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It says it’ll kill them based on whether an officer “feels threatened”. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go well and there won’t be a bias towards any minorities at all. I’m also sure the bots will never ever have a false positive or overreact. /s

Lua is quite a simple language, it shouldn’t be difficult to learn at all.

I’ll tell you that right now

The KGB has acquired a rare image of GrainEater eating some grain with the great Comrade Stalin

So, essentially, there’s a perception in the US that nuclear reactors are always at risk of catastrophic failure and that if this happens, it will be as bad as Chernobyl. Therefore, they oppose anything even remotely related to nuclear power. Of course, this perception has been very intentionally created by the fossil fuel oligarchs.

At this point, it’s been so drilled into the heads of most people here that they just won’t listen to anything you have to say that counters this point of view.

I’d love a MineClone5 server (it runs on top of Minetest)

Oh yeah, this again. The guardian actually changed the headline after this somehow caused a lot of outrage. I wonder why people would get mad at something like this. Who knows?

I wonder how I, as a flaming ball of plasma 25 light years away, type on a keyboard.

It already is fascist, but if you mean openly fascist, yes, it probably will.

Ah yes, anyone who says something bad towards a racist bigot is a fascist. Right.

What the hell is this? I’ve seen some creepy idiots online, but this is just on another level of creepiness. That idiot shouldn’t be allowed near a computer or another human being.

It’s not a problem, this has happened many times before. If you look at the screenshot in the issue link I posted earlier, that one has -5 comments.

My guess is it has something to do with how Lemmy updates the comment count on a post when a comment is deleted, maybe it calls the function responsible for that twice, improperly calculates how many comments were actually removed, etc. This is definitely not exploitable, it’s just an issue calculating the count.

Ah yes, the good old “The enemy is weak and pathetic, they have no chance of beating us, but also they’re a powerful threat who is going to destroy us” rhetoric fascists love to use.

These libs probably think Putin single-handedly caused climate change as well. Every day, I see some lib blame something completely unrelated or done by someone else on Putin and Russia.

My diet is not nearly as unhealthy as most people here in the US, but it’s not too healthy either. I tend to eat bread a lot, especially during breakfast and dinner, because sandwiches are easy to make and I don’t know how to make much else and my parents are either at work or sleeping at the time. I do not, however, eat a lot of processed food or drink sodas or anything of the sort at all. I also do not like burgers, which is very abnormal for someone in the US.

The sensory issues with light and sound are caused by an amplification of my already existing sensory issues. I experience them constantly, just much more severe when I’m hungry. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was caused by low blood sugar due to the insulin highs and lows you mentioned.

As for the pain, I have no idea what causes that. I just have always felt pain in my stomach if I don’t eat for too long.

I usually don’t switch into hunter-gatherer mode. I switch into “don’t move, you don’t have enough energy” mode. It actually becomes more difficult for me to get food.

If the workers are so useless, how about they try firing all of them, see what happens.

Seriously, how did he not see this coming? He's successfully convinced all his lib fans that he's a genius, but doesn't even stop people from paying $8 to verify an account with the display name "Tesla". Now I'm wondering if he blocked the display name "Elon Musk".

Climate change is getting more and more obvious
I live in Southern California in the US (unfortunately). Today, it rained more than I have seen in at least 5 years, and this is the second day of rain. We haven't had 2 consecutive days of rain here in years. Also, it's not raining continuously. I was just sitting in my room, then suddenly heard a massive amount of wind, and then it rained extremely hard for about an hour and stopped abruptly, and then repeated again the same way. I've never seen such behavior before in my life. This is also after an entire year of clear skies and barely any rain. There is so much rain that our National Weather service has issued a warning telling everyone to only travel if they are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order. Unlike what many people believe, climate change isn't just global warming, it also causes other changes, such as more erratic and severe weather patterns, which I guess is what I am seeing right now. Has anyone else seen erratic weather patterns like this?

A while ago, I realized how pervasive big tech spyware was. It's everywhere. In search engines, word processors, even the OSes themselves. Upon this realization, I decided to try to get away from that spyware, and researched how to do that. This is when I came upon self-hosting. There are certain open-source programs that allow you to do the same thing the big tech services allow you to do, but you host them yourself, so you control them. There was just a slight problem: I had no servers. This is when I learned about "the cloud" and how you could rent servers from companies and then use those to host your software. I tried it, but realized I was just hosting my own services on big tech servers, so it wasn't helping. I'd been wanting a raspberry pi cluster for a while at that point, but never had the motivation to get one, so I waited until my birthday, collected the money gifted to me by my relatives, and bought 4 raspberry pi 4s with just 1GB of RAM, as well as all the equipment to run them (an 8-port network switch, power cables, etc.). Since then, my cluster has grown. Little by little, I've collected money and bought new parts. Now, I have 8 raspberry pi 4s (four 1GB, four 2GB), a Pine H64, a RockPro64, and my old 2012 Mac Mini running Debian. I also have an old 2011 MacBook that I've revived and patched to run the newest macOS which I will use to compile and test apps for iOS and macOS, as well as a Radxa Rock5 Model B with 16GB RAM on the way that I will be adding as well. Originally, whenever I wanted to run a new service, I'd just kind of find a server and stick it on there, then manually configure everything and hope I remember where it's running. Now, I have a [Nomad]( cluster with [Consul]( and [Traefik]( handling everything automatically for me. If I want to run a new service, I just make a Nomad config for it, and Nomad finds a free server with enough resources, downloads it, configures it, runs it, and then publishes it to Consul, from where Traefik automatically picks it up, sets up routing rules, acquires a TLS certificate, and exposes the service. Everything happens automatically. If a server goes down, Nomad will run the services that were running there on a different server and Traefik will reconfigure itself to match. This is what my setup looks like: ![Image of the glass cabinet containing my servers]( At the top is my Mac Mini, a WiFi antenna for Home Assistant, and a RockPro64, on the shelf under that, there are 8 raspberry pis, under that is a network switch and a Pine H64 running the reverse proxy, and under that is a UPS that lasts over an hour in the event of power loss. On the right is my 3D printer, which is connected to one of the Pi 4s for OctoPrint. This has been very useful for me. Not only does it mean I own my data AND my services, it also means outages don't affect me and my services are always very fast and reliable. I've had numerous times where Github was down and most people couldn't do any work, except me because I have my own Gitea instance, for example. I think anyone with the expertise, time, and resources to do this should do it.

They aren't even trying to hide the propaganda
"[Chinese Communist Party Congress set to anoint Xi as president for life](" If you read past the headline, the article goes on to say "We can be almost certain that Xi, as the Communist Party's general secretary, will be appointed for another five-year term," and "Technically speaking, since the term limit has been removed, he can stay in power for life, [although] that may require some formal ceremonies after five years." Apparently, a theoretical 5 year term that they aren't even completely sure will happen means for life, and "technically speaking, he can" means he will do so.

I used the prompt "Stalin Zedong" at This is what it made.

Hit their own base (trying) to own the tankies. Kim Jong-Un must have telekinesis powers now in addition to necromancy.

I've been using Arch on all my daily driver devices for years now. One of the main reasons for this is the AUR. It's very convenient for installing all kinds of software, since it can build a full, native package from a simple build script written in bash. I personally have packages on the AUR and use it daily. Anyway, I've thought many times of such a simple and easy solution being missing from other distros, but have never had the experience and motivation to create it. Recently, I used [goreleaser]( to automatically build and release my project, [ITD](, for several distros at the same time. While doing so, I had an idea, so I went to check what goreleaser uses to build packages, and it turns out they have a separate library for this purpose: [nfpm]( This was the only thing missing for me to be able to build an AUR-like system. I did notice one issue. It didn't support Arch Linux packages, so I created a PR adding support for them. The PR is completely working and it has been reviewed and approved. So, I started working on my idea, and so far, it's going really well. I've already been able to build and install multiple packages using my program on my Arch system and inside a Fedora and Debian docker container. I just uploaded my program now that I've finished implementing the basic features and testing them. I hope it ends up being useful. Link to the repo with my new program: The README is very small right now, I'm working on making a better one.

My personal digital privacy solution
Now that I have started this community off with a non-technical post, I will share my own, personal solution to digital privacy. This post will be more technical. I self-host every service I possibly can from a cluster of servers (mostly low-power ARM SBCs) that are in my room. Until recently, I was just manually throwing services onto servers and then manually configuring everything. As I've mentioned before in a GenZedong General Discussion Thread, I am now using an orchestrator called Nomad as well as a service discovery solution called Consul. This allows me to submit a single configuration file, and my servers all automatically configure themselves to perform whatever task I wanted them to. I've placed all my configuration files along with relatively detailed READMEs about them into this repository if anyone wants to take a look at them: Due to using SBCs, I am able to do all of this with a power consumption of just 50W. Here is a list of things I host and what they're meant to replace: - [Matrix Dendrite]( Discord - [Nextcloud]( Google Drive - [OnlyOffice]( Google Docs - [Home Assistant]( HomeKit/SmartThings/<insert smart home platform here> - [Gitea]( Github/Gitlab - [Minio]( Amazon S3 (storage and download for files) - [LMS]( Spotify - [SearXNG]( Google Search (Note: I used to use [my own]( metasearch engine but switched to SearXNG a couple days ago because mine kept getting ratelimited) There are more but they're not really alternatives to anything, I'll list them here: - [Authelia]( Provides authentication and 2fa for services that don't provide their own mechanism. Can also work similarly to "Sign in with Google" buttons via OAuth2 and OIDC. - [Traefik]( Reverse proxy that provides access to all the rest - [Homer]( Provides a dashboard for all my services. My instance can be found at:

Increasing digital privacy for average users
Since most people don't have the resources or knowledge to host their own servers, this post will provide recommendations for increasing digital privacy without self-hosting. If anyone can think of something to add, please comment and I will edit the post. --- # Alternatives to big tech services This section will list alternatives to common big tech software that steals your data. - Discord: [Matrix](; Easy to use clients: [Nheko](, [Element]( - Github: [Codeberg]( - Twitter: [Mastodon]( - YouTube: [LBRY](; Easy to use clients: [LBRY Desktop](, [Odysee]( - Google Search: [SearX]([SearXNG](; List of public instances: - Windows: Any Linux distribution. Seriously, don't use Windows. Linux isn't as hard as people say it is. My parents and grandparents use it. - Google Chrome: Firefox. Do not use Chrome, it is one of the worst things that exists for privacy. Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome) is a little better but I still wouldn't use it. # Suggestions for privacy-respecting hardware - Smartphone: [PinePhone]([PinePhone Pro]( - Smartwatch: [PineTime]( ([definitely not biased at all]( - Laptop: [Pinebook Pro](, [System76](, [Purism]( # Suggestions for privacy-respecting software - [TOR]( Encrypts your traffic in three layers, then routes across a randomized network of nodes, providing very high security and privacy, and making it near impossible to track your activities. - [Mullvad VPN]( VPN that allows you to make an account without providing any details, and pay in cash or crypto (or just with a card) to ensure your identity cannot be found out since it's not even known by Mullvad. - [LibreWolf]( Browser focused on privacy and security. May break some sites, especially streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Broken sites can be fixed by changing settings at the expense of some privacy if required.

Cross-posted from Reddit: Yeah, I need to leave this dying, soon-to-be fascist empire as soon as I can.

BRICS are planning to create a new global reserve currency
Hopefully this puts a dent in US global dominance

I used open-source software (Inkscape and FreeCAD) to make an STL file of a hammer and sickle and then 3D printed two of them. I figured I should share it for anyone else who might want it.

Looks like the bourgeoisie decided they didn't have enough zeros on their bank account balance, and are exploiting students even more than they already were to get more. Welcome to an average day in capitalism!

Welcome to Capitalism, where you can lose your vision because some corporation didn't get enough money.

Zelenskiy decided to post a soldier wearing a Nazi symbol (Totenkopf) on victory day, then promptly remembered that there's no Nazis in Ukraine and deleted it.

40 house democrats asked the state department to designate the Azov battalion as a terrorist organization in 2019
Now, I guess the democrats have conveniently forgot this ever happened. Not surprising. I wish I could leave this place.