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Having a good morning routine and not wasting hours doomscrolling before you get out of bed is important.

I think we all would rather look like Xi than Mao. This video is a good deep dive on the available options for preventing and even regrowing hair. The host of the video is actually all about broscience with steroid and supplement chemistry but he is pretty knowledgeable. I don't know if I would call this "health" but I think it is worth sharing and this is the best sub I could think of. According to a friend of mine this stuff actually works. I don't do any of this stuff yet, but I may decide to if I start thinning more than I am happy with. Edit: If you don't want to watch it here are my takeaways after watching that plus a couple other vids. 1) Finasteride halts hair loss 2) dermaneedling + minoxidil stimulates hair growth. From what I can tell these are safe options (part 2 in particular) but there is some question surrounding Finasteride's side effects and whether or not it causes prostate cancer. The medical studies I found seem to indicate that it actually decreases the likelihood of developing prostate cancer but may increase the risk of a more agressive form of prostate cancer but I actually think that may be pretty minimal based on [this study ]( Excerpt from [this ]( paper: In May 2008, a re-analysis of the PCPT results showed a significant decrease of 30% in the overall risk of prostate cancer in the finasteride group vs the placebo group, but it also found a statistically non-significant and less important increase of the prevalence of high-grade cancers in the finasteride group. Overall I don't love the idea of introducing a non-zero risk of prostate cancer into my life, and I don't know how much I care about losing my hair... It does kind of seem like finasteride is a magic "no lose hair pill" though.

As someone who enjoys pointing out that psychiatry and yoga and all that new age stuff is used by the ruling class to re-focus the energy of the mainstream "left" on self-development rather than societal justice, I still think it is important to meditate and enjoy some mental rest. I just wanted to share my favorite guided meditation which I have been listening to for years.

Favorite Fitness Youtubers?
Who do you watch when learning about fitness? Or just watching for other reasons like entertainment?

What is your healthy lifestyle?
What do you do in your day when maintaining a healthy lifestyle? What's your favorite diet and special fitness program? Any advice for fellow beginners?

What are GMOs and why are they controversial?
I keep seeing these "no GMO" slogans on a bunch of meat products. What's wrong with GMOs?

Where can I get Stevia leaves?
Stevia is a sugar substitute that's even *sweeter* than added sugar, but doesn't cause the same health problems.

How would I deal with the withdrawal effect of getting off (U.S) junk food?
cross-posted from: > I'm stuck in the U.S. > > **There is a lot of junk ingredients in U.S food,** which can be a problem for mental health; as __the human brain is *influenced by and influences* the gastrointestinal area.__^[[*The gut-brain connection*, Harvard Health Publishing](]^[[*The Brain-Gut Connection*, John Hopkins Medicine](]^[[*Relationships Among the Brain, the Digestive System, and Eating Behavior: Workshop Summary*](] > > To describe this 'gut-brain' relationship in other terms: stomach conditions can change the general behavior of someone. The Brain-Gut relationship means that you can change the behavior of a person by changing the food they eat. > > I think the U.S food industry outright *drugs* the people with addictive and junk ingredients (added sugar) to suppress class consciousness and marxist thought. > > So how do I deal with the withdrawal of U.S food?

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