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I liked him better as Jim. Actually, I didn’t like him there either, but at least he wasn’t trying to spread propaganda.

Those are just odd Christians; the whole point of Satanism is a rejection of that and an embrace of humanism

Looks like copmala is gonna be the new president. Considering her record, I wouldn’t be surprised if things like the Portland incident get worse. When it comes to arresting people, she’s as bad as it gets. She once tried to hide evidence that exonerated a person she locked up. She smoked weed herself why locking up innumerable others. This is a dark day for America.

She actually worked on the drones, and has the audacity to call herself leftist. She needs to get the wall

Socialism with Seussian characteristics

Thank you

I wish I didn’t have eyes after seeing this

I liked him better on Community too. Shame the show wasn’t that good though. It really jumped the shark in season 3, but the first few seasons were pretty good.

The Quran isn’t sex positive. It’s horribly misogynistic and violent. Don’t get it twisted.

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Hey, you gave my hometown a shout out. I’m from Evarts, KY. It sucks, and I can’t wait to leave. Rural poverty really sucks the life out of the area, which is bad, because the mountains are pretty. Also, meth and opioids are a real problem here. It’s deep Trump country. I may be the only communist left in the county. All in all, Evarts is terrible, and so is the whole county. Capitalism kills.

Russiagate 2: Russian Boogaloo

Welcome, comrade.

Movie Recommendation; First Cow

It’s a pretty good movie I saw yesterday with an anti capitalist message. I recommend it …