Get Self Committed!
Constant sexual thoughts. How to tone them down?
Now with today's age where almost everything is sexualized, and everywhere you look there's sexual implications on it. As a lonely teenager myself going through the "horny phase." Things are not going good for me. How do you deal with impure thoughts? (No religion stuff plz lol)

I will cook some goat/ lamb/ beef birria sometime between today and next Thursday.
To hold myself accountable, I will not bring my earphones to work if i don't accomplish the task by then 🤧. I will include a picture if I am able to finish the task by next thursday.

Get Self Committed!

    A place to be self committed, and encourage others to be as well! Make friends, give each other advice! And have fun! :)

    Self discipline is a negative term, so I thought self committment would be better. Helping yourself defeat bad habits, start good habits, and do things that are beneficial but hard to start shouldn’t be seen as punishment. It should be seen as compassion towards yourself. So stay self committed!! :))


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