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DayZ recruitment PC
Anyone playing DayZ? Join us

I’m aware I was just sharing my plans to go back to my homeland I’ve only been to the Caribbean once, in Cuba

It’s probably gonna happen or they’re gonna keep the president from not being able to do much and then use it as an example of why socialism fails

As long as there’s still a US military base in Honduras, the label of socialist president doesn’t make me feel much better quite honestly

I’m going home home to Honduras and El Salvador this summer hopefully

My finals end Friday, scared for my grades

Honestly i fell off the wagon from work and school and have to start again

People forget the US couped them, and made them what they are Today

Yes i have, especially now it’s just a different time in my life everyone is so busy with their lives trying to survive capitalism

I usually get high after my workout

My problem is i fall off the wagon between work and school obligations, but with my semester coming to an end i want to get work again consistently working out.

Thank you

I ran away from it…

I had a good woman, then i let a cocaine and alcoholism ruin me so much that i lost her. We were together 6 years, i thought i would be fine but two years into being single the pandemic happened.

Now I’m constantly revisiting everything i did wrong and how i could have settled down with someone who loved me and wanted too and all i needed was to get my shit together.

I was scared, i was scared of my vices at the time, my mental health, being unable to be a good father, and my finances. I was living with my mom then, now i live alone.

She’s happy with someone else now.

That’s exactly how it feels like, and it drives me insane. I feel like I’m going crazy, and im constantly reminding myself that’s the game to force you to conform. But it’s mentally taxing.

Im tired of explaining myself most of the time

How do you lose weight like that? Im always fluctuating in weight myself but I’ve been between 250-230, I’d do anything to just look thin.

I really feel what you’re saying, about reinventing yourself and fuckin things up, I don’t wanna do to anymore people i love around me.

This spoke to my soul, i really feel this

I cry in traffic sometimes to and from work or school. I used to have more life in me

This was so sweet i wanna cry

I honestly wish i had for more friends that did ign with my politics, but I’m constantly reminded how powerful propaganda can be. but i find as talk to family and friends about the issues of capitalism and imperialism they will mostly agree until i mention a socialist state or leader

In my first year of therapy, i described similar issues as yourself in feeling alone and i described how after my break up that going to the movies, go eat, or going out to dance just wasn’t the same, and she recommended I do it alone. She said just do it throw yourself out there see how to goes. I began to find that i had a better time than before with bad influencing friends or dates. In fact i met more people and made some pretty cool friends, it won’t always be the case but it’s a matter of just putting yourself out there and eventually a conversation will strike up somewhere with someone.

Those concerts, sports events, and clubbing may actually go better because you might meet more people at them.

My only closest friends right now don’t see eye to eye with me politically, i would love more commie friends myself, but they mean well and i find that even if i can’t decondition them past US propaganda, I find that their hearts are in the right place when you break it down on certain issues. I am not trans but if i were to come out, i know my friends would have my back. If your current friends don’t have your back like that maybe you need new ones.

My mental health currently ain’t at its best honestly, but i highly recommend you keep going out alone you will make new friends you align with. Especially as a with your local commie party.

Emmet Till’s accuser is dead! REST IN PISS, STRAIGHT TO HELL
Enjoy frying with thatcher

Pasted wrong link

Pras of the Fugees was outed in court as an informant for the FBI

I saw this whole channel and immediately removed it from my recommended and everything

I was curious, about who the hijackers were

This interesting because i felt like I was killing myself working out Mon thru Thursday with a heavy workout.

But found recently if i break it up into my week it feels better. Like Mon to Tuesday and then Friday to Saturday

My personal workout schedule is 4 days a week

If you’re gonna take supplements: Creatine, Beta Alanine, and L- Citrulline

Drink lots of water

The thought of olive oil and coffee makes me think about how dystopian this country is. We are in the twilight zone. They will sell us anything and people will buy it.

One sausage egg McMuffin but two hash browns

A great documentary Called My brothers and sisters in the north

Comrade Natalie on YouTube

No but i completely agree with your point, like all I’m pointing out is our movements have also been amplified by people outside of the Frontline that Consider themselves socialists.

We need more artist, scientists, lawyers, public figures, athletes, etc on board because that always provides a good gateway for their followers to explore their political beliefs

Ok another, most working class communities which just so happen to be predominantly black and brown, have ridiculous access to affordable foods which just so happen to be fast food and other unhealthy foods no human being should be eating consistently.

These communities are also disproportionately more affected by the obese epidemic, with countless deaths and medical conditions caused by the inhumane ingredients used in everything. I’m not gonna go head and say the CIA or the govt would go to these lengths but when we look at their fuckin track record it’s not hard to put it past them.

There have been horrible eating habits in these communities encouraged by consumerism, and false advertising.

As someone who once weighed 288, at 5’7, by the age of 27. I’m currently at 253, i gained from 238. My cocaine, alcohol addictions but most of all my eating conditions and habits made it impossible to even have a good metabolism. I quit then and i have a year without drinking. Now I’m 30, and i only have so much time of my good metabolism years, and I’m desperately trying to lose the weight. My biggest fault is my eating habits, and lack of time from constantly working.

I’ll admit to have an internalize fat phobia, but I wish i had taken care of this sooner. I fall of the wagon from working out sometimes because I’m just work tired. We have to teach self control. We need to promote healthy physical lifestyles as communists. This is important for the future of our working class communities. US black and brown communities are the ones with all the junk food and liquor stores. It’s not a coincidence. They put crack in our hoods, no one else and used to to brutalize us. They only care about the opioid epidemic because it’s a terror in 1% communities.

They fuckin did it! Maybe they didn’t directly create COVID, but the capitalist conditions created it and it was just convenient for the CIA to let the working class die of it

Yea i thought that was kinda agreed on this matter

Lol the votes are 9/11

Liberation theology in El Salvador brought us the early FMLN movement that’s weren’t psy-op 'd and infiltrated

If we can apply this to all religions in a socialist state, it would keep followers from being fooled by capitalist religious entities and influences

You’re gonna have to pry this weed and shrooms from my cold dead hand!

Because then there’s a sociology and cultural aspect that isn’t being applied during the period of 60s to 70s the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America started to have Archbishops that preached liberation theology which in turn laid some foundations for a Marxist gateway if you will, of people starting to lean really left. This is apparent in El Salvador and Nicaragua FMLN and FSLN

Stalin wrote a good piece on the US left that’s still relevant today

I’m not trying to be confrontational but I wanted to present Are we able to agree that not everyone is a front line communist? What I’m saying is for every Fidel, or Stalin, there’s also Paul Robeson, Albert Einstein, 2pac

There are artists, and everyday people who want to amplify their beliefs through different means

But i do believe that the inherit duty of a communist is to get involved whenever you can.

I’m gonna die alone, because i didn’t get my shit together pre-pandemic

I quit for 5 years with little relapses in between until recently.

I haven’t been going crazy with it but I’ve noticed a consistent spike in use. It’s a matter of self control, i would still self pleasure with imagination but i would get frustrated because the images I’d put in my head are very pornographic. It’s an uphill battle but I’m proud to report that in my recent use, i found that the rose tinted view i had of porn has gone away i can see through it and see that it is definitely unhealthy.

I don’t have much to answer your question but i do have an example of one

My dad on his final years in El Salvador, hired a Nicaraguan singer for his band. When they arrived for one of their first shows to the club, the wall of the outside of the club has been painted with these words in Spanish

“The FMLN welcomes (woman’s names) to El Salvador”

Now as i grew older and talked to retired FMLN members, i found that all of them agreed that it is NOT something they would have ever done during that time of war. They all agreed its something the Reagan backed military definitely would have done to invoke fear into everyone around the area and mark the individual with marx-jacket (instead of a snitch jacket).

This is a psy-op tactic

If I’m wrong on my example please feel free to correct me

I don't even know why i was surprised, the mammoth meatball was created for capitalist consumerist purposes Stalin please come back

LAPD won't pay for damages they caused to his shop.

Liberation theology
I have read a long time ago that there is many Catholics breaking off of the Roman Catholic Church to their own religion that prioritizes liberation theology. I think it was Ireland, but i was very interested on this concept as a Central American myself. Does anyone have any information on this?

Anyone studying music?
Is anyone currently studying any form of music? Academically or hired instruction? I am currently going to college for music I am learning to play piano, in hopes of producing and performing Anyone else?

Hay camaradas en Centroamerica? 🇸🇻🇭🇳
Buenas, soy nacido en Los Estados Unidos, pero soy de familia transnacional, y paso tiempo visitando familia en Honduras y El Salvador. Quieria saber si camaradas de centroamérica aquí?

Commie Astrology
I would love to see a sub for astrology, anyone interested?

DayZ Recruiting
I'm on Pacific time, Los Angeles but we have other comrades in different time zones. (Chicago, New Zealand, Czech republic) we have a big crew with two bases on a good server, that is sorta vanilla slightly modded. If you're new to the game or haven't played much we will take you under our wing. We have a discord and a very tight knit crew.

DayZ crew, join our clan.
I run a commie DayZ crew on a popular vanilla-ish server. It is very slightly modded more close to vanilla. I am on Pacific time, SoCal but we have comrades who play with us in all types of timezones. Please join us we got a big base and plenty of loot to go around.

DayZ crew?
Does anyone here play DayZ? I am within SoCal, USA Pacific time, i used to run a big commie DayZ crew just thought we could use some more members between me and a comrade. We play on lightly modded vanilla server.