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I used to self-host but after getting pwned I switched over to Google’s paid offering. At least I don’t have to worry about it not working.

@CysiolandtoLinux@lemmy.mlgo ahead

“I wanna replace a bootloader with a different one, also add a boot splash”


“Can’t decrypt the disk, try again”

“Can’t decrypt the disk, try again”

“Okay I can decrypt the disk, just gimme the password”

On older laptop some programming language stickers. On a new one a rainbow paw and an oversized Arch Linux sticker

I check for multiple comments referencing the same issue. That made me not buy a cheap Philips automatic espresso maker and buy a slightly pricier DeLonghi automatic espresso maker

Yeah. I wonder how that’ll impact the talks of the hypothetical breakup

They were threatening the US so they had to go (according to the US)

What position are you interviewing for?

Honestly I think that Lemmy is pretty good, even if you discount the whole federation aspect. On that note also its fork, Hexbear, is quite interesting.

They are one of the actors of the centralization of the internet.

I want to do things but I don’t want to do things

Largely depends from whom are you stealing and by what means (eg. just a simple covert shoplift or a burglary), but it’s mostly okay.

From what I’ve heard the US law is pretty okay in terms of freedom of speech if you aren’t a direct threat to the US

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

Chilling at home with the doggy

Sino-Soviet split is the saddest thing

I'm not a Beautiful Mind

I’m not that romantic image of an autistic person the media paints. I’m not a walking-talking mental calculator who can recite π to a 1000 places. I’m not “walking Wikipedia” as a classmate called me. …