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Mango Press is an amazing source for Global South news, it doesn’t get as many updates on the conflict as those other channels dedicated to it though.

I find Gleb Bazov’s channel insightful and to the point (though with lower traffic), it’s worth a follow.

Indeed. Nexta is pioneering a new fact-checking model which consists of not actually verifying anything they publish, waiting to be called out for obvious fake news and then deleting their posts, lol.

Except someone took a screenshot first…

Pictured is an old Dutch APC, YPR-765, soon to be on its way to its destruction in the frontlines or (more likely) to be moored somewhere along the way due to gas shortages and failing logistics. Someone went through the trouble of removing the gun turret so now there’s an AK-wielding dude peering t…

You will find shitlibs in every single mainstream “hard left” (according to their self-perception, not to reality) western party.

Also Europeans in particular seem to have a gigantic blind spot when it concerns the vileness of their post-WWII imperialist acts. It’s likely you won’t even get them to admit wrongdoing in the way they treated Greece after its default. Americans at least are relatively likely to acknowledge they’ve been douchebags to many of the countries they invaded.

I found this article where the author waxes on about what he’d wish for a new Union State interesting. He mentions some of the things most liked and disliked about life in the USSR.

Democracy is when the people control the means of production. Period.

New US proxy pops up in Afghanistan, war on the horizon

Neocons never learn, apparently. This Massoud dude who’s leading the newborn insurgency was already accused of being a US asset back when he tried to stir shit up last year. US propaganda outlets [were falling heads over heels](https://www.voanews.com/a/anti-taliban-group-registers-with-us-to-try-to

It was abandoned because the scandal accomplished nothing and an investigation isn’t in Ukraine/NATO’s interest.

Here is a very nice analysis by Michael Hudson on the matter.

This is shaping up to be a drawn-out crisis which will negatively affect most of the world. Unfortunately Russia will suffer badly. The only upside for Russia is that its opponents will be weakened while its partners have a chance of getting stronger and more independent. The prospects of the US and its allies of reversing their decline are NOT good.

Maybe there are Trotskyists worth supporting out there but fuck everything about this.

I pity anyone who has to fight in these NATO-armed proxy forces. From the Iraqi, Afghan and Saudi armies to the Syrian rebels and now the Ukrainians practically being forced to fight Russia at gunpoint, they have been spectacular failures. Their western handlers clearly don’t give a shit about their well-being, they just want to own Russia/Iran/China/whichever is the neocon boogeyman of the day.

Soy milk. So nutritious and before you ask, no, lol, it will have no effect on your testosterone.

Why, it’s the only way forward after all!

“If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will meet defeat in every battle.”

Sun Tzu describes perfectly the modern western Zeitgeist. Liberals have become unable to perceive whoever doesn’t belong to the hive mind in any way that isn’t a ridiculous caricature.

The war is lost for Ukraine because every single tactical encounter is brutally stacked against them.

They did competently score armor kills in the early stage of the war when Russia was mostly concerned with covering as much ground as possible. A moving army is vulnerable to ATGM ambushes and artillery kill zones. But now Russian strategy is completely different, it’s one positional battle after another relying on sheer fire power. Ukraine has withdrawn all its remaining armor and artillery to population centers and its poorly equipped and poorly coordinated army is just holding fortified positions waiting to be annihilated. Their attempts to ambush Russian forces are thwarted by drone vigilance and routinely fall to counter-attacks.

The wisest thing Ukraine could do is abandon Washington’s deluded scheme of using the war to “weaken Russia” and instead sue for peace for the sake of its people. They’re not going to be able to weaken Russia even with all the western weapons and mercenaries they’re getting, and worse still, since both the military and economic wars against Russia have essentially failed NATO is likely to resort to unpredictable and poorly planned acts of escalation to try to get the upper hand, and that’s not a scenario in the middle of which the country wants to be stuck.

This fool also said NATO should go global and arm Taiwan like it armed Ukraine.

Not only will her pointless statements cause diplomatic retaliation but the delusion on display is amazing. NATO despite having 20 times the military budget of Russia hasn’t been able to turn around its proxy war against a force that stands for under 10% of Russia’s military strength.

That’s actually not that demented for Reddit. r/worldnews threads are teeming with idiots roaring to provoke a nuclear war with Russia.

The far right currently is more successful than any leftist movement in much of Europe, not just Ukraine.

This is a natural consequence of the psychosocial phenomenon Marx called alienation. As US imperialism works nonstop to savagely destroy workers’ movements and petty-bourgeois “socialism” is pinned down into subservience (see the recent, terrible experience of Greek socialism), vicious and destructive ideologies which offer a false hope of protection through class discrimination and violence take root simply because they are the path of least resistance for the exploited.

I think what they mean by saving Mariupol through this action means that they could capture the Russian troops in Transnistria, and offer them in a sort of prisoner exchange for the release of the soldiers caught in Azovstal.

Yeah, there is no way this would work.

Here you go buddy. I highly recommend this Telegram channel for news of the Ukrainian war, by the way.

The situation in Transnistria is being taken extremely seriously as the conflict continues to escalate non-stop and unpredictably.

I think it’s impossible for a highly unequal society to avoid the problems of discrimination and prejudice against minority groups. For this to change the material conditions of the Chinese must improve (as I’m sure they will).

The Military Situation In The Ukraine – The Postil Magazine

With some caveats (usual shitty western take on Ukrainian famine, ugh), outstanding article by an actual expert with both political and military insight on how the situation evolved from 2014 onwards. …