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I think there should be somewhere somehow the main selling point of Lemmy for communists on Reddit nowadays (which I think it is not yet clear [note]): the resilience of an open-source fully-reproducible decentralized network.
Anyway, if one cannot find a better way, this last version is satisfying.

[note] “I am aware of lemmy.ml and everyone should sign up there, but what if they DOS that site, or just ban it’s hoster? There is really no way to challenge capital directly, they have too much power.” (source)

Lenin a “notable counter-revolutionary” -> Yes, I heard about the two posts (1,2) you are referring to. I did not read it and tbh I am not interested.

The head post is atranslation from Slava Mogutin. Another example here.
If you can provide a more reliable souce about (re)criminalization of homosexuality in USSR, you are welcome and I am ready to edit the post.

Schengen border candidates as the most hypocritical one: as murderous as Nobel laureate.

I might add somebody wrote the mod log was hidden. Which is blatantly wrong and miser.

Landing page, code of conduct on the right column:

The Following Communities Are Allowed Sectarian Posting;

  • Reddit Post Archive
  • Leftist Infighting

I had no time to open posts against i.e globalresearch but as soon as I want to do that, I will have no doubt in which community to post it.

EDIT: I made a test post here so that if one wants to discuss it they can find the place.

I will never share a trench with a few harmful sectarians, but I am sure liberals are at the other part of the barricade.
Btw. take into account the English-language and the Twitter biases of these surveys.

Hi, thanks for sharing! Are you going to publish it elsewhere? (/c/publishing is there for you!)
If so, I wait for you and then archive the post where you put it.

The article is a longform and the intention is to publish on the web (NO paper). The possibily might be comrades’/migrant activists’ webzines.

Where to announce new communities?

Is this the right place? Why no announcements community? Is this an instance choice? /u/dessalines Out of curiosity…

I’ll create two different communities. Thanks. 🤗

Community is leftist aesthetics and I would like to get suggestions accordingly. 🥰

Sry I wasn’t superclear. Translations of everything, not only Lemmy. :)
For instance, a bunch of comrades debunks fascist revisionism and writes an English translation. I do not know where to ask for it. Which community fits best a question like this?

Which instance community do you find more appropriate for translations suggestions? What about publishing suggestions? (for instance: I have a content and I am looking for zines which you guess they will be interested into that content)

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