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Well said, comrade. I don’t mind allowing religion as long as they’re not preaching hate. It’s a shame how the US constitution is barely acknowledged and how the other laws in the US contradict each other. The laws only favor the rich, and as long as the preachers are rich, and the small ones are paying off the bigger ones, they’re not getting in trouble for anything.

Could you give a title of what works Marx stated that in? I’m interesting in reading more on religion from his viewpoint. Thank you! :))

Your list is outstanding, and would be perfect. A few in that list really intrigued me. I will look more into the “Felon” class. I have noticed the hostility America has towards people who have done their time, and how hard it is for them to get jobs.

Reeducation is a must for the new school systems. If people just knew more about Communism and Marxism, it wouldn’t be dismissed as some “political Satanism.”

Imprison Joel Osteen and Pat Buchanan.

Would add Marcus Lamb to that list but that fucker is dead, good riddance. However I would shut down Daystar network, TBN, and Impact network. I would imprison every rich pastor and maybe the small to medium ones who are on their way to scamming everyone for wealth. This religious fundamentalism is becoming a huge mess and I’m sick and tired of it. Also, what do you think about those churches on every corner of a low class minority neighborhood? I’ve driven through plenty before, don’t know what to feel about it…

Thank you, this answered the most common question regarding police alternatives perfectly. I myself have wondered about this and really you helped me learn new things! I also absolutely love Assata and Angela! Very strong women.

If there were to be a successful revolution and overthrow of a fascist country, what rules and regulations would be instantly set down?
Firstly, I would put extreme harsh rules and regulations on the police system, heck, there might be something else that will ACTUALLY protect the people. When I watched the Dahmer series, I realized how useless the US police is. A 14 year old boy escaped Dahmer begging for help and the police literally RETURNED the boy back to Dahmer. Fucking sickening and really angered me. Also here's a list of things I would imply as soon as revolution happens. ::: spoiler list 1. Minority rights, reparations, and destroying US disgusting army bases in other people's countries. 2. LGBTQ+ and trans rights. (Basically human rights lol) 3. 100% abortion rights, and free healthcare for all 4. Abolishing of the police system. 5. Removal of liberal media sources. 6. Elimination of the 1%, and the establishment of dictatorship of the proletariat. 7. Intense funding on education, infrastructure, green energy, and more. Also making sure that the country doesn't fully rely on electricity and technology just in case we get our grid destroyed and can't run efficiently. 8. lol fuck that US debt, never heard of it, in fact, name and flag will be changed. 9. Farms are gonna stop being on a big business leash. Chickens will no longer be doped up with probiotics and antibiotics and all that horseshit. (Yes US farm some animals are forced to eat shit as a food source.) 10. Halal meat, and will make big changes to the food industry. No more useless chemicals no one can pronounce in fucking potato chips. 11. And more! ::: Please give your opinions on this list, and share your thoughts on what you would change after a successful revolution.

I noticed hypocrisy a lot with liberals. One day they’re cancelling someone for being racist, but as soon as that racist makes a good song, they’re back to listening to them. It’s crazy. They’re miserable, tiring people.

Guns for beginners?
Thinking of living in my car for a few months when I graduate, and probably will need a gun for safety. What would be a great gun to start with? Preferably affordable please

and the can’t get k pop boy haircuts cause you’ll be cuter than kim jong un 🤣🤣🤣

As a black person we were often lied to and told that we were “part native-american.” I don’t know why… I guess it’s true because most people in the south do have a little native american in them. Doesn’t mean they’re “part” that though, only a fraction.

Goodness! An ancap? Man, your story of converting really gives me hope for people!

The past is really a killer 😂🤣

I used to use Tik Tok, then switched to Reddit and thought I was smarter than before. Ohhh the cringe 😭

I’m African American, a Nigerian descent. I’m planning on learning the Nigerian languages to connect more to my roots. It’s such a shame colonizers erased our history and tried to whitewash us completely. Luckily there’s the internet that can help us get back on track. I never knew the Nigerian languages until I looked them up.

Zlib is my go to source for books! I love that site

I may have pavlov dog myself into finding satisfaction depending on what I’m reading material on. When I’m reading on the computer with certain things, I enjoy it, but when it comes to books, I enjoy reading either a real book or on my phone.

Libertarian sent me this to read, thoughts on this book?

What were the side effects you experienced when you were a liberal?
Hello, baby Marxist here! Personally mine was reading. When I was a liberal I loathed reading and found it hard to even read a short article. I rarely researched everything I heard, and as a teenager, I was like every other liberal, getting my news off social media. Now I make sure to research everything, however, getting into theory is a bit hard. Most of the information I learned about communism was through fellow comrades, because like before, I got my information from other people's comments. Currently I'm restoring my motivation for reading by starting small. Reading long comments from comrades helped a lot. I've now moved on to reading information from leftist sources without effort, and I'm starting on reading the communist manifesto. Enough about me, what were your side effects?

Reddit doesn’t want anything but for us to be wiped from existence. They’ll do anything in order to get rid of the idea of communism, and to support the brainwashing of the masses into being selfish pricks who only care about money. They already teach children that this world is just a “cold world where every man is for himself” but it’s just not true at all, and it’s not even human nature.

APUSH debunks?
What information you have that debunks material taught in AP US History? I've noticed that there's a lot of misinformation in those books, such as blaming Native Americans for damaging of bison population, when really it was the colonizers and climate change that affected their populations. What do ya have to offer?

I hear it quite a lot unfortunately. “the Mexicans are taking all our jobs!!!” when literally it’s the CEOs hiring them over Americans because they know the immigrants will work a lot more for less money. It’s ridiculous how much westerners blame the god damn victim. They’re brainwashed with this mindset that you “always look up to the superiors and spit on the ones below them” and they brainwash the “inferiors” into thinking they’re superior as well, and that they’ll be “up next.” Now that I think about it, there’s gotta be some psychological argument that will click in every single brainwashed capitalist’s head and make them realize the position they’re in and how much they’re being fucked over.

Ooh I love martial arts! I do a little muay thai then and there. I often watch karate tournaments and find it very interesting! What age did you start karate?

I’m scared that it will be banned. My memories are spent there, I remember joining the sub for the first time, it honestly felt like home. I also wish we could get it unquarantined, but we both know fascist reddit would never do that. Our best home is here on lemmygrad comrade.

Correct, this is mostly it. You’re right on the mark comrade. I was recently reading on about how the Native Americans (that westerners blame) didn’t actually make the large mammals go extinct, such as the bison. It was the colonizers who forcibly killed the Native’s sacred animal in order to have more advantage over them. They used the bison as a way to profit by selling their fur and other things.

In my history class, they keep crediting the French for being the nicest to the Natives, and I know that’s not true. Could you tell me about the atrocities the French committed on the Natives to clarify that they’re not truly good guys?

That sub will never be unquarantined. In fact, we are kind the only people with a political ideology that western media silences, no matter how many right wing liberals whine about them being silenced.

And it’s crazy because humans are known for adaptation, and can adapt to new situations pretty well, but even after all these centuries humans cannot gather immunity from diabetes, especially with the way food is now, specifically US food. The human cannot even handle that amount of sugar and sodium. It’s disgusting how they handed her people that food and convinced them it was good. They never taught the natives anything about good nutrition according to their colonizer diet. They wanted to take advantage of the native’s learning the consequences of eating their poisoning food, it was one of their intentions all along.

One thing that stood out to me is when the woman was talking about her blood sugar when eating the colonizer’s way of eating. She would eat ice cream and other things which led to her getting diabetes. She then talked about how she was eating her original diet they ate before the white man came, and how her blood sugar levels improved. I noticed that the colonizer’s diet is not healthy at all, especially in the U.S, where the country has the highest obesity rates.

And westerners blame Palestine for their anger towards Israel? How would westerners feel if China took over “their” lands and the whole world points the finger at them for getting “their” land taken?

What sports are you guys in?
I'm curious to know. For me I'm currently not in any, was thinking of joining tennis but my knees are ass. Currently into MMA though

Thoughts on Electronic Engineering? (STEM)
Correct me if I'm wrong but Electronic Engineering is part of STEM. I keep hearing that STEM is one of the best fields to be in if you're looking for a comfortable life. I'm gonna be forced into college soon, and I'm wondering of a good degree to get while I'm there, and what scholarships to be searching for. Originally I want to do audio engineering, but I heard that electronic engineering would be suitable since it's in demand. What are your thoughts on this? What things to look out on for STEM and what truths do you have about STEM? Is all of this even worth it?

Favorite VPNs and anti-viruses?
I've recently downloaded mullvad. I heard it's popular in the piracy community. 5 dollars a month is not bad. Currently saving for a good antivirus. What are your favorites?

Plans for the future after graduating high school?
What are your plans for the future? I'm curious to know :'))

Self help books that aren't full of crapitalism?
A lot of self help books always give methods that are basically in favor of capitalism. They always use big businesses as examples, or capitalist figures that did "hard work." Any books that aren't full of stuff like this? Currently looking for books about the Ego Death. I would appreciate recommendations! :D

What's your occupation?
What country are you from? And what occupation are you in? I'm currently a student in the US

Making a okay/decent living without college?
In today's world, especially in the US, we're told that we need to go to college and get an education in order to have a decent living. But nowadays it's not so easy, and it's only boomers telling us how easy it was. College is causing many students to get in debt so early in their life. There are scholarships, however for some that'll be a hassle to obtain considering other factors in life. What would you suggest?

What simple advice can change a person's life?
Example: Brushing twice a day or picking up a book and reading for five minutes then progressing each day.

I'm (16F) planning on getting a job for the first time, what advice do you have to offer?
Never had a job before in my life, what is to be expected, and what advice do you have? Especially as a Marxist in a capitalist environment. How can I survive?

Anyone was a Marxist in middle school already?
Don't be shy, tell us about yourself! :D I remember my days of middle school. It was really quick, especially because of COVID. 8th grade ended early. First two years did feel a bit slow though. What were your experiences in Middle school?

I (16F) seriously do not wanna go to college...
Anyone else feel the same? What can be done about it? What good alternatives? The internet suggests trade jobs, but how can there be time for other things?

I'm in the most liberal classes...
It's a teenage communists worst nightmare. Here are my classes AP US History Prep Journaling 201-202 Accounting I Chemistry I (want to change to biology 2) AP US History Algebra 2 Journaling (Idk what's to be filled in here, hopefully different) Honors English 3 (Very liberal "independent/moderate" teacher.) My classes are full of liberals. I cannot stand it, literally. They're deep in capitalism too. One of the assistant principals came in to talk to us about stocks... I mean, he just randomly bust in there. My journaling teacher thinks the political spectrum is only "conservative and liberal." He's on the right side of conservative. And you know US History has bullshit. The English 3 teacher is mostly red but he claims to be independent. He loves to talk about his liberal beliefs. He's like "Why can't they elect a good president for once!!! The only one I thought was good was McCain!!" Oh... It's just a mess... I thought about it later on in the day... Why am I taking these hard classes if I'm not staying in college? I'm gonna get a trade job, no matter how hard the work is. Anything but somewhere hurting my brain. I can ignore the liberal bullshit but man it's the people... And we have to have discussions, oh god... Besides, I'm not going to a top college, so no need to be taking all these hard classes and doing all this work. I'm only staying for maybe two years. I just don't know at the moment honestly... I don't wanna go to college, but I wanna use it as a way to be free, but if I leave mid-term I wanna be able to leave without any liabilities.

A cat has made my day! :))
I walked into a store and the owner's cat came running to me meowing! I swear she was saying "hello!" It was the cutest thing ever! She kept following me around and meowing! During checkout I ended up petting her and asking the owner how old the cat was. She's 15 years old! Well a couple hours later I'm having an allergic reaction! 😢Well, the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing was worth it!

2 on 1 conversations are so hard...
As an introvert, it's so hard to have two on one conversations. I can only focus on one person, and feel bad when I'm not giving the other person enough attention. I just do better in one on one than group conversations. Anyone else feel the same? How can I overcome this?