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Key thing is that the socialist society has to be a functional and stable society. So similarly for police, there will need to be police in the socialist society and similarly for other elements of the state: surveillance, state security, military etc

Many Western leftists on internet say that their version of socialism will have no police, prison, state security, military etc. no hierarchical oppression etc. And somehow people will all be well behaved and there will be social shaming of criminals or some sort of criminal justice system without police and prisons. Obviously, such a society would soon crumble and be unviable in real life. Perhaps mainstream Western leftism is very simplified and idealistic and focused on classing various things as “bad” without thinking about how they function in the system of capitalist production.

The recent anti-police protests in USA. the focus was solely on the police behavior and protesters demanded abolishing or defunding them. However, without police, the capitalist system would cease to function due to lack of enforcement of property claims. It is not surprising that none of the police departments have actually been abolished and any defunding was a tiny portion for maybe 1 year.

So, its not that police/ surveillance/ other state functions = bad, but rather they are bad because of their role in enforcing capitalism and imperialism.

Western surveillance is intensifying due to the contradictions of capitalism and conflicts from imperialism. a few years ago capitalism was stable enough such that anti-capitalists were not being banned from the R place

there should be less need for surveillance once class conflict is resolved with whole world being socialist. however, there will be elements of the ancien regime which will have to be dealt with

ive not thought about it much since it will likely be many decades in the future at least

installing a diff OS could brick your phone maybe. beware and maybe should use a cheap phone

Exaggeration and Western one is much more extensive. NSA can monitor global communications in real time.

Fair enough. However, it is necessary in china due to being under constant attack from the capitalist powers.

the Western surveillance also claims to fight terrorism as well but that doesnt mean we should not attempt to avoid it

Do you support Western surveillance system?

the leaks suggest a range of mechanisms but yes installing a different OS would help. that doesnt make you immune and there are still ways to crack other OS but it would close off the backdoors of google Android.

Yes, the Western media is running many stories about China’s surveillance programs.

They are not of major concern to us since we do not live in China. Why should any of us care of the Tiktok is feeding our lame memes to China, we dont even live there.

Secondly the Western surveillance system operates to prop up the capitalist imperialist system and to suppress the working class.

the Five eyes surveillance system is much more extensive and sophisticated than anything operated by China Russia or Eye-ran. Western media obsession is projection or a diversion tactic

Remember also that if you cross an international border you can be searched without any reason. There are many reports of people having their devices searched and the whole contents copied. Domestically they have to have a reason to search you - suspicion of crime, warrant etc.

Yes all the encrypted chats have an encryption key which is stored on your device or somewhere. So all of them are vulnerable to being read if your device is taken into custody - such as if you are searched, arrested or cross a border

imo encrypting your phone at most delays them. Obviously yyou should encrypt your phone anyway, if you have sensitive data on it

This celebrit thing is for the police. undoubtedly the NSA has easier access to reading everything easily. Unclear if police have the ability to crack an encrypted phone or not. It is possible that the police do not have this capability and it may be reserved for the national security groups.

earlier we saw the drama over the encrypted iPhone of the two mass shooters and Apple refusing to decrypt them. IMO its a drama to make people believe encrypting your phone makes it safe and make people believe Apple is “privacy oriented”.

You should avoid storing too much sensitive data on your phones. There are various case where people are coerced into giving their passwords

Signal is garbage anyway and the NSA is able to see who is calling who due to the centralized design plus you need a phone number to create an account.

congratulations on new feature

Remember when USA passed 5000 deaths and the MSM circulated “intelligence reports” saying China had 50 thousand deaths?

also USA running efforts to sabotage China’s vaccine research: https://nitter.net/CarlZha/status/1326360688374157313

Also in the last 10 years or so, there have been no news stories about people dying in the forever wars…


lol its best to get a pirated book. unless you get a printed one.

I think he was possibly the last genuinely honest journalist at the Intercept that believed in reporting facts, even though he was a Western liberal. Most of the others are probably writing to advance some narrative or editorial line

maybe they just wanted to co-opt his name to build up the Intershit

The overall coverage of the Intercept has noticeably changed as the election approached. There used to be articles about a wider range of topics and it has changed to be mostly about Orange man bad

The Dems cheated Crazy Bernie in favor of someone with so many corrupt dealings https://www.foxnews.com/media/glenn-greenwald-quits-the-intercept-editors-censored-story

The remaining intercept people wrote an article dissing him and WAPO also wrote someting similar https://theintercept.com/2020/10/29/glenn-greenwald-resigns-the-intercept/

Note how the Guardian and other media only refered to “anti semitism allegations” and never any details on the content of the allegations

This probably marks the end of the attempts to implement socdem via vooting, along with Crazy Bernie becoming too old to run again

Perhaps they do not care about the Labour party winning but just to prevent him or any other socdem being implemented

Wait for Reddit to ban another sub

Surely they should begin migrating since FULLCOMMUNISM got quarantined?..

also try to post more content. What do people like to read?

Reddit has not been banning that much recently so maybe many have just re-made their communities there.

LOL a laughable colony. USA has almost complete control over the whole nation, even more than I previously thought. Most of Japan’s leaders are paid by USA. The so-called “liberal democracy” is a total sham and just a formality covering for a colonial arrangement…

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