knows a surprising amount.

I doubt this will convince anybody who’s already ideologically conditioned to hate PRC but it might help if you’re trying to convince average people who just get their information from the news…

Isn’t it funny that IRL, there are massive demonstrations and reddit is mostly reactionary trash?

Apologies, it wasn’t directed at you so much as me trying to encourage more of our side to use it despite the crying.

A time will come when Americans will reflect on how much better their lives would have been if they had been born in China.

Maybe, but with how much power the media has over there, it’s going to be unlikely I feel. I wonder how many socialists focus on undermining people’s trust in the media and if not, whether that should be a concern for groups in the US going forward.

Whataboutism is a tremendous weapon for the left. Why should we stop using it to appease liberals, especially when they use it themselves when it’s convenient?

This is why being a radlib just isn’t enough. You’ll just be led around by the state department without anti-imperialism (I don’t mean maoist anti-imperialism, I mean the Evo Morales kind).

We don’t know if the immunity of the vaccines will run out though.

I had a big smile on my face at 5:13.

Who’s ready for the large threads on politics subreddits decrying the crimes? We can expect 100k upvotes right? And day after day of coverage?

They’ll say that the ambassador was being threatened by big bad authoritarian PRC and forced to lie in front of state media.

Instead of having giant left spaces like the late r/cth, why not instead go for strong and loud presence on the big political subs? I’ve noticed worldnews can have a lot of pushback sometimes and reddit has potential to produce gems like that Rushan Abbas AMA. Thoughts?

One thing I’ve noticed is how much the lady asking the question resembles so much of reddit. Lots of unfounded assumptions and hypocritical concern trolling…

What a surprise right? Another target of imperialism, another target of fake news…