Should have spent the money on bombs and missiles. Again, gusanos accidentally make China look based.

“They should stay poor so we can continue to exploit them”


Headline from 2123: “China + Refounded USSR + Unified Juche Korea splurge on terraforming Mars. Experts in the tiny part of North America which the US government still controls warn that this could come with a certain cost”

So this one Chinese province has a some debt from infrastructure that will grow the economy and eventually pay off, but when the entirety of America has about the same proportion of debt from spending 20 years to replace the Taliban with the Taliban, its all just ok and we can just raise the debt ceiling?

Is it from the flawed Liberal logic from the indoctrination from the fiction movies and video games of Western European diaspora that brainwash children to support military violence and disregard the cost of war?

It’s projection. American cities are all riddled with debt, because all they do is invest in car infrastructure.

Even “leftist” cities do literally nothing except create “gender-equality” bus shelters that are literally just fancy curved sheet metal that can protect maybe 1 person from the sun. Every single idpol contradiction has been turned into a marketing campaign for some product or scheme

And that thing I was talking about (I can’t find the source anymore) apparently cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas a regular fucking bus stop would have cost $500 at most, labor included


When I’m in a clown competition and my opponent is the United States


Always present in China doom-saying reported by western financial press is the false assumption that credit and lending in China obeys the same rules as in the west.


Wish my region “splurged” on roads and bridges

Because they know something that capitalists forget in the last few decades, that infrastructure investments migh be not profitable in itself but pays off like nothing else in economy.

Plus the fact that public infrastructure does not need to make a profit


true, but the money required to build it doesn’t come out of nowhere.

The US waste more on public military violence than the ~10 richest countries conbined, give tons of free taxpayer money to their oligarch from the authoritarian principles of “too big to fail” and “trickle down theory”, and bribe mainstream news to spread false information. If the US can maintain its economic superpower status despite its top world record of countries that waste the most public money, then I would not understand the opposition to the investment in public infrastructures that have short-term cost for long-term benefits to society.


the us can print its own money. china cannot.

Of course, but it’s the biggest problem in neoliberalism: everything must make a profit. They are btw aware of the paradox, just look how they privatised rail in UK or Poland. USians are currently making a step further, everything must bring a profit, and thus we see their infrastructure deteriorating rapidly.

loathesome dongeater

Everything must make a profit unless you are an airline corporation. Then it’s an endless cycle for going bust and getting bailed out with public wealth.


Same with banks

Something something highest, monopoly stage of capitalism.

Sådan er kapitalismen

Such is capitalism

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