The link I posted was:

I moderate the above subreddit, hence why I can see my post having been auto-removed. I can not approve it. Things with just [ removed ] are removals automatically performed by reddit.

Lemmygrad has been added to reddit’s shadowban blacklist.

This is likely because it’s using the .ml TLD, because it’s a free domain name and therefore spam filters see it as suspicious. I don’t think Lemmygrad is big enough for the staff at Reddit to even know about.


False alarm. I CAN approve it, but it is getting eaten by filters, even in subreddits I moderate. So it’s not a sitewide ban, it’s a soft-remove.

Check your subreddits’ spam filter and the level it’s set at, it’s likely to be auto-removed by the filter.

Also if the admins ever delete something in your reddits (you’ll see them in the log as “anti-evil operations”) you can just reapprove them whenever lmao.


you can just reapprove them whenever lmao

And get hit with a quarantine/ban like chapo. It’s against reddit’s policy to reapprove shit that their “anti-evil” porks have removed.

If you give it a few days they will completely forget about it, even if they remove it again. I used to do it sometime (we didn’t get much stuff removed), and I think it was someone from AHS who told me they just reapprove everything the admins delete, especially if it doesn’t actually break the rules.

If they really wanted to protect this process they would prevent mods from reapproving admin-removed stuff, clearly they don’t care that much.


Not always whenever. We get [ removed ] things occasionally in both greenandpleasant and therightcantmeme (which the above is from) that can’t be reapproved. I just overreacted to this one, I’ve never seen the spam filter hit one of my own comments as a moderator before.


/r/fullcommunism has had a link to lemmygrad pinned for like 6 months, it’s still there. Maybe your sub is being targeted?



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