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It seems concerning to me that the industrial workers are such a low percentage. idk

Thank you, that was a good read

Modern PRC vs. Revisionist USSR?

I just wanted to know what Dengists think of the post-Stalin USSR; both in terms of things that were not objectionable (did not lead to the dissolution) and aspects that China has done differently/better. Thank you for your responses…

Have you read the report? Is it as damning as the headline says?

Thank you for all this info, I guess I just get mystified by the bourgeoise notion that the imperfection of the political system is the problem and not the power dynamics between classes and social groups

Mmmm, isn’t that the guy who did It Could Happen Here?

HELP: Focus on Debunking or Theory?

I finished State and Revolution, Blackshirts and Reds, and the Communist Manifesto. Should I next focus on collecting my relevant resources and arguments for debunking anticommunist propaganda or read more theory? My thoughts are that I have a functional (albeit technically basic) understanding of…

I remember in one of the debates Biden said he’s not a ‘purist’ on liberal vs conservative but he does do a litmus test on Rowe v. Wade specifically. It was a while ago so I might be mixing up some of the details however

I became a communist because of the internet and I like anime because of the internet. I guess it’s a zoomer coincidence?

Readings on Feudal Society and the Transition to Capitalism?

I just read a part of State and Revolution where Lenin references that a standing army and a bureaucracy are distinct developments of bourgeois revolutions and it made me realize that I don’t know much about how feudal (or semi-feudal) society functioned. I’d much appreciate if anyone could suggest…

So just create ‘state’ borders around where most black and native people live? I don’t really understand this concept if we expect the ruling communist party to mandate racial justice and all that, please educate me

Thank you for this write-up, friend <3

There really should be a period at the end of that sentence.

I personally love the space politics and related intrigue over the original trilogy. Also I like the style of lightsaber battles better

I agree but I am not a general harm-reduction advocate. I originally decided there would be a better environment for leftists if Trump won but labeling AntiFa terrorists and his federal police crackdown changed my mind. I completely agree that it needs to be stated that a vote is barely the beginning of political advocacy whenever discussing electoralism but on principle I hold the aforementioned position on Biden v. Trump. (Not that leftists could swing this election even if voting as an organization lol) What do you think?

I don’t necessarily see the problem with this argument. Anyone care to discuss?