Lol look at this comment from there, said with absolutely no self-awareness.

In the US we get the freedom to starve, in China you get an “authoritarian dictatorship”… where everybody lives a long time and doesn’t have to worry as much about material concerns, and everybody supports the gov’t.

I love the idea that freedom and starvation is a political axis where you can’t have both at the same time, someone should meme that.


Yeah it got brigaded by comrades. Wish all reddit threads about China looked like this.

Why are you wishing for it? What do you think needs to be done to make it a reality?


Use Lemmy to call attention to posts that should be brigaded?


An influx of generally well read Marxists shouldn’t fall under the same umbrella as TD and liberal chuds regurgitating memes imo.

God Reddit is trash.


I don’t follow. What do you mean?


I wish I could tell you but I don’t understand the intricacies of reddit too well, like which threads have real people in them vs. which threads are astroturfed. The best I can do is try and correct someone when they take their pro-West bias as objective truth but that doesn’t go well everytime.


You gotta hit the hi-visibility comments. Usually the top comment, but the sweet spot is the top reply to the top comment – usually the top comment has so many replies you have to click on “see more” and who knows where you’re even located in that sea of 100 replies.

Though Reddit’s algorithm doesn’t take time into account, so people who post first are almost always the top upvoted and they stay there. If you get on a thread a bit too late

Then second comment or second top reply are interesting too, but the best comments are those that garner some points (meaning they’re not down in the “see more” pile), but also don’t have too many replies.

Then if you get someone, even one person, who engages with you in good faith, you can start talking to them and bringing them around. I try to do this by appealing to liberal values at first (i.e. don’t open with Marxist stuff), with varying success. There’s probably better ways. The comments in that AMA are really good, they question the author in good faith without resorting to accusations or premature conclusions.

Tbh even if it’s astroturfed, we need to get our ideas out there. Otherwise all people will see is the propaganda.

reddit is being based for once in the comments 😳


hell yeah, for some reason now whenever these regime changers come on, they get absolutely wrekt, but the next day an incredibly sinophobic post will hit the front page, and redditors are back to winne da poo = bad bad bad bad bad


LOL just came here to say this as well. I was expecting the usual clusterfuck, but for once people are calling out US propaganda for what it is.


Yeah, surprisingly based for Reddit.



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