I made a thing!
I made a website
I learned some python to help me automate spreadsheet bullshit at work and wanted to try building something more substantial like a blog type site. It was more fun to build than to write for so not much there haha

Around 2 months ago I made some experiments with tilemaps on Godot 4 beta 2, but I noticed that framerates were really low even when literally nothing was happening. Then I had an idea, "What if I had a blank texture and just drew the tiles on it?" which was easier said than done, but I finally achieved it last night! I used shaders for this, which means that the hexagons are never pixelated no mater how much they are zoomed in and it's really fast. And now you may ask: "What are you gonna use this for?" I have no idea, I never thought I would get this far! lol

I made a thing!

    Did you make a thing that you are proud of and wanna show the comrades? Post it here!

    The thing can be a dish that you cooked, a handicraft, a drawing, or anything really!

    (If you want to post a picture or screenshot make sure first that there is nothing that could personally identify you in it!)

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