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Most of the threads are spam about very rude and incompetent managers and the most common way disputes are resolved is by moving to a new job where the manager is less rude and incompetent.

IMO, it is a very suspicious sub. It is the only left-wing themed sub that is allowed to reach the front page. After a long time in which no left-wing themed content ever reached the front page, suddenly numerous threads from “antiwork” appear every day.

It is filled with spam about very rude and incompetent managers and the most common way disputes are resolved is by moving to a new job where the manager is less rude and incompetent.

which area do you think is represented by “Pineland”?..

imo after the Reddit IPO is finished is the best time for mass purging of communities

you should all move out of Reddit ASAP either way

I have not opposed or supported them in the past, I am more of waiting and see what happens.

As we can see, the Infrared group is not doing particularly well and mostly collapsing due to internal issues. Haz’ stream has drifted away from Marxism and there is recently an increased focus on feuds with other social media personalities. Many of his former followers were unhappy about these and other issues and left the group and spilled some of its secrets on Leftypol.

It appears that he was doxxed by one of his former followers.

Reddit has recently filed plans for an IPO. Likely that many communities will be banned to make the site more appealing for advertisers. …

Reddit is planning to IPO soon, so it is likely they will ban many communities to make it friendly to advertising

(However most of the “users” of Reddit are US government bots and the stonk buyers probably won’t realize this until too late)

it is somewhat amusing that they may not have actually increased their sales by cheating

you mean the manufacturing capacity part? Nations who did not place their orders very early would have had to wait a long time and many went with alternatives which did not have such a long wait

I’ve not looked at it much so I am not sure. However Moderna would not have had as much money to do as much aggressive lobbying and PR

I got vaccinated after most people so more info about side effects revealed across a larger number of people in the public by then so I did not need to weigh much on their unethical behavior in my choice on which

its still early and long term side effects may later be revealed

the stuff in the first paragraph

The bad things happening in ttheir trials were covered up and no attempt was made to address them before they got approval. Rival vaccine makers had reported various mistakes made in the trials and suffered delays due to having to rectify them

Pfizer also got the US media to run hit pieces on rival vaccines from other nations to attempt to boost sales.

Pfizer’s contract with various nations included various clauses allowing them to seize national assets

Do you think their influence has surpassed that of the various communities on Reddit and other sites that are associated with Lemmygrad?

I did not expect this Infrared to become so popular so quickly. but recently they are getting mentions on this forum also

Wait and see how long these inflation issues persist

Financial asset bubble could burst

Long term stagflation will also put an end to any dreams of large government spending programs. The capitalist system will only be able to have more austerity, accelerating its collapse

Pfizer trials data integrity issues revealed by whistleblower : the rush for profits and sloppy methodology

Pfizer rushed their trials and used their lobbying power to attempt to increase profits from the pandemic. Later data from the real world showed that their efficacy scores were lower than in the initial trials and not that much higher than rival cheaper vaccines. …

Perhaps the site needs ranking algorithm changed to either limit proportion of front page for one community or raise rank for those with comments

there will be more similar instances of one community having much more posts in the future

@chad1234toMemesNew aoc promo.


“The Democratic Party and the political origins of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

AOC is good at getting media publicity but she has so far not achieved much for her soc-dem supporters. Not much more than the participants in the new Netflix reality series

She was a neoliberal who was able to pivot her public image to being a soc-dem, just in time when it became trendy, due to not having much on the public record at the time

Matrix Chat: created by Israeli Intelligence and metadata collection

As usual, never assume any technology or service is “private”/“secret” and rely on it as your sole protection. Also, all online communications can have metadata collected…

likely means anniversary of the “Bang”, stepping on a mine

Glowies’ presentation slides on memes.

Since they cannot win real life wars they will try meme wars.


“There’s going to be no circumstances where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” ~ President Biden, July 2021