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Seems pretty standard. It’s a continuation of the “good” old “immigrants are taking our jobs”

I think the purpose is not entirely confirmed. Thing is - nobody actually forced them to specifically train neo-nazis groups. Those SS parades in Estonia? All it would take is a single call from Washington saying “Yo, stop giving us bad press” and they’ll stop. But it doesn’t happen. Of all the anti-communist, of all the nationalist groups, the ones that get propped up are those specifically with Nazi ties and Nazi symbolysm.

Which I am fairly sure constitutes a war crime. A real war crime, not one of those imaginary ones that reddit screeches about

It’s a whole thing. “We started using shotguns, the Germans complained they were inhumane and said shotgunners would be executed on sight. So we said we’d start executing flamers and stuff, they shut up. Murica!”. It’s more meant to highlight the hypocrisy of calling for shotguns to be banned, while using flamethrowers and poison gas. Which is not entirely unreasonable

Nazis in the Baltic States and in Ukraine are being purposefully promoted by the USA/NATO intelligence and media machine as a goading tactic towards Russia.

It has “culled”, if you’ll excuse the term, the proletariat. Who were the main victims? Those who couldn’t afford medical aid or even a sick leave. Meanwhile, the geriatrics in charge somehow get healed easy peasy

I can believe that. Another, non US example, is the massive mania for the supernatural in the post-perestroika USSR and post-soviet Russia. We had people “charging water” in front of a TV, we had people pay absurd money to go see the likes of Alan Chumak. Plus the re-emergence of church.

All of that promotes an idealistic view of the world and thus prevents material analysis

“Volunteers” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. It implies that these were just little helpers giving aid to civilians à la Doctors Without Borders

Gotta shape the narrative. Like the one git that got offed recently was repeatedly called a “medic”, to imply his death was a crime

Yes and yanks still thump their chests about it

Beginning or openly admitting? Pretty sure Russian MOD had reported that several soldiers were hospitalised with signs of chemical poisoning last year. Around November, I think.

It’s all fun and laughter until you realize this malfunctioning zombie sits on a monstrous nuclear stockpile, plus a whole bunch of conventional weapons - both inside and outside USA.

Whatever happened to Germany’s pharmaceutical industry? Bayern, Pfizer, etc.

Who needs friends when you have a willing human shield of several countries!

They also of course don’t have any candidates for invading them, as single glance on the map would show

Yeah, they’ve worked quite hard on this front, haven’t they?

Perfect description, aye

Frogge crocodile

Technically more of a frogge, as comrade GrainEater noted

On the one hand - lol. On the other…

It does seem that this island isolation has installed in England a sense of invincibility. That they are safe and sound on that little island, free to invade whoever, without getting invaded themselves. Which is also one of the reasons Blitz and V-series bombs were such a horrible shock - suddenly the enemy could well reach the “cloudy Albion”. But of course after the Nazis got tied up in USSR and the threat relented, the furious sense of invincibility returned - as evidenced in the screenshot.

The same sense of invincibility, I would argue, was inherited by the USA. Bigger island, bigger guns, same chest thumping. Pearl Harbor was Yankee version of the blitz - a horrible insult to their self aggrandised worldview, an insult that had to be returned a hundredfold. To be reduced to the level of those dirty continentals, that can and do get invaded?! Unthinkable!

Now I am not sure where to go with this, exactly. But I do think it’s a phenomenon that is worth some examination.

If by “alternative information” they mean ukrainian “news” resources

Probably the usual shit - Meduza, Novaya Gazeta, Dozhd (although those gits apparently got in hot water themselves). The former two are getting posted to Lemmy, however

Welp, now I have to see it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Doesn’t Kong have some US chaivinism? The trailer made it look that way, with “tough marines” and Vietnam-war-era music

Can’t blame you for forgetting tbh. Also I have not seen these recent ones. Any good?

Thus I bring you **Vetlugasaurus**. Despite the *-saurus* in the name, it is in fact an Amphibian of the Temnospondyli order, which lived in what is now Russia and Greenland during the early Triassic period. Originally discovered and categorized in 1920-s, it is named after river Vetluga - on the shores of which the first fossil was found. The skull measures ~22 cm, with overall body length ranging from 75 cm to 3 meters. In 2018, a full skull was found. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/90efee90-60d2-473e-ac3b-e87a7e8bf0f1.png)

Anecdotal, but my father’s a teacher and he noted this to be a disturbingly more frequent trend. The school he works at is quite popular among the various types with pretense at affluency in the city (i.e. regional ministers, businesspeople). And more and more often he notes this attitude of parents towards teachers - they are seen as hired servants, essentially. And are expected to do a lot of basically parenting duties in terms of upbringing. “Outsourcing the care” as this here ghoul put it. Needless to say, it screws up the kids.

Well in USian Godzilla (the one with Jean Reno) she got killed by an airstrike, so I guess even with kaijus it is inconcievable for them

I’d argue there’s plenty of quiet dissent in Russia, but not for the reasons the author implies. It’s mostly stuff like infrastructure and corruption that gets people frustrated. Ya know, just like every other capitalist country

What’s the three fingers salute? Not familiar with this one

Nope, but I did get some libshit pop up from time to time

And yet quite a lot of Nazi leadership and party members seem to have survived and lived nicely afterwards, with cushy jobs in NATO

Classic Yankee question. “Hey how would a fight go between [SOME OVERHYPED US WUNDERWAFFE] and [something that is absolutely not meant for such a scenario, i.e. an animal minding its business]”.

How about a fight between an Abrams tank and an ATG missile, you nincompoop.

Bonus: artistic rendition of its looks ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/4d178b62-dfae-406e-9655-175d87f50ef2.png)

The gorgonopsid was named after the river Vyatka in the Kirov oblast, near which it's been found. Kirov, of course, has been named after Sergey Kirov. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/dd019a41-6027-4710-b016-35a254585209.png)

From the cartoon "Mystery of the Third Planet", about space adventures in a not-so-far communist future. Highly recommended.

cross-post from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/463061 > So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

Have this beautiful dromeosaurus I found on r/Sino

Analysis of the bone structure of Multituberculata demonstrates that they gave birth to relatively large babies, with a fairly short period of milk feeding - similair to modern day rodents. This is in contrast to Marsupials, who birth tiny babies and milk feed them for quite a long time.


"A dress for the Tupandactil"


Tyranids as an allegory for capitalism
Okay so hear me out, please. Tyranids, as all other "hivemind aliens" have likely been created originally as part of the Red Scare. Don't think I need to explain this one. GW took it a step further with Genestealers - who use rousing rhetoric (and mind control) to make "the masses" rise up against their oppressors, but are ultimately devoured by the swarm. They (GW) don't shy away from giving GSCs imagery very blatantly inspired by Communist art. **BUT** As always with anti-communist fiction, it is projection. And the things depicted work much better for capitalism. After all, what drives Tyranids? Hunger. That's it, just endless appetite, voracious desire to have ALL, even if it means stripping entire planets bare. No deviation from the dogma is allowed, just look at the western media and try telling me it's not a "hivemind". And if we go to Genestealers, what are they if not an allegory for colour "revolutions"? Using sweet sounding rhetoric about brotherhood, unity and freedom they force the proletariat to weaken and destroy their society in order for the cult's *foreign* masters to sweep in and devour it all. Thank you for reading.

The video is in Russian, but I don't think that would be a big issue

Crosspost from: lemmygrad.ml/post/346815 Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant. At the same time, UAF have began shelling the *nuclear power plant* with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.

Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant. At the same time, UAF have began shelling the *nuclear power plant* with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.

Ukranian AN-12 cargo plane, en route from Serbia to Jordan crashed in Greece. Greek authorities have deployed CBRN troops to the crash site and urge citizens to not get anywhere close
There were also reports of secondary explosions after the crash. Begs the question of just *what* the plane was carrying.

But remember - there is no racism in NATO, and the *real* fascists are them Russian orcs! Trust the media, trust the white house press service.

This particular skeleton was discovered in Mongolia in late 1940's - early 1950's. At the time USSR had organized a number of paleontological expeditions into the region - with great success. One of the most famous paleontologists of the expeditions was Ivan Antonovich Efremov (photo below), although he is better known as a science fiction writer, depicting a bright, socialist future of peaceful space exploration. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d73467cb-fa89-48e1-b67a-1bb1f253ce17.png)

This is the Paleontology Museum in Moscow. The current building (pictured here) was created in 1965, after Academician Yuri Orlov petitioned the government that the old building was becoming too cramped and unfit for the vast collection. The museum currently bears comrade's Orlov's name. Their website: https://www.paleo.ru/museum/about/ More pictures inside.

An artist's rendition of an early human village, with some freshly-domesticated dogs at the forefront. At the back, a cave lion is hesistant to approach the strange place. Sadly, I have lost any information on who the artist is, so if you know - please share.

This is an Olorotitan - a type of hadrosaur, found in what is now Amur oblast in Russia. At approximately 12 metres long it was one of the largest species of its family. It is also notable for some unique characteristics, such as having 18 vertebrae in the neck, instead of the usual 15. Some scientists consider this to be a hint at the potential evolution of the hadrosaurs, had they not gone extinct - a drift towards sauropod like adaptations.

Need help with a list of NATO founders that were card carrying Nazis
Good evening, comrades. I was not sure where to post this question, so I picked the community I knew. The question is as it says on the tin: I know that there were plenty of "former" Nazis in the NATO as it was created. But is there a comprehensive list? Names and positions. Thank you in advance.

Использование Красного Знамени на Украине
Добрый вечер, уважаемые. Хотел бы внести немного активности в сообщество таким вот вопросом: Как вы относитесь к использованию Красного Знамени (а также знамени Победы) различными силами, участвующими сейчас в операции на Украине?