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Perhaps the site needs ranking algorithm changed to either limit proportion of front page for one community or raise rank for those with comments

there will be more similar instances of one community having much more posts in the future

@chad1234toMemesNew aoc promo.


“The Democratic Party and the political origins of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

AOC is good at getting media publicity but she has so far not achieved much for her soc-dem supporters. Not much more than the participants in the new Netflix reality series

She was a neoliberal who was able to pivot her public image to being a soc-dem, just in time when it became trendy, due to not having much on the public record at the time

Matrix Chat: created by Israeli Intelligence and metadata collection

As usual, never assume any technology or service is “private”/“secret” and rely on it as your sole protection. Also, all online communications can have metadata collected…

likely means anniversary of the “Bang”, stepping on a mine


Glowies’ presentation slides on memes.

Since they cannot win real life wars they will try meme wars.


“There’s going to be no circumstances where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” ~ President Biden, July 2021

It won’t happen because capitalism requires force to maintain property relations.

At most, maybe they could rename the division or merge it with a neighboring division, thereby “abolishing MPD”, or do accounting trickery to say its “defunded” but they have not even done this

Govt, AFP use AN0M bust to push for new range of powers

remains unclear how the anti-encryption laws were used. they appear to have extra-territorial applications. but as always, assume it is possible that your encrypted chat service could be compromized in some way…

the world will need to move away from the current US controlled internet system

Kuba glowing. I wonder if they are the downvoter

Does this mean Lemmygrad has made it as a site?

probably a staged fake leak as part of their sabre rattling

You will probably have to go to a library, maybe at a university. See what they have in their catalog. Maybe a public library has it or it may only have popular literature

It will come sooner than we expect

Yes. There are many other sources which have been discovered since but they are unable to compete with the Chinese mine. Export bans probably will not do much useful and I assume most of the dependent nations have already accumulated large stockpiles.

The Western Fake News MSM has spent years talking about this and still none of the various nations have actually done anything substantial about it. Acting on these paranoid stories will probably be very expensive since these new mines will need to be subsidized

You could continue with what you have started if you have good marks

You could pick easy subjects if you just need a average mark to pass into the next tier

You could pick hard subjects if you believe future employers will look at them - probably they wont but no idea about your exact circumstances

With the Fed acting not only as the buyer of last resort but the only big buyer, liquidity is vanishing in the Treasury market, and that’s dangerous. The Fed needs another buyer and US banks are the only significant buyer of Treasuries beside the Fed. They need a steeper yield curve to make money in Treasuries, by borrowing short and lending somewhat longer term.

LOL this has already happened in Japan and the JGB market is crashed liquidity and lower desirability as a financial asset as a result. It appears that the extreme monetary stimulus is irreversible and maybe USA economy will become permanently zombiefied like japan.

The repo market has already suffered a similar fate and the Fed was unable to withdraw the liquidity it pumped into that.

Yes, at least they claim to be on some level. However their strategy of implementing socialism by supporting Crazy Bernie and then either hoping that he would somehow drag the Democrats to the left, or join their SA party, or whatever it is now, has reached its natural conclusion of SA joining the Democrats

I wonder if they will cause new variants to spread which will end up defeating the vaccines

Maybe it can be exercise

what happened in star wars recently?