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It doesn’t actually matter. The problem is that in the absence of knowledge, what people have rattling about in their heads are a bunch of tropes, many of which mix and reinforce one another. It’s concentration camps = Fascists = Genocide. The connections are formed without having to say a word. The link continues Genocide = 100 million = Communism = PRC so it feels to the average person like there’s some sort of logic and precedent for the PRC to be doing this.

I think there’s an unspoken superstructural concern many leftists have about the PRC getting richer/becoming more developed and it may stem from this. That instead of developing the productive forces toward socialism, the people will cling on to capitalist-esque relations all on their own.

What do you mean no one? People in the US do and that may as well be the world as far as USians are concerned.

Sounds good, but do you think this may be because you tend to hang out with left-leaning people or do you think even the cracker types are realizing it too?

If you think of it as paying a toll/rent to the people who think they own or should own the land/world, this line of thinking actually starts making sense.

In my family, nobody knew or cared because we aren’t a bunch of imperialist ghouls like those inhabiting the US.

Yeah, and the Chinese nationals I talk to wanna be rich financial sector ghouls. Doesn’t mean it’s indicative of the country.

How exactly will focusing on those companies instead ensure that criticisms of capitalism are taken seriously?

Actually, the article doesn’t make the 10m sound very impressive since they also wrote that Pfizer and AstraZeneca would supply 40m and 150m respectively to this COVAX initiative.

Yes, but the PRC is authoritarian and we like this fact because it’s often wielded in favour of proletarian interests. It is a left idealist disagreement if anything and it’s not even anything close to the venom you’ll find in places like r/completeanarchy.

Why was this user banned? The comment wasn’t even that egregious or anti-communist.

This is bourg-on-bourg violence? Sounds more like one bourg protecting another bourg to me.

You’re going to need to be more detailed here. How would you prevent it? Guide us through, step by step.

I think they’re saying that by supposedly decentralizing power, you can prevent abuse of power entirely in the first place.

I’ll believe it when they start backing PRC in UN voting. I don’t trust them to do even that though as long as US troops are stationed in the country.

Wasn’t Germany one of the countries that backed the US on the XJ and HK situations? The blocs are there already. It’s just an imperialist bloc vs an anti-imperialist bloc.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much the lady asking the question resembles so much of reddit. Lots of unfounded assumptions and hypocritical concern trolling…