Self Commitment
Sources, philosophies, or books on the ego?
I'm looking for philosophy and sources about the ego and how to tame it, or at least turn it into something good. Something in that intention. I've been looking to the Tao Te Ching, and am looking for more philosophies that besides mindfulness, also promote taming the ego. Also what is your opinion on the ego?

Reducing instant gratification?
I noticed that in western culture most people are into instant gratification. In capitalist cultures entertainment takes up most of an average person's day. Social media, extensive amounts on the internet, prolonged hours of videogames, etc. I've learned about a few things that would cut down on this, such as mostly listening to nature sounds and ambience rather than stimulating music, going outside and connecting to nature, and deleting social media. What other tips and advice would help reduce instant gratification? Also, what cultures aren't dominated by instant gratification? How is there way of life, and what sources could bring more information about them?

American Romanticism and Sexualization…
I noticed that living in American culture is quite strange. Almost everything is about sex and "love." Everything is sexualized including the LGBTQ+. Thoughts on this? Also as someone who was raised in America, I'm still trying to shake off the rest of the side effects from this culture, such as porn addiction and feeling lost for not having a partner. I learned to listen to music that doesn't include sexual stuff (my favorite is jazz lol.) However everywhere else no matter where I go there is sexual stuff, even included in ads lol.

Romance, love, and sex from a non-western perspective?
Recently I've been looking into this subject and found a few answers on the subject of romance, love, and sex in western cultures. It seems that these subjects are problematic when paired with Western cultures, especially with the fact that the elite exploit these and shape it into a way to benefit themselves. Over-sexualization, brainwashing children, sexism, banning abortion, homophobia and sexualization of the LGBTQ+, and other things. It has caused many problems that have spread to countries that aren't in the west, and goes against a human's nature and rights. In order to be cleansed from the poisonous western culture, from a communist perspective, what would be a more suitable way to look at these three topics?

Self help books that aren’t full of crapitalism?
A lot of self help books always give methods that are basically in favor of capitalism. They always use big businesses as examples, or capitalist figures that did "hard work." Any books that aren't full of stuff like this? Currently looking for books about the Ego Death. I would appreciate recommendations! :D

What simple advice can change a person’s life?
Example: Brushing twice a day or picking up a book and reading for five minutes then progressing each day.

Constant sexual thoughts. How to tone them down?
Now with today's age where almost everything is sexualized, and everywhere you look there's sexual implications on it. As a lonely teenager myself going through the "horny phase." Things are not going good for me. How do you deal with impure thoughts? (No religion stuff plz lol)

I will cook some goat/ lamb/ beef birria sometime between today and next Thursday.
To hold myself accountable, I will not bring my earphones to work if i don't accomplish the task by then 🤧. I will include a picture if I am able to finish the task by next thursday.

Self Commitment
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    A place to be self committed, and encourage others to be as well! Make friends, give each other advice! And have fun! :)

    Self discipline is a negative term, so I thought self committment would be better. Helping yourself defeat bad habits, start good habits, and do things that are beneficial but hard to start shouldn’t be seen as punishment. It should be seen as compassion towards yourself. So stay self committed!! :))


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