Meme posts outside of meme communities

I’ve noticed this happening more and more lately, that joke/meme posts have gotten posted in communities meant for more serious posts. Since there are a number of communities meant for meme posts and other less serious content, it would be better for these posts to be made in those communities. Is t…

Looks like we might have a bot?

The user Argonaut has posted nothing but seemingly random and nonsensical content into a new and otherwise empty community, the description of which strikes me as rather bot-like. …

Posts mentioning China instantly downvoted?

I’ve noticed that anything that so much as mentions China very quickly ends up with at least one downvote, sometimes more. As far as I can tell, they’re just downvoting anything related to China as a matter of principle. They’re certainly not bothering to ask any questions or investigate further. Sh…

Possible to require giving reason for downvotes?

I’ve noticed a lot that people will downvote something, but there’s no mention in the comments of why it was downvoted. If someone sees a genuine problem with something, then just downvoting without saying anything is unhelpful, so would it be possible to implement a system that would require commen…

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New to the platform, looking for some help. Apologies if this isn't the proper place to post.

Hi, found this place via Reddit, super happy to join. Problem I ran into: i tried to use an email I recently created to start this account, but I was returned an error that the email was already in use. I really don’t see how this is possible. Any ideas?..

Can we do something about that chronic downvoter?

Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a pattern to the downvoting, and they’re not leaving any comments about why they’re downvoting, so it makes it hard to tell if someone has a legitimate problem with a post, or if it’s just that one (presumably) person again. Is there a way to block them somehow, o…

Federation was a mistake


Federation was a mistake

[very meta] meta needs a new moderator

I noticed that the only mod of this subcommie seems to have deleted their account. An admin should appoint somebody else…

Where to announce new communities?

Is this the right place? Why no announcements community? Is this an instance choice? /u/dessalines Out of curiosity…


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