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They’re heartless ghouls, can’t expect much from them.

The news coverage about it is nonstop where I’m from. There was tremors in my country that caused some very minor damage but it’s incomparable to what happened in Syria and Turkiye.

a bit. my family are good on anti-imperialism because we are from a developing and post-colonial country (not always consistent about that either) but absolutely crap on anything else. i don’t even try to have political discussions anymore because of that but they always end up happening somehow.

I’m glad to see you back here! and thanks for the cool list, i haven’t read most of these.

accidentally based image but what’s with the infrared heat map? was it made by patsocs?

the arabic in that image makes no sense either. they are certainly words but not much meaning there.

you could contact scihub about giving them access using your login info. that’s how they get their content. they probably know more about cleaning up all the metadata since they have more experience with it. the founder (alexandra albakyan) also seems to be a communist too.

edit: i forgot to say that they haven’t updated since late 2021 because of the lawsuit against them. so i don’t know if they can publish any files that you give them access to yet.

Most of them unfortunately. They are of course very religious muslims and that ties into a majority of the weird/bigoted shit they believe in. They constantly mention very weird conspiracy theories (i can mention a few if someone wants to hear lol). I was just subjected to a round of weird historical conspiracies by my dad a few days ago which I’ve heard multiple times already.

two wisconcom alts in one day. this guy doesn’t rest.

The bar is under the ground but I was also surprised to see that from a westerner.

Yeah it’s definitely quite useful to know it. I’m planning on learning it in the future but I’m already busy with a few languages at the moment.

is it “misspell uyghur day” today?

I read it long before becoming a marxist and I did interpret it as against the system we currently live under (i didn’t know what capitalism or communism was at the time). Only found out the author’s intention from looking it up online.

He also said they’re being made to learn Chinese.

This is news to me. I wasn’t aware I was being forced to learn Chinese. Maybe they’re doing it in my sleep.

Jokes aside, Chinese learning programs have been getting more common in my country and more people want to learn it to study or work there.

and which reformers like the Gracchi brothers or Julius Caesar were trying to tackle.

Wow, this wasn’t mentioned when the assassination of Julius Caeser was mentioned in my course. Puts it in a whole new light. The reason mentioned were that he was consolidating too much power for himself (it’s an introductory of course so i don’t expect it to go too much in depth).

I’m surprised the daily mail sounds critical of this since it’s basically a capitalist wet dream.

Can all the content be migrated to a new community that has the proper URL (idk if Lemmy software has this kind of functionality). Only if it’s something that’s feasible and doesn’t require much effort from the admins of course, since renaming is much easier than all that.

Congrats on the top surgery!! I wish you a speedy recovery with no complications :)

As a thanksgiving for victory, Saddam supposedly wrote out the entire Koran (or some verses from it) in ink mixed with his own blood. I rather doubt it ever happened, and I’m not sure that Islamic law would even allow it, but the idea is still kind of badass.

I’ve never heard of this before, sounds pretty funny (and fake). I don’t think there’s something specifically against using human blood as far as I know.

I would totally use this as an actual flag.

Communists be like: 100+ comments struggle session under a c/memes post.

LanguageTool is the best, down with Grammarly!


not political ideas that a person must follow.

That is literally the case though. Islamic Sharia for example is a political framework for how to run a state Islamically, it also tells individuals how to live their life down to the most minute details. It’s not a separate text, the rulings are compiled from the Quran and Hadith and collectively referred to as Sharia (it literally means law in Arabic). As far as I know, this kind of legal framework exists in some Jewish sects as well as the Old Testament for Christians (the sects that still recognize it as Christian text).

I’m not claiming that those three religions are the only ones to exist but Christianity and Islam are number 1 and 2 respectively on a global scale and they are followed by over 50 percent of the world population source.

I tried to find it on libgen when it was published but there was nothing yet. Maybe someone can purchase it and we all pay them back somehow?


The problem is that even the first half of their comment would be vehemently opposed by the majority of the population where I’m from (and likely many other places too). Any popular conversations about secularizing the state always turn into shit slinging contests and the shit is primarily from the anti-secular side. My own family members are quite reactionary and mald at my most lukewarm suggestions of removing the article that says that Islam is the religion of the country. The article in English and Arabic. That article fails to give rights to the other religious groups in the country (which only some are mentioned in the constitution) and doesn’t even acknowledge the various religions that are unrecognized and lack of belief as well.

This is just the legal side, things on the ground are even more bleak.

Personally I haven’t done too much as I’m still letting my back heal. Been doing lots of stretches and using my inversion table and my back is starting to feel a lot better. Might even see if I can lift a little Sunday just to test the waters.

That’s some good progress. Hopefully you’ll feel fully healed in no time.

I’ve been thinking of pushing myself to be more active again because I shouldn’t be this unfit at my age. I used to be very fit until high school because I stopped doing sports around that time and it’s been downhill since then.

Getting winded from the most minor activity feels like shit :/ The only thing that doesn’t fuck me up at this point is walking.

Sorry for the rant, this is an issue that’s been bothering me for years lol.

Wow I didn’t know Gaddafi was president of my country.

Capitalism > preserving history to them

hopefully without killing the entire planet with it.

It’s sad how true that is because I didn’t know anything of what you just told (only knew that morocco was occupying the western sahara but no more).

and turn the profession into a low skill minimum wage job.

this was already a thing in many places, AI or not. (creative work salaries are absolutely abysmal in my country).

Artists that spent years learning and perfecting their skills will be worth nothing and I think it’s a pretty depressing future for us.

Artists worrying about losing their jobs and livelihoods is heartbreaking of course. But history will keep repeating itself by replacing humans with machines and AI if we don’t put a stop to the capitalist madness we live in.

I have way more to say about this but the brain fog is strong right now. Solidarity with you and all the other people at risk of losing their jobs to capitalist greed.

what’s wrong with tools that lower the barrier of entry to any skill? i think reducing the time and effort needed to create something is a good thing. i don’t mean from the perspective of increasing productivity for capitalists, but for hobby projects.

i’m the kind of person who gets easily fed up with personal projects when they get too hard and i leave them unfinished, a tool like this (not at its current state) would be useful in theory.

disclaimer: i don’t support or endorse current iterations of AI art generators because of the present issues.

i wish all people reacted like this when they don’t know something. your friend sounds cool.

Does anyone know any good mastodon instances?
My needs are simple: - not a libshit hellhole - federates with other cool instances and cuz that's the biggest one

I’m scared of the future of my country
Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. In late October, the central bank decided to stop supporting the price of the EGP against USD and it jumped several pounds overnight. This decision was a requirement for the latest round of IMF loans (fuck those ghouls for destroying my country) and naturally people are angry because inflation was already fucking us over for a long time and it only gets worse with time. There was calls for protesting on 11/11 for the past month and I'm not optimistic about those because the biggest promoters are islamists taking advantage of the growing anger and misery of the people. Security forces have been growing more paranoid because of the growing discontent and there was an increase in checkpoints in vital areas and people are getting randomly stopped and forced to open their phones for a search before being let go (or taken away). There's a communist party here but I doubt the majority of the people have heard of it or even care that it exists, they at least have a decent analysis of the situation. There's a lot more stuff on my mind but I don't want the post to be too long. I'm terrified of what is coming for this country and I have no idea what to do about it...

Monthly General Discussion Post #1
Hey! This is the first monthly general discussion post for the [Drugs]( community. You can use it as a place to share any anecdotes, questions or ideas you have that you don't want to make a whole post for. Sorry for creating it this late, I was too busy with life stuff.

Would you be interested in a weekly/monthly discussion post?
I see other communities doing this but because this one isn't very active a weekly one may be too much.

When the meddling backfires in your face
![The story behind the construction of Cairo Tower]( hope it's apropriate for this sub. ::: spoiler alt text Built from 1956 to 1961, the tower was designed by the Egyptian architect Naoum Shebib, inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Architecture.[1] Its partially open lattice-work design is intended to evoke a pharaonic lotus plant, an iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt.[8] The tower is crowned by a circular observation deck and a revolving restaurant[9] that rotate around its axis occasionally[10] with a view over greater Cairo.[11] According to documents published by Major General Adel Shaheen, the funds for the construction of the tower were originated from the Government of the United States through the CIA that represented by Kermit Roosevelt, which had provided around $US1-3 million to Gamal Abdel Nasser as a personal gift to him with the intent of stopping his support for Algerian Revolution and other African independence movements.[8][12][13] Affronted by the attempt to bribe him, Nasser decided to publicly rebuke the U.S. government by transferring all of the funds to the Egyptian government for the use of the tower construction, which he stated that it would be "visible from the US Embassy just across the Nile, as a taunting symbol of Egypt's, Africa and the Middle East's resistance, revolutions and pride".[12][14] The book also stated that the General Intelligence Service took full responsibility for everything related to the design and planning work, including the selection of the architect who was assigned to design, the construction work, and even providing the necessary materials for the building with the aim of giving the heroic character of the president.[8] However, its design was controversial as the Egyptians called it the "waqf Roosevelt" ("Roosevelt's endowment"), which was then mistakenly interpreted by the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, D.C. as the "waqef Roosevelt" ("Roosevelt's erection"). This prompted the Americans to react by calling it "Nasser's prick".[13] Because of that, a local Islamic group issued a fatwa to demolish the tower in the 1990s, stating that it "could excite Egyptian women", but this failed to be implemented due to its influence on national history and popularity among the nation and tourists.[15][16] Between 2006 and 2009, the tower underwent an £E15 million restoration project that included a new installation of light decoration. It was stated that the project used the LED lamp for its efficiency on energy consumption.[17] :::

What substances are legal or normalized in your country?
I'll start with myself (Egypt). - Caffeine: nearly everyone drinks tea or coffee at least once a day if not more despite neither of them being grown here. - Tobacco: Smoked in cigarette form or [flavored tobacco]( using a [hookah]( The percentage of smokers here is very high, there's more smokers than there isn't. Even if you don't smoke there's enough second hand smoke from everyone else lol. - Alcohol: legal but its use is somewhat stigmatized because of a majority Muslim population. However I regularly see broken bottles of alcoholic drinks along the sidewalks so a lot of people are probably hiding their drinking habits. - Hash/hashish: I don't think it's exactly legal but it's very normalized among a lot of people. Some stigma because any form of inebration is considered bad by religious people but not nearly as stigmatized as alcohol. Very curious to hear about other countries.

Thoughts on psychedelics?
For those of you who have tried them, what was your experience and what do you think of it? Do you think they should be legalized?

Revive drugs community
In light of this recent [discussion](, I was looking for more and found this community that's been inactive for a long time. If you're interested in its revival please reply.