suggestions for lemmy

User and post flairs
I think having user and post flairs kind of like on reddit would be pretty neat.

Remove the need for Javascript. Tor-friendly
Many sites like "Elude" work perfectly without javascript, allowing their use through tools to escape censorship such as Tor. Why doesn't Lemmygrad implement this too?

  • Grace
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Way to hide certain forums from 'all' on lemmy?
Im not subbed to all forums so I like seeing 'all' but some just annoy me. Perhaps a way to fix that?

the mark all as read button doesn't work in my inbox
I don't know if this is where I should put it but I have noticed that the mark all as read button doesn't work and it doesn't clear all my notifications like it used to. Thank you for all your hard work devs and good luck.

How does one contribute to lemmygrad
I am pretty good at software engineering and want to help out if it's possible and I can do it without doxxing myself. Are you ~~guys*~~ y'all taking volunteers? I work best with specific tickets or issues if you are. *Is there a gender neutral term that casually refers to a group that I should replace "guys" with?

How do we grow lemmygrad?
Is this the main place for english speaking communists? I don't feel like there's anywhere to congregate and feel at home.

Endless loading on mobile?
More of a complaint than a suggestion but I am running Android on my phone and I have found that both FF & Chrome mobile will load endlessly but the page just won't progress. Refreshing will cause the page to advance (i.e. click a community name -> endless loading -> refresh -> community page appears) While it's indicating that it's loading on the website, the browsers do not show a loading bar themselves. Adblock has been disabled but to no effect. Am I cursed? **Edit:** The Lemmy app for Android handles it well and, for some reason, the MiUI native browser manages it without a problem.

Comrade devs, The rules sidebar in c/communism says "bottom banner" where there should be a picture. Maybe it's a placeholder, maybe it's a bug :woman shrugging: Cheers, Hildegarde

Play videos in feed
We should be able to play videos in the feed. When there's a short GIF or something, it takes away from the joke when you have to leave Lemmy to open it.

This place is awesome
Just found this site today and it’s fuckin cool. Stoked to be here.

The Solar interface theme has a couple of visual bug.
These are the one that I have found: -When you upload a picture you get a pop up to delete the picture, well the text is almost the same color as the background and is almost invisible -You can only see the community your mouse is on while you are on the community search when you create a new publication. If yall need me to try to explain better feel free to ask.

Add confirmation for cancelling a comment
At least in my mobile browser, one slip of the finger can see your hard work vanish in an instant. That kinda sucks. It would be nice to have a pop-up dialog or otherwise a secondary confirmation option appear when hitting "cancel"

Please add keyboard shortcuts like RES does
I mostly use X, J and K. X to open a post (either the picture or text from the OP), J and K to go to the next or previous post. It's a small thing but it's how I browse Reddit. Also please make the icons bigger (expand link, see comments, etc), while I'm on qol suggestions. Like at least twice as big. They're very small even on a desktop browser. Thanks!

Creating a link on the sidebar that brings to the Riot talk room
I think it would be a great idea to put a link on the sidebar that brings to either the Riot chat room itself or to a Lemmy post explaining how to join the room.

Lemmy Gold
im sure soon some amazing posts will happen, we better get Lemmy Gold!

Real time chat box.
So I would suggest making a ''real time chat box'' like messenger I guess . Probably to much work but thanks anyway :)

Private Communities .
So I think with the recent brigading that is happening it might be a good idea to create a way to create a community lock with a password so that only people with the code and mods can come in ? Just an Idea I had eating FruitsLoops so do not take this as a priority .

suggestions for lemmy

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