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Maybe later in a few decades.

For now, the US could attempt to prolong its own existence by cannibalizing its vassals.

I think it is meant to be a promotion to show their shoes are similar to more expensive shoes

I think the overall direction should be deflationary due to overproduction and low investment demand from falling rate of profit.

If they had resolved international disputes diplomatically then low inflation of consoomer goods would have continued.

If you are getting irregular heartbeats perhaps it is best to avoid it. You probably can get a medical exemption but it appears the vaccines are now no longer mandatory.

You should ignore the culture war over the vaccines and focus on your own individual health instead.

Miss it as much as you want, it won’t be coming back. there will be more censorship as global capitalism continues its death spiral.

Anyway, Reddit is not profitable and will eventually shut down. People will eventually return to having their separate websites.

The senile zombie can say whatever he wants, but you should all remember to stock up on essential goods and medications.

you’ve been overwhelmed by Westoid copium to believe the Ukraine could win

Its not too bad and their efforts in meme research have paid off. It seems to have penetrated the MAGA community and caused much seething.

Reminder to stock up on essential goods and medications (many of you have been writing about having various illnesses…).

If you really want it, you still have a chance to go and buy it. Sadly it seems we won’t get the full fall in prices which would have resulted from the crypto miners being wiped out.

In a few years there will be cheaper Chinese chips also.

No, they have completely lost touch with reality and live inside a bubble.

most likely they not having enough staff due to paying very little and doing nothing other than squealing that nobody wants to work any more

Say nothing if not a mod. People are just joking about Rose vanishing.

Their posting history shows regular breaks of many days or more. Maybe they accumulate the memes over many days and dump them all at once.

3250 posts is quite a lot though…

You should put in the minimum effort to avoid being fired

Unfortunately, on paper, we signed an agreement to not poach. They can tell me where they went and that’s really it.

Do you mean a non-compete clause? Most of the time they are non-enforceable.

Healthy is a subjective word and I would not describe it as healthy. They most likely refer to unemployment being low compared to historically which is true.

Recently population growth has slowed and many workers died or became disabled when they decided to let the disease spread freely. In such a situation, it is possible to both have a recession and low unemployment at the same time. It may become more frequent occurrence in the future so low unemployment does not necessarily reflect a strong economy as it did in the past.

lmao, 'the "second" American citizen' dead "In connection with the battle of Severodonetsk, where brutal fighting remains ongoing, the Wolverines were sent on a mission to clear enemy mines. Their objective was to create a safe path for their unit’s vehicles in advance of a Ukrainian assault planned for the following morning."

Alleged fake mercenary CanadianUkrain1 got IP traced to Canada
Maybe they are a based grifter who managed to trick many liberals out of their money

Life Pro Tip: Avoid losing by saying you "heroically evacuated after completing your mission"
So much winning, that you will be begging us to not be winning so much

https://old.reddit.com/r/terraluna/comments/un3w7t/i_lost_over_450k_usd_i_cannot_pay_the_bank_i_will/ https://old.reddit.com/r/terraluna/comments/un40h4/my_excolleague_attempted_suicide/

Shock leaked draft judgment overturning Roe v Wade – Complete and Permanent Victory for Christian Conservatives in USian culture war
The shock leaked draft judgment overturning Roe v Wade suggests a stunning complete and likely permanent victory for Christian conservatives of the Republican party in the USian culture war. Not only is the Roe v Wade right to abortion removed, various other rights which were granted by the court on a similar grounds of discovering/inventing a right in the Constatooshun are in jeopardy. These include gay marriage, contraception etc. The justice expressed a statement that the decision only applies to abortions but logically the strongly expressed reasoning given for the decision on abortion apply similarly to these other issues. The fact that the US system has relied so heavily on the courts to enact these social changes reflects failure in its legislative system. In liberal theory, as expressed in the Constattooshun, the separation of powers means that changes in the law should be done by the legislature and not the courts. It appears many USians are unaware that this is how liberal theory is intended to work. It appears that most of the things that Democrat supporters had fought for will soon be lost, apart from Obummercare, which is their main legislative achievement apart from tax cuts for the rich and endless wars. Democrat supporters will have great difficulty regaining the lost rights in the legislative system, given their past record. There will be even larger divergences in personal rights across different regions of the US. The documents appear to been leaked by an employee of the courts in a desperate attempt to change the ruling. This is unprecedented and will severely destabilize the court system. A widely shared tweet by @MattWolking makes baseless speculations about the identify of the leaker and IMO libelous claims. The chance of balkanization is significantly increased as the liberal institutions collapse and different parts of the US diverge socially.

Former Canadian general rumored captured at Azovstal
Former Canadian general Trevor Cadieu (also written as Kadier) rumored captured at Azovstal, in a sewer escaping from the bunker. He had earlier retired before leaving for Ukraine, allegedly due to sexual harassment allegations which allegedly caused him to miss out on a promotion.