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This is an Olorotitan - a type of hadrosaur, found in what is now Amur oblast in Russia. At approximately 12 metres long it was one of the largest species of its family. It is also notable for some unique characteristics, such as having 18 vertebrae in the neck, instead of the usual 15. Some scientists consider this to be a hint at the potential evolution of the hadrosaurs, had they not gone extinct - a drift towards sauropod like adaptations.

Wrong. If USSR didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist either. So no POV

We are live at c/paleofauna

“Anything I don’t like is radical left”. A lot of people mix up liberal bs with what they (erroneously) think Marxism is.

There’s a worse option - they know well what they’ve been responsible for, but think it was justified and correct

Much obliged! Thank you!

And just like the other time, it will be blamed on Russia and our supposed “desire to genocide all Ukranians”

“Nears compromise” is kind of a slezy phrasing. Ukraine was “near peace” with Minsk accords, look how that went. They could be “nearing compromise” for years, until they think the moment is apt to stop pretending and pounce once more.

Baltic states overexerting themselves because they’ve gotten cocky with US nukes at their backs? Say it ain’t so!

How’d they react?

rampant state repressions and murder of socialists and trade unionists under the Mannerheim dictatorship

Poster likely thinks it to be a good thing

contribution to the Siege of Leningrad which killed over a million civilians

Judging by that last point about Russia? Also thinks it’s was good and justified.

steady dismantling of social safety nets under the last decades of neoliberal and so-called social democratic governments

“But they had safety nets! Much better than anywhere else in the wooorld!”

participation in the US war in Afghanistan

Probably also considers it a good thing.

rampant racism in Finland which has been well documented and reported both by migrants and locals

Either thinks it’s justified or exaggerated. Or “Russian propaganda”.

Oh that would explain a lot

And now I feel silly. Thanks!

Need help with a list of NATO founders that were card carrying Nazis
Good evening, comrades. I was not sure where to post this question, so I picked the community I knew. The question is as it says on the tin: I know that there were plenty of "former" Nazis in the NATO as it was created. But is there a comprehensive list? Names and positions. Thank you in advance.

Использование Красного Знамени на Украине
Добрый вечер, уважаемые. Хотел бы внести немного активности в сообщество таким вот вопросом: Как вы относитесь к использованию Красного Знамени (а также знамени Победы) различными силами, участвующими сейчас в операции на Украине?