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Book recommendations in Waterstones or Whsmith

I have £60 book vouchers can anyone offer some recommendations? …

I tried refinding the image but couldnt…

So when the Proud Boys leader infiltrated the Proud Boys for the fbi and became its leader he went on a podcast/radio thing with an FBI hat and was talking about how the fbi had the proud boys back

I dont doubt that most groups are heavily infiltrated and the fbi has bots (human or otherwise) writing this kinda shit all day long

Proletarian tv is marxist-leninist and the speaker is Harpal Brar, a punjabi, not a “white british”…its a good watch

Reddit is 95% bot mi6 and US troll farms

Back in 2013 the “most addicted city” was Eglin airbase

Those are not real people and you should stop viewing the mainstream social media sites as being populated with actual people and instead with predominately American troll farns trying to manipulate public opinion

Thanks com, this is 265 pages though and hoping for something i can print out and hand out tomorrow with a succinct update on whats going on

The problem of course is agitation

Despite how disgusting reddit is when you start treating it like a game it’s a lot funnier.

I usedto type typical Shitlib drivel on worldnews then after it gets heavily upvoted edit it to something ridiculously communist

Yes i watched that when it came out.

Great display of fraternal brotherhood and makes me feel sick when people tryto “both sides” the reality of imperialism

China sees in Africa a partner to lift up while the West only ever saw the riches to be stolen from Africa

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No he was always a piece of trash.

What i found interesting in studying him is he basically was a reddit arsehole always playing the contrarian

So when Lenin says the Bolsheviks declare peace and Bukharin says they must wage revolutionary war Trotsky takes the “neither peace nor war bullshit at Brest-Litvosk” which results in the Germans annexing a load of territory

In 1924/5 when the Nep is in force hes telling everyone that the CC is leading them to disaster and they must collectivise agriculture…When industry is at rock bottom and millions of peasants are yet to move into citites to become proletariat

But then when CC moves to collectivise in the 30s he demands they must stop collectivising and kulaks should not be eliminated as a class

When the 2d five year plan starts he says the CC is leading the Soviets to ruin and the pace must be slackened…and we now know that Soviets winning ww2 hinged on that 2nd five year plan

In 1936 he gleefully says how “imperialism is incomparably more strong and will sweep away the October revolution” (Revolution Betrayed) and also declares fhat Stalin and Hitler are the same

In 1939 (bearing in mind Hitler called for taking the Ukrainian oil fields in Meinkampf) he says the Ukrainians should declare “socialist independence from the stalin regime”

Ignoring the fact that the pro communists were pro soviet and pro Stalin… Whilst those wanting independence were pro fascist, pro german and would eventually collaborate with the Nazis and murder their jewish and communist neighbours

It is telling that inthe Moscow Trials one of fhe key planks of the traitors was gifting the Ukraine to the Nazis cos the trotskyites saw (quoting Solkinov) “the most organised form of capitalism and we had better come to terms with them”.

Today i am convinced the only people who are Trotskyites are people that have not studied communist history properly

I am thinking of taking the time to scan Harpal Brars Trotskyism or Leninism as this is an incredible work detailing both Trotsky and the various Trotskyite groups bullshit

Also before he died he asked for his archive to be closed for forty years so Broue only discovered these in the 1980s

They were written in invisible ink too

Grover Furr has an outline here of the documents


You can also get from libgen.rs Arch Gettys Origins of the great purges and Pierre Broues party opposition to Stalin where they both found it

free speech

Meanwhile UK infiltrates AntiBadger Culling groups and has State spies have sex with activists and even father children with them…

For the crime of handing out leaflets


And in US you cant even run for public office if youre a communist. Such a joke!

Hey com. Not particularly just anything related to communism, anti imperialism working class history etc

This is a great list thanks for writing up com

Communist stuff, history of the workers movement…must read books on revolutions etc. I do not mind

Trotskys role at Brest-Litvosk

It was always my understanding that Trotsky sabotaged the Brest-Litvosk treaty with his adventurist slogan of “no peace no war” at which point the Germans resumed war and annexed more of the USSR …

Looking for a Lenin wuote debating Gorky

I heard it in Roger Keerans talk on his book Socialism Betrayed …

Please read both threads before responding… im not interested in your opinion if you have not read them …

Huge reading list on Dprk / Korea

Mostly posting so this link doesnt get lost and I can search for it later :p…



The Hearst Press Supporting Trotsky

We all know the Hearst press was a key factorbin anticommunist propaganda thatbis parroted even today (particularly the creation of the so called Holodomor and if anybof you have read Fraud Famine and Fascism by Douglas Tottle the methods to create this: faked photos from the 1921 Russian famine and…