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hey comrade are you albanian?

i just watched this documentary on how Albania became Europes rubbish dump…


how are things in Albania? i hadnt realised how bad things had gotten in Albania

What you talking about?

Having loads of disunited, ineffective militias is a viable strategy to defending your state

Fullcommunism i think

Its anti soviet propaganda painting by a nationalist ukrainian

Comrade you should learn from Roger Stone

Never defend. Attack attack attack

If someone brings up 100 million dead under communism reply with the fact 1.8 billion indians died under British capitalism alone

Then start rattling off all the death tolls of US imperialism

If someone criticises Stalin as a baby killing monster ask why he has a 70 percent approval rating (85 with Mao) in Russia?

You should mostly be gaslighting liberals that enter conversation with no good faith toward you - it is your job there to weaken liberalism rather than defend socialism

Once you get into this mindset its honestly hilarious

Looking great comrade

I will try to start contributing soon

Their basically communists but dont want to deal with the long history of anticommunist propaganda

The book is pro Stalin so his publisher wouldnt publish it

It’ll be known as the interwar period

China is ringed by 400 US military bases and the Americans have shown themselves ridiculously easy and susceptible to war propaganda that the Cia has been pumping out

Lol no they didnt fumble

Maybe in the eyes of the politically tuned in

Go ask your average Dem voter if they think Russia “interfered or hacked” the 2016 election

They will tell you Trump is in Putins pocket

Huge reading list on Dprk / Korea

Mostly posting so this link doesnt get lost and I can search for it later :p…

What has really been shown in recent years is that all these think tanks, polling companies and talking pundits are little more than narrative manipulation and ideological reinforcement

They just pull data out of their arse and go “yup, the ‘democratic’ nations are the best with the USA being the bestest”

I know that site sucks so much donkey balls

Mostly in part cost Anarchism is dogshit and smooths out your brain

I had a conversation with a Biden voter on there a while back and it basically went

“Have a good time larping! Youre going to need some liberals for the revolution!”


Yes the intelligence services in conjunction with Cuban fascists and the mafia did it

Basically the latter two were invested in a war with Cuba as Castro threw both out (mafia controlled a lot of the casinos)

I would watch the Parenti lecture on youtube and pick up a Peter Dale Scott book on it

Elect Stalesin to general secretary

Good work comrade

Can i ask why a lot of your comments end up deleted by creator?

Thanks i was completely lost as well

Can we just shoot this person plz?

Theres no reducating that

Gotta hard disagree here

Calling Trump a fascist is childish he’s ovviously not.

The failed coup in Venezuela happened due to Trump egging on a shitty security\ private mercenary firm who got hyped up on the $15 million reward for Maduro

The result was that the entire world got to see the Yankees trying to kill Maduro and Venezuela got to shoot a bunch of mercs and imprison the rest and Maduro got to read out their passports and driving licenses on TV

Whats more Biden was VP when Obama and Biden took Bushs wars from 3 to 7

Trump is

*dismantling the American empire through incompetance

*ruining Nato alliances

*descending the US into chaos

Ironically you’ve used the communist concept of “social fascist” wrong. It being that fascism is not a phenomena that comes from nowhere but social democracy is its twin pillar

Ie. Social democrats are as bad as fascists

Ironically you pretending that Biden is the “lesser evil” could be considered “social-fascist”

In fact id argue it is given Bidens political history: from being a segregationist, bringing in the crime bill which locked up a generation of blacks, his promise to be harder on China and russia and his wars hes responsible for as VP as well as the concentration camps on the Mexico border setup under Obama\Biden

Critical support for Trump for more chaos in US and incompetance at running the empire

Ignore socialism for one moment

China developed from sub saharan African conditions only 40 years ago

They went from feudalism and a century of humiliation before the Chinese Communists came to power in 1949

Prior to 1949 the life expectancy was 35

20 years under Mao this had doubled to 70 years old

Since 1979 China has not been in a war and has gone from said sub saharan African conditions to a space faring civilisation landing on the far side of the moon and putting rovers on Mars

They did this without the hyper exploitation of colonies and wars of imperialism for conquests of booty

The Chinese people know what life was like a generation ago - their parenta tell them. The Communist Party of China enjoys a 89% approval rating of Chinese people precisely because they’ve lifted up the greatest number of humans out of poverty in such a short period of time

For that alone China should be praised daily by the world proletariat and the world socialist movement in the face of the most reactionary and murderous regime the world has ever seen (US and its puppets in Nato)

We can, of course, get onto comradely critiques of whether China is in socialism, whether they have succumbed to revisionism etc.

But we can only do that, as far as im concerned, when youve said your ten hail marys to China and thanked the CCP for it’s unbelievable sprint of humanity it has done for the human race since 1949

Hey comrade do you have the sources for the payments he received?

He released a video about Trotsky where he pours adoration on him

The Hearst Press Supporting Trotsky

We all know the Hearst press was a key factorbin anticommunist propaganda thatbis parroted even today (particularly the creation of the so called Holodomor and if anybof you have read Fraud Famine and Fascism by Douglas Tottle the methods to create this: faked photos from the 1921 Russian famine and…

Best book written by Soviets on ww2

I am so sick of reading history by bourgeois professors from the United States or ex mi6 officers from the UK …