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Is it about to go to poo?

Which do you think says that class struggle doesn’t exist under socialism? Your wording isn’t clear. The State is an instrument of class oppression and so the existence of a socialist state implies class struggle exists. Mao also held that class struggle continues to exist in socialism and I’ve never heard any ML or MLM reject this. Can you point me to something to read?

Struggle Sessions absolutely sees revolution as splintering the USA into several nations according to the ML definition of a nation. The Black Nation for one: https://struggle-sessions.com/2018/08/06/in-further-commemoration-of-black-august/ I don’t see an article on it but the Navajo Nation as well.

He could do both, no? Release the stream and then the condensed version a couple of weeks later. BayArea415 did that I think

Huh? Marxist-Leninist-Maoists just add to Marxism-Leninism. Just because something is ML doesn’t mean MLMs don’t uphold it also. But the focus on having a correct political line, the necessity of ideological struggle, and self critisism are emphasized much more clearly in Mao than what I’ve read from Lenin in my experience. It might be in Lenin, I’ve only read a few of his books.

Plus, ML was synthesized by Stalin after Lenin’s death, so I don’t see what your point about MLM being synthesized after Mao’s death has to do with anything.

MLM upholds AES but probably differ from what you consider to be AES. They think China under Deng is revisionist, but support the USSR and China under Mao. That’s a small difference and one that should be resolved through ideological struggle, not just dismissal IMO.

From Gonzalo they get (as I understand) the universality of protracted people’s war (which comes from Mao’s take on dialectical materialism), concentric construction (basically a formalization Lenin in What Is to be Done) and I think “excellent leadership” which I only have a vague idea of.

So what do you mean by revisionist? I have always understood revisionist to mean basically stripping Marxism of it’s revolutionary essence or anti-capitalist essence. MLM doesn’t do that.

To say Maoists uphold lying in order to manipulate people… That’s a hefty claim I’ve never seen any evidence of before. And honestly it sounds like an unprincipled accusation that comes from not wanting to engage with thinking/writing.

Austin pd set up a sonic weapon early in the protests but took it down without (to my knowledge) ever using it

Like you think they are going to straight up lie about facts?

The Maoist position is that success comes from having a correct political line, which comes from struggling with ideas and self critisism a la dialectical materialism. You don’t get power by trying to manipulate people through lies: you get power by demonstrating integrity and challenging yourself and others to arrive at an accurate political assessment that come from clear and correct principles.

Yeah not going to watch 3 hours. Editing would be great

If they were a CIA honeypot they wouldn’t broadcast any political ideas except “communication should be free and private”

In regards to prosecuting the cop who murdered George Floyd: “Just as for the protestors this is about more than George Floyd, for the police this is about more than Derek Chauvin”

I had this open in a tab from before MTC was closed, and I really like their analysis of the relationship between the police and bourgeoisie

I read your comment on the accelerationism thread, including the Lenin piece, and then this. I like your style

The sex and intimacy in my relationship with my wife is so solid that I probably didn’t need paternity tests, but I got them anyway so I could make epic owns on twitter

Breadtube on Reddit - posting more communist videos
I just watched a few videos of Hakim and realized he doesn't get posted on r/Breadtube. Neither does bayarea415. I'm not much of a youtube watcher but I'm sure there's other good channels one could post also. Does anyone have experience posting ML videos there? Do they get removed? I've seen some comrades in the comments, so I was thinking maybe with a little special attention from this group we could take up a little space in that sub. Thoughts?

This makes me think of Qanon folks as well

This is from the party of communists USA, which is super new afaict

Meh stuff like that doesn’t seem helpful to me. It’s like the “I’m going to hell for this” of communists. Everyone who already gets it sees you, and everyone who doesn’t have the info or framing is deeply offended and hardened in their anti-communist position

It says removed by the moderators. I swear every thread outside tankie reddit I post in gets removed. I think it’s more a function of what draws me to post rather than my actual comments haha.

[RAC] SocialistRA discussing communism (China, holodomor, etc)
Seems best to not push socialism with Chinese characteristics but focus on basic dialectial materialism, USSR and Mao type points

It's from 2016 but seems more relevant than ever. It'll probably get some aggressive pushback from some though. Anyone have any thoughts?

AJC isn't communist or anything but glad to see they support communists over these absolute libs

Just a really excellent lecture that takes a step back from the "post war Marxism" common in academia that sees ideology rather than material conditions as the stabilizing mechanism of capitalism. The speaker finds a more satisfying theory in a return to Marxist materialism.

Reactionary shoots a protester tonight in Austin
Afaict, a car drove into the crowd, people started hitting the car with their hands, and the driver fired 8 shots, killing a one and injuring another. The deceased was a regular at the protests, who came with his wife who was in a wheelchair. (PS, this is what the crosspost button does)

Reactionary shoots a protester tonight in Austin
Afaict, a car drove into the crowd, people started hitting the car with their hands, and the driver fired 8 shots, killing a one and injuring another. The deceased was a regular at the protests, who came with his wife who was in a wheelchair.

They're literally killing people just to get some paid time off

Y'all remember an article from Vietnam framing George Floyd protests as starting from US Security Forces?
It was a brilliantly worded article reflecting how the US writes about other countries and I think FB removed my link and Google shows it as a suggested search but the result isn't there. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm listening to Marx Madness on Black Reconstruction
And it slaps! It's moving, informative, and I can't help laughing out loud often. They have so many episodes that it's a daily ritual for me go for a walk at sunset and listen to an episode. This book is really enforcing the idea that the vanguard in the USA must be lead by BIPOC.

View of subscribed topics
Is there a view where you can navigate to the sub-lemmies (what are those called btw?) that you are subscribed to instead of just finding them in the huge list? Also is there a way to get a feed of all the posts in subs you're subscribed to like the Reddit home page? Also, is there like an r/all? There's far to many subs right now and it's hard to find what's being posted.