I like the make video games

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Fidel used all the electricity in the country, how tragic

I started playing feel rich galactic again with my friend, and it’s so much more fun with someone else to play with! I just wish I had more time to actually play… I got too much school work 🥲

Do you know any sites that provide automatic translations? I’m an English only speaker on mobile

My week was alright, I just started spring track. I did a couple good runs and an ab workout, so my stomach is pretty sore.

I know right?? I’m thinking like how is it this I’ve cereal that they can eat…

Thoughts? They apparently have "experts" https://www.insider.com/north-korean-girl-youtube-subscribers-song-a-propaganda-videos-2023-2

Imo this is the best explanation I’ve seen

What does the yellow with a purple circle mean?

The overuse of Internet vocabulary is so suffer worthy

I dream of a society where this is not accepted by the public

I guess I’ll need to work on my table manners…

Does the role of a police officer corrupt people or does the role attract people who are already corrupt?
If the role changes the person, how does it do that? What pressures do police face from the state, society, and capitalism in general that makes them into a worse person?

So they’re basically saying they want to benefit from global exploitation :(

Yeah but as typical, Reddit users don’t read

Ah yes, the us allowed all nations to choose their own leadership yes /s

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Who else did they do?

One other thing: ask for teacher or counselor recommendations early on. Then they can write a nice letter because they were given a lot of time

It really depends on when your deadlines are. Early action is just a normal application except with an earlier deadline; those are typically due end of October or November your senior year. There are a few schools that do super early applications but you really shouldn’t worry too much until the summer before your senior year. I recommend getting parts of your applications finished before you start senior year. If you’re planning on doing a normal time application, those are typically December through to late spring of your senior year. Basically, just don’t worry about them until you’re done with your junior year. Then you can get started, but just spread it out because you don’t need to do it all at once.

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I have a feeling they just thought it was funny lol

Aim for a school that is affordable! Most schools in the usa where I live can give scholarships and grants, so take that into account too.

Other then money, just figure out what you want to do (or at least a general field). Then you can just use the internet to search for colleges that fit that interest. Most colleges also have courses for people who don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do yet.

When applying for colleges try figuring out which apps you can do get for free because the fees do add up.

Last thing, always try to finish your applications sooner then later. Try to get everything except your essay questions done ASAP.

Take note all of this is from the perspective of an American student

Another ratette banger, very well said. I think sex work is similar to all other work, as in it can be exploitative or emancipative. However, there is definitely several important factors like the patriarchy that need to be taken into account. Whenever I see ideas like these where I am not the least bit qualified I tend to leave it to the experienced to make the arguments.

I love botw, I was addicted the first couple days that I played it

Bro have they never learned any history at all!?

How much you wanna get they are not from the Balkans, and that they have no reason to have any authority on the matter

So if bigger countries have to wait for revolution because of foreign threats, how do we decide when is a good time? It seems like this thinking could lead to a whole lot of idling. Or are there other actions that can be taken without threatening the integrity of the countries security?

Finally some semi-positive news
Liz truss is gone 🦀

Thoughts on The American Dream
Ok so what the hell is the American dream. To be able to struggle most of your life to live and then eventually be able to have a family without going into debt too much? My mom especially confuses me because she always talks about how she had like 3 jobs and worked her body to the bone waitressing, yet she believes in it because she has a house and family now? Like I feel that maybe people shouldn't have to do that? Like peoples standards are too low? That really must be it actually. Usually when I bring up something bad about America they respond with "well it's better than that one authoritarian country." People are so propagandized that they lower their standards for what's good in a country. Maybe Im just being chauvinistic but I think a country like America, with what it does produce, should be able to give the basic necessities of life. Or last least not make people work 3 jobs for them. I do have to look back up on myself and realize that the conditions of workers in America is better than a lot of underdeveloped countries, but it just bugs me when people think America is all that because of the "opportunity" to live. There are a lot of people in America who do have it pretty rough unfortunately.

Found out my friend is extremely brainwashed
He said Elon musk, Oprah and Bill Gates worked hard and deserve their wealth. I need a moment 😔