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Also before he died he asked for his archive to be closed for forty years so Broue only discovered these in the 1980s

They were written in invisible ink too

Grover Furr has an outline here of the documents


You can also get from libgen.rs Arch Gettys Origins of the great purges and Pierre Broues party opposition to Stalin where they both found it

free speech

Meanwhile UK infiltrates AntiBadger Culling groups and has State spies have sex with activists and even father children with them…

For the crime of handing out leaflets


And in US you cant even run for public office if youre a communist. Such a joke!

Hey com. Not particularly just anything related to communism, anti imperialism working class history etc

Communist stuff, history of the workers movement…must read books on revolutions etc. I do not mind

I appreciate the response and was able to google Olgins work - however the Trotskyites I have been talking to refuse to accept any ML historians of which Olgin is

I was wondering if there were any 3rd parties that verify the Bolsheviks view of brest-litovsk

Trotskys role at Brest-Litvosk

It was always my understanding that Trotsky sabotaged the Brest-Litvosk treaty with his adventurist slogan of “no peace no war” at which point the Germans resumed war and annexed more of the USSR …

Great reply com, can you source the labour aristocracy definition tho?

Capitalists were still shooting strikers in the US just before ww1

They very much were a proletariat but i believe they became a labour aristocracy that began to side with the bosses and imperialism after ww2

Settlers was written in the 70s when this labour aristocracy was probably true and scientifically correct

It was written in a quite bleak period of history

Todays US though has hungry people lining up at foodbanks, hook worm (a disease of extreme poverty and had thought to be eradicated from usa) is flourishing in places like Alabama

If you went to these White working class neighbourhoods in the 70s you would have seen an industrial proletariat mostly bought off by the crumbs of imperialism

That isnt true anymore. They have no jobs and are high on opiods

Looking for a Lenin wuote debating Gorky

I heard it in Roger Keerans talk on his book Socialism Betrayed …

hey comrade are you albanian?

i just watched this documentary on how Albania became Europes rubbish dump…


how are things in Albania? i hadnt realised how bad things had gotten in Albania

What you talking about?

Having loads of disunited, ineffective militias is a viable strategy to defending your state

Fullcommunism i think

Its anti soviet propaganda painting by a nationalist ukrainian

Comrade you should learn from Roger Stone

Never defend. Attack attack attack

If someone brings up 100 million dead under communism reply with the fact 1.8 billion indians died under British capitalism alone

Then start rattling off all the death tolls of US imperialism

If someone criticises Stalin as a baby killing monster ask why he has a 70 percent approval rating (85 with Mao) in Russia?

You should mostly be gaslighting liberals that enter conversation with no good faith toward you - it is your job there to weaken liberalism rather than defend socialism

Once you get into this mindset its honestly hilarious

Huge reading list on Dprk / Korea

Mostly posting so this link doesnt get lost and I can search for it later :p…

Sorry not sorryplus-square

Comrade Trumpplus-square

The Hearst Press Supporting Trotsky

We all know the Hearst press was a key factorbin anticommunist propaganda thatbis parroted even today (particularly the creation of the so called Holodomor and if anybof you have read Fraud Famine and Fascism by Douglas Tottle the methods to create this: faked photos from the 1921 Russian famine and…