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The US denazified Germany by hiring all the Nazis in important government roles.

It was founded in the then-British colony of Hong Kong in November 1947, by members of the Taiwanese Communist Party who survived the February 28 incident.

The Taiwan Democratic Self Government League has a membership of 3,000 people, most of whom are prominent people from Taiwan or are of Taiwanese heritage but now reside on the mainland. Additionally, with only 13 seats in the National People’s Congress and three seats in the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League is the smallest legally recognized minor political party in the People’s Republic of China. The party supports Chinese unification.


This is literally and clearly the marker of a turning point in history. The US cannot the world geopolitically anymore; essentially it is already failing as an empire if they don’t invade, steal their goods or sanction Saudi Arabia.

I think sometimes you just really need to click with someone in that sense, I’m also a person who (when I’m in the mood and generally have an interest with someone) write either too much or too long, so I tend to look or think like I’m bothering, specially if the other person’s replies are overly small. So I try to repress myself according to the other person’s reply, doesn’t mean one is good and the other is bad, it depends, maybe the other person doesn’t like to write much but likes to read you. I guess it’s a bit of knowing the other person. I’m no smart person about people, though, so yeah.

I feel you, even though nothing exactly like that has happened to me. It’s just hard when stuff like that happens, and you feel like maybe something’s going on, or maybe not, and you don’t know how to go about it. I think as long as you show her you won’t act all weird about it and respect her choices, and so on, you’re good, you didn’t do no shit, so don’t torture yourself over it, although I know how hard it is.

Are you strictly monogamous? Because maybe something else could happen if you were like “well, it’s okay if you like someone else also, I’m no jealous”, but yeah.

Yesterday I spent a huge amount of my day arguing with liberals over Lemmy, honestly I kind of miss when I wasn’t exposed to such degrees of neoliberalism. It’s fucking disgusting seeing privileged people argue how they are actually supporting the good guys and not literally flirting with fascism.

CCP is what Westerners use to mean CPC because “No, I will not use the official acronym their own government elected”.

Then it is even more futile and unrelated, if this is about the thing they are doing now, it would make no sense as something the world should care about. Imagine if I were to post “Police in Ecuador is blocking the way to some tourist place”.

It’s CPC, not CCP. I love how you say, they are wrong, but the US isn’t perfect, like, China is worse, yet in the last hundred years I could literally create a wiki only about US atrocities and China has an all in all pacific history, but they are the ones that need to be converted and purified by liberal bourgeois democracy, and the US just needs to do a tiny bit better.

I’m not saying there can’t be news about China, what I’m saying, and I’ve seen this a multitude of times, is that there is something that Usonians and Europeans do a lot, is that they post news about their countries as if they would be the world. In my book “World News” means something the entire world should care about, not just the Anglosphere and Europe, the description seems just a silly thing to put as a placeholder, at least that’s how it has always worked in this community, news that the entire world cares about. It is a good rule that something global would involve at least 2 countries, or some event that it is really worth mentioning, like a natural disaster in some country, etc.

The post you mentioned, as you see, involves two countries, Argentina and China in joint cooperation as how they are going to go around doing trade and commerce. I’m sure that if you look a bit you’ll see a post I did a long ago where I talked about this issue and proposed some rule so that actual World News would be posted, since the same thing always happens where Usonians post stuff like “Some US state does something”, and that’s most definitely not world news. I don’t have any issue with you posting news that contain a pro-Western imperialist point of view, I will not report those, I may debate with you on the comments but that’s it. But this is by no means a world news scenario, as I mentioned, if the world would start shit posting every day would be memorial day to remember atrocities committed by your own government on your own people, and there is plenty, every day there would be posts on world news about that. Maybe it’s better to keep that sort of thing in communities dedicated to their own countries.

You don’t need to say the literal words to mean something. By adhering to the Western narrative and highlighting a very specific and not so big of a history event (compared to for example the bombing of Laos, the most bombed country on Earth by the US government), you are actively contributing to the image of the US and its lapdogs as good guys, and the Global South as some kind of sub-humans who commit atrocities, while the reality is that countries that struggle due to first world imperialism will always end up in bad situations.

Here you have a list of different types of media that talk about what happened, in short it was a counter revolution backed by the bourgeoisie where they tried to basically bring back the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and overthrown the dictatorship of the proletariat. I don’t think we’re going to get to any conclusion because you already seem to have the neoliberal capitalist ideology too ingrained in your mind, which is okay I guess. I really don’t care about what you believe, but what I do think is reasonable is that this is not world news. It’s always what about, what about with you liberals. What about China, what about North Korea, what about Cuba, but why don’t you try and look a little bit under your own rug? Because there seems to be quite a bit of hidden corpses in your back lawn, they smell disgusting and you try to hide it with other countries inner struggles. If the world were to mass shit post like you people do every time an anniversary of a massacre, repression, illegal occupation or invasion, pillaging and destruction of a country, slavery and what not you have committed, every day would be memorial day of the countless atrocities you have committed. Let’s be a little less hypocrites, no country is perfect, but the US and Wester Europe are at the top list of the worst, so don’t come pretending like you are beacons of democracy and hope. In the Global South, where I live, you are considered butchers and beasts.

It is a very real issue so it’d be nice if you’d stopped doing it yourself. Also this is not world news, this is a China news, world news is not whatever the US and its European eunuchs oppose to.

How would you make a student centre focused around the idea of a one party rule?
So, my university doesn't have a student centre yet since it's pretty new, and the idea of creating one has been around for some time although there aren't people up for it. But let's say it's done, the way it would be done would be pretty similar to that of a liberal bourgeois democracy, where you choose between Guatemala (Guatebad) and Guatepeor (Guateworse) (Spanish joke). How do you think this could work in a way that members of such centre could be replaced or rotated according to students' needs? Is it even worth doing it this way in an organisation where maybe every 5-6 years they would be replaced anyway?

cross-posted from: > And the copium still felt very strong years after it was discovered 👌

Maybe something like PoliticalHumor or something like that would be better.



This is not news, it’s just some Western puppet licking boots. At least take some effort and put some real mouthpiece propaganda machines in the community like the BBC, NYP or whatever fascist trash you like. Also, he doesn’t even mention “tankies” even once, you are just taking this and adapting it into your narrative because oh poor little thing has to coexist in a place that also support the people from the Global South and it’s not filled with Europeans and Usonians like Reddit was. Cry me a river.

The US is not the world, reporting because it doesn’t belong here.

I’m pretty sure you won’t find many news articles covering black ops by the US grind meat machine; I don’t doubt this is not true, but this community is called “World News”, so they should probably post a news, not an image. There are other communities for this.

They probably mean the whole PrivacyTools/PrivacyGuides scandal with the previous former member and all of that. I mean, from what I remember being the story on your side it was the dude who still runs PrivacyTools fault but yeah. Still, nice you made the move, welcome to Lemmy.

People probably called you a lib because of the similarities between anarchists and liberals when it comes to supporting any kind of revolutionary movement in real life. Liberals oppose people’s struggles because they support the bourgeoisie, anarchists support it because the same flaws within the anarchist ideology blind them to have a more objective understanding of the material reality of the situation. A lot of times “anarchists” are just literally liberals painted black, there are some who are not like that, from what I’ve heard there are some people like that on HexBear. Still, there’s no mandatory “landlord genocide” along with communism, China has done a lot of reeducation (most famous case is that of the previous emperor, who later in life became a Marxist), but at some points during revolutionary process bloodshed is inevitable, otherwise it wouldn’t be an authoritative change of the status quo.

Lol, did you just know realised about where the name comes from?

Fucking sad, fucking shit, dude.

Yeah well but generrally they have something that kind of limits that kind of behaviour, like no voice chat or that kind of stuff. Here you kind of have a free pass to anything.

Well, I’m not sure how it’s the US/European CSGO community but here in South America you will be hearing Argentinians and Brazilians insulting at each other, or Brazilians who are constantly insulting each other, listening to music super loudly, and shit like that, but yeah, you didn’t pick exactly the game with the best fan base. Don’t play TF2 also, then.

What do you call someone that produces something?

When did this shit was dome in Latin America? Curious becouse it seems like something nobody would care here.

The other song has English subtitles I think, in this one the Quechua parts are translated into Spanish so it wouldn’t be so hard to translate them to English. Might do one day.

I think it’s undeniable that the comparisons he draws between the military formation and its juxtaposition with schools, factories, prisons, and so on are obvious and true, though.

That was my thought at one point, too, but I think that the head of the former Leninist party of Nepal (not the official name), created another party and she’s the head of State now, and to my understanding that party is a somewhat liberal one. So I’d say they are with heavy communist influences but their parties lack direction, so it could go either way.

Because liberals/anarchists tend to like it and they are idealists.

While I agree it sound like something reasonable from the point of view of the imperialists, it’s not like if they also didn’t lose anything. Maybe they didn’t lose men, but sure did a hell of equipment. Plus Russia didn’t lose gear that will never come back, they increased production, too, since they now actively need it.

Ahh, I am lucky heroin never made it to Argentina, we only get other opiods which are not so addictive. What did they gave you for withdrawal? Methadone? I don’t get that from alcohol but sometimes I do feel that maybe I get mood swings from it.

What were you and addict of?

It’s nice to hear you are doing great, comrade!

Yeah, I do think the government should not allow certain opinions, if they promote hatred, and I say this in a political founded way.

Yeah, free speech is something totally unrelated to politics, how could I’ve been so dumb to think that way.

European “”““Left””“”"

Probably the priority list in the BIOS has another drive set as the one to boot, find one whixh key to press to go to the bios on your pc, go and find the boot list.

I want to run a tracker for Lemmygrad, can you help me?
Basically the title, I want to run a tracker to upload torrents and have archives of everything, I will pay for the hosting and domain and so on. I would just need some guidance on how to set it up, but if you can help me it would be a nice thing to have. I've searched for some hosting providers in Argentina and they're absurdly cheap, and getting a domain is not too expensive. So well, it would be a nice thing to have.

Does someone else use Habitica?
We could create a party/guild

Are there any good period tracker applications for Android?
Before commenting, be aware that the best one in my opinion, Drip, has been outdated for a year and something, it doesn't even support new version of Android after 10 I think. Then Log28 has not been updated for more than 2 years and Periodical for one and a something, plus its GUI is really ugly. So, basically there's no option to track your period while being private now? I found [this]( option which looks nice and all, but it's a really new project and it's lacking features right now. Hope it grows to be something good, though.

What are some good knives used in communist countries?
There's some dude in my city that works by blacksmithing knives, so I thought I could tell him to do a specific one and it'd be nice to have one from a communist country, but I'm having a hard time finding some online. I've only found the NR-40 and NR-43 Soviet ones but they're not so pretty, to be honest.

Flower stand
Please pick a candle or any flower you'd like, for free, to leave at the comrade's tombstone of your choosing. 🕯️ Candle 💐 Bouquet \ 🌻 Sunflower \ 🌸 Cherry Blossom \ 🌹 Rose \ 🌺 Hibiscus \ 🪻 Hyacinth \ 🪷 Lotus \ 🌷 Tulip \ 🏵️ Rosette

Request for a comrade to be added here
Let me know if you'd like for someone to be added to the cemetery.

**Karl Heinrich Marx** ---- Workers of All Lands, Unite Karl Marx Jenny Von Westphalen. \ The Beloved Wife of Karl Marx. \ Born 12th February 1814. Died 2nd December 1881. And Karl Marx. \ Born May 5th 1818. Died March 14th 1883. And Harry I. Onguet. \ Their Grandson. \ Born July 4th 1878. Died March 20th 1883. And Helena Demuth. \ Born January 1st 1823. Died Novemeber 4th 1890. And Eleanor Marx. \ Daughter of Karl Marx. \ Born January 16th 1856. Died March 31st 1898. The Philosophers Have Only Interpreted The World in Various Ways. The Point, However, Is to Change It.

Do you have any ideas/designs for tattoos that are communist?
I've been thinking on having another tattoo so if you have any ideas it'd be appreciated.

I've made it with this:

Nom de guerre
Do any of you have sources on the *noms de guerre* of any Marxist revolutionary? According to the Wikipedia articles on [noms de guerre]( "*Revolutionaries and resistance leaders, such as Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Golda Meir, Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, and Josip Broz Tito, often adopted their noms de guerre as their proper names after the struggle.*" And while I was reading "*Diario de un combatiente*" by Che, there were some mentions of their noms de guerre, but I forgot to write them down and I don't know in which pages it was mentioned. I checked Wikipedia, EcuRed and ProleWiki and none of them have them, but they obviously existed. I think it would be something nice to keep archived. Alejandro, nombre de guerra de Fidel. pg. 19 Salvador, David, nombre de guerra de Ftank País. pg. 76, 107 Sierra enrique oltuski 227

Problems with Retroarch’s disk swapping
So, I'm playing Metal Gear Solid and it has 2 disks, I got to the end of disk 1, and well... First I tried with the `Disk Control>>Load New Disk` which is a legacy feature apparently so well, it didn't work. Okay, so I search and there's some `.m3u` thing, I watch a video, pretty simple all in all. I get all my files in one folder and inside that folder I get the `.m3u` file which inside contains all the name of the `.cue` files. I boot, try with this new method, nothing. What do I do? ![](

Can I run any of the following with this PC?
So I upgraded my PC a bit last year which ended up in my having 2 now since I went for an AMD and I have some spare cabinets and RAMs. Well, thing is, my other machine has these specs: ``` Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS Processor: Intel Pentium G4560 3.50 GHz Cabinet: Sentey Slim SS1-2426 Hard Drive: I think it is a Seagate 1TB RAM Memory: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 KF432C16BB/8 ``` I would like to run any of the following, multiple if possible: - A Lemmy instance - A private tracker - A Matrix instance So what do you say? Is it good enough for any of this shit or is it a piece of junk? I've been using it to play video games but with another 8gb of ram and it worked okay-ish.

Is there a .svg with Lemmygrad’s rabbity-squirrel-rat-mouse-gerbal thingamabob?
I want to create a .svg for the Lemmygrad flag and it would be quite helpful.