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While i don’t think it is exactly like this, you must remember where the real power directing the Anglo empires lies, or rather where it moved during the first half of XX century and where it firmly stays since. Not in Buckingham Palace, certainly not in the Parliament, and not even in the White House. But in Wall Street, London City, etc. From this point of view, the fall of british and rise of american empire was simply restructurisation.

Yup, i called it since the start. Reminder that protofash would never be based no matter how they pretend to hate EU, US, etc.

I wonder what they gave him in the end, his initial demands were pretty high.

Religion was always the wrench for imperialism, from the classical imperialism of Constantinople, through age of discovery colonial empires of Portugal and Spain to British and USA.

What about samovar? I don’t drink coffee, so i don’t have coffee maker, but i like some tea from samovar. Surely such big appliance have greater spying potential than just a puny coffee maker?

Not everyone, there are Greeks there for example, but Germans were barbarians though at this point, no doubt. Even Hitler himself agreed, when he got second hand embrarrasment from Himmler lauding the ancient Germans.

Chinese civilization btw was also tribal for Xia, Shang and at least first half of Zhao periods, which is comparable to Greeks developing statehood and way behind fertile crescent.

Antiimperialist squirrels are based

Obviously they meant protogermans, who were maybe not monkey-like but certainly barbarous back then.

No, he IS skaven, there was tons of memes about this in 2020, he look like rat, walk on two legs and is capitalist stooge, so skaven.

I would also posted some Skaven but Pete Buttgig apropriated them. Besides, Skaven are libertarian rats pigs and rat class traitors.

  1. reddit Genzedonger (not me though, just pointing you missed that):

Proper meaning is: zjeby (sing. zjeb) - people who are utterly and completely FUBAR (zjebani), in mental sense.

Soviets invented most important memes 100 years ago. Truly progressive.

I don’t think i have any word in english to sum up this pic.


No, genzedong was quarantined directly because after a harsh struggle session dialectical view on war on Ukraine won against ultra centrism. This and of course much more, but the quarantine dropped immediately after it.

Chapo was banned for saying this about slaveowners though.

Depending where and when. Peasant work was largely depend on season, so in winter they werent working much, in harvest season their asses were falling off. Averagely it probably was around the 8 hours per day, but it usually was from dawn to dusk, but they were making breaks for meals and rest.

Serfdom changed things much, Marx wrote about it in Capital, where he noted that after introducing serfdom and its variants (Lenin also write much about practical serfdom in Russia even after the “abolition”), the peasants got exploited so much that it often caused physical extermination for them.

Tell me you’re an anglo chauvinist without… wait nevermind.

You mean in the government or in the companies being bought? Because the first ones would not fucking dare to make it hard for such strategic partner and transaction, and the second ones will be swept really fast.

Kalashnikov with “under no pretext” in the front

Wall of text with context on the back

Or classical “A spectre is haunting Europe”, if you’re European. If not, “A spectre is haunting Earth”

Hope this would open some eyes to west using finance as a weapon and speed up the collapse of western domination of global finance.

Abolition of bedtimes - but in reality
From "Capital", v. 1 ch. 10, note 22: "With what fanaticism, according to the evidence of manufacturers given in courts of law, their hands set themselves against every interruption in factory labour, the following curious circumstance shows. In the beginning of June, 1836, information reached the magistrates of Dewsbury (Yorkshire) that the owners of 8 large mills in the neighbourhood of Batley had violated the Factory Acts. Some of these gentlemen were accused of having kept at work 5 boys between 12 and 15 years of age, from 6 a.m. on Friday to 4 p.m. on the following Saturday, not allowing them any respite except for meals and one hour for sleep at midnight. And these children had to do this ceaseless labour of 30 hours in the “shoddyhole,” as the hole is called, in which the woollen rags are pulled in pieces, and where a dense atmosphere of dust, shreds, &c., forces even the adult workman to cover his mouth continually with handkerchiefs for the protection of his lungs! The accused gentlemen affirm in lieu of taking an oath — as quakers they were too scrupulously religious to take an oath — that they had, in their great compassion for the unhappy children, allowed them four hours for sleep, but the obstinate children absolutely would not go to bed. The quaker gentlemen were mulcted in £20. Dryden anticipated these gentry: Fox full fraught in seeming sanctity, That feared an oath, but like the devil would lie, That look’d like Lent, and had the holy leer, And durst not sin! before he said his prayer!”"

This might be shop, but they are really selling those flags on aliexpress