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Advice for those starting out
As a beginner music artist, I'm in need of advice. I did learn one thing, which is to take things slow. Try not to jump to the most exciting part just yet, because you might not be able to do it and it will become demotivating and aaaahhh you gave up. I remember wanting to jump straight to the cool EDM music and those cool basses and growls, but wait, there was so many terms I had to learn 😢. This mindset caused me to stop producing for a few months and become off and on. This is why it's better to take things slow. Learn the basic principals, learn how to use the stock plugins. As an old friend would say, you can't know how to do 2x2 without learning 2+2 first. Those reading this, thank you :)) What advice do you have for those starting out?

Community for leftists who are music producers, are into producing, or wanting to get into producing. Use any software! Share your projects and act for advice, or share advice!

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