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I watched a bit of Infared and was hoping for something useful maybe, but his gay bashing, debate skills that made me think that he was parodying the confrontational pointlessness of internet debates online (mostly just puffing up his chest and screaming), also he seemed really interested in getting everyone that is Marxist to read Heidiger. I stopped caring after realizing that he was not parodying internet debate and really wanted everyone to subscribe to him and gain a large fanbase. I found it interesting that he supported China alot and worked with Chinese Nationalists. Later on I heard about him opposing starbucks unionising because they don’t look like his superficial image of that the working class looks like. He’s also insistent on being unreasonable and calling it “dialectical”. He has an hour long video on why nobody should need to define what they are saying. Contrary to Haz’s kind of logic, ethnic and sexual minorities are workers and have no material reason to oppose the greater goals of greater unionization. At best Infared is just engaging in cultural tailism to theoretically move them towards socialism. His advice for praxis is reading heidiger, winging about how “woke” everything is, and subscribing to him rather than do any actual praxis to advance the goals of socialism. Functionally, I can’t tell the difference between him and Nazis. He could be an FBI agent to confuse domestic americans about what socialism is. He could be on the side of the chinese nationalists to get funding to overthrow the cpc. I don’t think that they have a definable theoretical framework other than vibes of masculinity.

Oh no, anime will be made by animators passion projects and many aspects will be automated with AI. The plots will have more variety than a bunch of hot high school girls hitting on the most boring dense dude.

I really respect Afroman now.

thank you for making me throw up in disgust.

Almost as if they really have no principles at all and only adhere to ideas that meet their interests at the expense of others. No better than thieves that don’t want to get caught.

Learn what you can about running an organization, maybe convert a few people along the way, then create your own organization.

Someone supposedly materialist says China should not improve the material conditions of developing nations with loans without policy strings attached because it might make the people grateful to China? What is a better path pray tell?

oh no we need to stop a conspiracy to make the sun rise or a random tesla blowing up.

Them too. Army reserves and mercenaries that somehow were less accountable than the army from what I remember.

well, this is what the US did during the Iraq war.

He seems to stick with the premise that it is a spy baloon, but really we can’t deny that it is a spy baloon and certainly is overhyped for how concerned we should be even if it was.

I had the misfortune of having to watch the Navalny CNN documentary and I think it seemed to overtly say, “so what if Nevalny went on stage with Nazis at least they are oppose Putin”. They also made Bellingcat seem like a small investigation firm and not a front for MI6 and the CIA.

I disagree with calling everything about America evil. What allows the empire to get away with the crimes it does will not last. While the masses are brainwashed, and institutions are corrupt, that does not mean that new institutions can’t be built. While America is terrible in many ways, there are progressive elements that have existed but were not taught about in schooling. Those progressive elements often lost, but the conditions that insured the empire’s victories are crumbling. I pray that the CPC stays it’s socialist vision and destroys the empire’s trade advantages with the belt and road initiative. The American bourgeois will arrogantly make decisions to run the empire into the ground because they won’t acknowledge that they are the problem. The power of the empire shall wane and will lash out in agony. We must prevent that from being a nuclear apocalypse. We must make America fall but in a way that just gives up then starts rotting to a third world nation. That rotting corpse is the food for socialist institutions to thrive and prosper.

If you have your vision, I’d ask you to build a strong mind that doesn’t worry about what it can’t control. Start a book club so that you have people to help you and broaden your understanding of your local community. Make sure that you can verify that your decisions are benefiting the workers. While the workers may be reactionary in many ways they always have a dialectical relationship with their direct experience of working. Propaganda works best to shape one’s understanding of what is most away from oneself, not what is closest to oneself.

As always, depends on the material conditions. What kind of socialist party seizes the government? What tools did they use to get the masses on their side? There will be aftereffects countering reactionaries everywhere. I’d hope some sort of cultural revolution would occur as well to purge the imperialist, racist, misogynist views from the mainstream and focus on materially helping everyone regardless of how different they are.

We’ll never know the full outcome till it is built. Incorporating everyone’s ideas of a better tomorrow for a more sustainable future for our posterity. A federation of some sort, regardless seems like a good idea just because of how large the landmass is.

I personally have a vision of how to go about implementing this, but speaking about it publicly is dangerous because then feds can mimic it and use it as a means to prevent revolution.

The important thing is what we want to promote and what the world is like when we succeed. We won’t need to build anymore prizons because so many already exist lol! focusing on reforming people and building people to be workers in a society that everyone can contribute to (as they are able) and everyone can benefit from.

If you want to hear about utopian ideas that could be implemented with current technology, i’d listen to Srsly wrong as a podcast (I like their vision of library socialism), but acknowledge the thesis of the world that is, then the antithesis of the world we want, and our praxis will manifest the synthesis of the world that emerges. Our goal is not to build things perfectly, but build them better and seize power from those that maintain capitalism, and also keep power from going back to the capitalists and recationaries.

Not familiar with this community, just saw it in main.

I hope you recover though stranger.

so, will any revolutionary message from Hazbin Hotel (as individualist as it is) will be squashed?

How much anime seems likes its shot via drone so it can look up a high school girl’s short skirt while all of the other actions occur?

Trust evidence that is difficult to falsify. Trust any institution to cover its ass when it fucks up. Trust pigs to protect fascists most of the time. Trust liberals to blame the left and concede to the right.

I think its a bit older than Juche. It is called Marxist Clairvoyance.

Almost as if this happens in cycles.

In the USA everyone is downwardly mobile except for the 1%. Inflation is up for the cost for everything and basic infrastructure is not being maintainted and most are heavily indebted. With the belt and road initiative roping people into a more fair deal of economic trade and the IMF and world bank not wanting to match the deals of China, imperialist superexploitation is going to come to an end. It’s pretty bad for the proles of the imperial core but their only way back to some sort of improvement materially is going to be socialism.

Things “anarchists” need to learn is that it is not such a terrible thing for soldiers to kill Nazis. It is “authoritarian” to kill Azov fascists, but the alternative of letting them run freely to commit hate crimes on ethnic minorities is clearly much worse. If at all possible they should be reeducated, but the Ukrainian state was either unable to capture and reeducate them or had no desire to capture and reeducate them.

Don’t worry, we’ll hand you a “trotskyist” working for the NSA. And that NSA agent will get intel on the Mossad agent. And the Mossad agent will get intel on the Interpol agent. And the Interpol agent will get all of the intel on you. We communists believe in mutually beneficial solutions. /s

Demsocs and radlibs support imperialism. I’ve seen patsocs support china and oppose imperialism, but also support anti imperialist countries for less than great reasons (often for their reactionary culture). if you are a person outside of the US imperial core I don’t think they are important enough to concern yourself with much.

I agree with this guy on most leftist internet groups nowadays: start at about 2:30 this guy is kind of a joke in his own way

Until leftist groups in the imperial core actually have power to undermine imperialism, they are just white noise.

Patsocs just take unkindly stances towards LGBT and ethnic minorities. Also sometimes they are anti worker to some worker groups like Starbucks baristas for their aesthetics concerns over substance of what makes someone a worker. If the patsocs ever took power I would not trust them to stand against imperialism on principle. To them it is about the notional support of workers with conservative social policy in order to recruit neocons to something more supportive of workers. I would not be surprised if they are a federal psyop.

Haz (infafred) and Caleb Maupin are patcocs (understood here as modern strausserites) not appreciated here, but this is just posting good mirrored content. Bay Area 415 was appreciated on the Genzedong subreddit. These patsocs think that appealing to reactionaries trans-phobia, homophobia, and racism is a good means to get them to support workers rights. My impression is that they are dialectical idealists, and willing to maintain white/cis/straight supremacy to get worker rights and see helping marginalized groups as a bourgeoisie luxury. I’ve listened to Haz and concluded that to him being dialectical just means being incoherent.

I agree that just asking people to feel guilty for their whiteness is probably not a good means of convincing people, but how about we just treat people with respect if they are not hurting anyone. Read your history and realize that if you are white and in the heart of empire you have advantages that others don’t, but you are still proletariat and your interests are in helping all proletariat, so kicking down at people that do you no harm is counterproductive. As communists we want to liberate the entire human race to be who they are as long as they are not exploiting anybody. If you hate black people committing crimes due to desperation, then they should be given opportunities and we should stop disenfranchising them from wealth and power.

Making ideological concessions before you even really have power just shows a level of weakness in conviction. Maybe saying you really want to do what the slave-holding founding fathers pretended to want to do is fine, but there is a difference between meeting people where they are at and lacking in communist principles.

So, we should change nothing so don’t have kids in the world affected by our shit policies.

God forbid we create a world worth raising children in.

I usually think that “western civilization” really means pedophilia because so many of the people and institutions that represent this “western civilization” protect pedophiles.

The dude is also mirroring Maupin and Haz but whatever, good find.

Anger comes from impotence. Channel it into something positive to exorzice the bullshit from this world. Through friendship and labor, build what is necessary from the resources you have. Create a middle finger to this capitalist hellscape that helps people.

Why does Ben Garrison draw people with huge penises? does he love penises or something?

I think that it is somewhat close to a class conscious anime about intersecting contradictions. of the magical fairies and the dolls, and the shadow fairy children and their adults. Also there are veiled dolls that seem to be zombies drained of personality entirely. It demonstrates an inter-sectional conflict between people with different categories in society, but it does not stray away from the contradiction between masters and slaves as the main contradiction and even if the fairy children naturally have to be parasitic on their dolls, the protagonists Kate and Emiliko push towards a path where the shadows and dolls can coexist without slavery. I'm kind of surprised it got greenlit. Is japan getting more progressive internally recently?