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It’s very low traffic, but also quite high quality.

“China state-affiliated media” is a reverse blue checkmark. If you see it you just know that the posts will be good.

Some senator who raped an aide in 1993

I just realized that this dog has probably also seen some shit…

AOC: we stan the coup king
Guaido: lol what a lib

if you swear at those voice recognition systems, it will transfer you to a human, but I’ve never gotten it to work.

Time to step up your profanity game.

Cryptocurrencies are problematic because of the crypto-to-fiat exchange rate fluctuations, and also transaction fees.

Just accept credit cards directly

From what I’ve heard it’s a clusterfuck upon clusterfucks, mainly because of PCI DSS stuff. But on the business side you have Stripe or your local payment providers (in Poland some businesses actually charge you a fee if you want to pay them by PayPal and not by a local payment provider like PayU/Dotpay)

I actually haven’t seen code so atrocious that it made me wanna go home.

Death to America

I’d like to read something about how neurodiversity would work in a socialist/communist framework.

you can just reapprove them whenever lmao

And get hit with a quarantine/ban like chapo. It’s against reddit’s policy to reapprove shit that their “anti-evil” porks have removed.

I’ve seen Poland included in the plans and I wonder whether to critically support it or rather oppose it.

So: China wants to sell us their shit so they’re helping us build the infrastructure they can use to sell us their shit (and which will be useful to us overall)?

This and the stadium name/event name sponsorships just to me seem really surreal and late-stage capitalist. Like, putting a logo of a fucking soft drink on a half-time show (USA)? Naming a stadium after a state energy company (Poland)?

Honestly maybe it’s just the news coverage, but I feel like Denmark is one of the yikesier countries out there

I’ve seen a video, probably by Markiplier or other pewdite youtuber, where he cleared cookies and went on YouTube, and from a random frontpage video he ended up at Holocaust denial in a few clicks.

I’m really hesitant to cheer on capitalism, but also death to America, so… critical support?