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Not always whenever. We get [ removed ] things occasionally in both greenandpleasant and therightcantmeme (which the above is from) that can’t be reapproved. I just overreacted to this one, I’ve never seen the spam filter hit one of my own comments as a moderator before.

False alarm. I CAN approve it, but it is getting eaten by filters, even in subreddits I moderate. So it’s not a sitewide ban, it’s a soft-remove.

I’ve seen the movie and felt pretty good about it. Like… It’s not the best thing ever but it’s kinda good and different, it actually stands out as a creative piece that takes risks in an industry of zero risk taking at all where there’s no diversion from tried and true content. The eyes are odd. But it grew on me throughout.

Lurking mostly but yep yep. It’s just struggling to get posters really, there’s cadre of lurkers and commenters but average content is hard to come by. Some of our watch threads have great discussion in them episodes 1 , 2 and 3 , of the lustrous watch for example have extremely good conversation and analysis, there has been a slow drop off of viewers as people “fall behind” over the watch though.

I think we will both benefit from federation, if I had a bot I would crosspost all your content to c/anime on Chapo but that will have to wait until API. I might borrow some until federation happens and plug c/japanimation in the comments though(you should post it yourself), it’s good stuff. Being able to independently “feature” posts on the homepage per community and only for subscribers of a community would do a lot of good too, the idea works for us but can only show posts to all users sitewide right now so c/anime can’t use it.

I’ve read this already as I’ve seen it elsewhere but upvote. It’s got excellent points to make and is well worth the longer read.

Haha UK right now… Splitting go brrrrrrrrrrr

Aww you flatter me. I’m just a trans person that refuses to throw them under the bus and understands that we need troops anyway really. Everything I say is built on that foundation so my thought process leans in on personal experiences and really “getting” the hopeless lack of choice situation, I was homeless once and am lucky to be alive now.

I might have upset our GS friend in our interactions but I don’t think it turns them away from continued struggle. I do think throwing trans people under the bus for doing this will make more trans people into contrapoints liberals and I do think failure to be strategic in our messaging with troops will result in never making inroads with them though.

There’s probably no perfect solution here and we have to make a calculation we don’t want to make that is based on what we hope has the best material outcomes towards the goal.

Because I think cops generally refers to a group of people who are all entirely frontline and if those people continue to be cops after seeing what they do then they have transitioned from being ignorant to being willing participants.

Military personnel signup for a set time and can’t get out of it if they do see or figure out the horror of what they do. The people outside the frontline literally never will physically see it and their ignorance to the fact they’re doing great evil is simply a material demonstration of how weak we are at informing the population at this point in time.

As for your initial question about the bourgeoisie needing to be oppressed, of course, but you’re talking about a proletarian police force now which is a completely different police force to a bourgeoise one. The class character matters.

I don’t think the GS people are idealist enough to get alienated by it, they’re more materialist. They can understand when you explain that “all troops bad” does not have a material effect on the military’s ability to hurt the GS. They get the value in turning them instead of engaging in gesture bullshit with no material effect… At least the ones that you would call comrade do. The general population I simply wouldn’t engage in a conversation with or consider anything to do with troops an area of debate beyond “please stop bombing us and get out of our country”. That has to be targeted at the top though for a material outcome, not the troops themselves.

I get it and I like it, though not necessarily for cops to be honest.

I won’t judge people for being uninformed though. The machine is a monster, not its victims. This is extremely important, I completely agree with the fact imperialism is the primary issue however. I will let go of some of the anti-troop sentiment but it gets personal for me when people aren’t taking into account just how fucked up the lives of these trans people that join the military are.

In addition to that they’re honestly the most likely candidates in the military to be our allies and if we ever get more leaks there is a solid chance it will be from another trans comrade who radicalises while still in the military.

Lmao everyone is a fucking brick wall and misrepresents every word I said. They have a voice in their heads that just repeats “troopsbadtroopsbadtroopsbad” and getting through that voice to reason with them on the nuance of the topic is fucking infuriating.