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Thoughts on Lenin's "importance of gold"?

Having recently read this article of Lenin’s on the adoption of the NEP and the dangers of “exaggerated revolutionism” you can easily see the rationale adopted later on by the Chinese after Mao. In fact, it’s so obvious to me that they …

Thoughts on the abortive attempt by the USSR to create it's own socialist equivalent of the Internet known as "OGAS"?

In the 1960s Soviet computer scientists tried pushing the economic planners at Gosplan to begin computerising the economy via a “National Automated System for Computation and Information Processing”, which they touted as having the potential to greatly streamline the work of economic planning. …

I just slapped em on because they were the first people I heard were covering events live from inside the Capitol building.

It already is. The actual full effect remains to be seen though.

If the MAGA lot had the necessary zeal they could murder everyone in the building and the state apparatus will just sit back and watch

The police are enabling this, likely because they share sympathies with the crowd. They know if they crack down on them they’ll be making themselves an enemy of both sides. In essence they’re picking their side here.

Been following this on PBS News hour. It’s absolutely insane.

They seem to have the tutorial side of things down, but do they do anything besides multiple choice format for questions? It’d be great if they do other formats too.

EDIT: nvm seems they have at least one question with a box for typing. Still can’t tell if their example questions are drawn from a generator that randomly produces new problems every try or just set examples though?

EDIT 2: Yeah seems like it’s just set examples so you can’t rote learn very well with this.

Do those have problem generators for things like differential equations and stuff?

Inquiry into educational mathematics freeware

So the other day I was burning time doing a little bit of Spanish practice on the free version of duolingo when I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be fantastic if something freely available like this existed that comprehensively taught mathematics up to a university level”. …

It’s why the US maintains it’s war in Afghanistan and why the Bagram air base will never be vacated. The US needs power projection capabilities in the region precisely so it can flood equipment and technical support into Xinjiang in order to sever the arteries of BRI. Xinjiang is the main land route over which the trade will flow. In essence, the US presence in Afghanistan is it’s own reason for the conflict there.

These shortcomings are well-known to the US military, which is why most of what they do now is send special forces to train and equip local militias and separatists, followed up with NGOs to make them seem like oppressed freedom fighters.

Why would they stop doing this when it worked so well in Afghanistan against the Soviets? All major powers know that direct confrontation can only end in disaster for all sides so even their most bellicose hawks avoid such a confrontation like the plague. The metagame nowadays is to undermine rivals via domestic insurgency and proxy. It’s been so long since any major powers have had a P2P conflict that it’s genuinely unknown territory what will happen, no matter how much they lean on war games and simulation exercises to try and anticipate the course of such conflicts. With the terrifying weapons now currently at the disposal of all sides, the relative blackhole of real world data represents a deluge of horrifying possibilities, the biggest spectre of which is easily a renewed possibility of nuclear Armageddon.

Yeah, not someone you necessarily want fronting an organisation for sure.

I think it’d be pretty swell to see an article on the use of the congress of cultural freedom as a means of culturally attacking Marxist thought through the promulgation of post-modernist thought in universities.

Only thing I genuinely want to know about this is who holds the NSC itself to account? They evidently have a ton of power and are excluded from judicial oversight. Whose holding their leash?

If you really want to get out there I suppose you’ll have to turn on the charm and pull a Chinese national.

It’s a shame if it’s true. It just discredits everything he has to say, which is a shame because his first hand experiences with the YPG are valuable, especially his accounts of the neo-Nazis they casually allowed in their outfit.

No, I think that’s probably the best take. This guy can be right in this case while also being a massive asshole.

No, your concerns are absolutely valid. I wasn’t aware of the other allegations, particularly the abuse.

You do have to lean more towards the crazier side to commit yourself to something like voluntary service in the Syrian conflict. If he can do something like that, it makes sense he could also harm his own family.

Do you have more details on what he’s accused of doing? I’d like to get a better idea of this guy before I decide whether or not to put stock in what he has to say.

That’s extremely kind. Thank you, comrade. Patience is one of the biggest requirements in this line of work; we have to accept that this is a protracted struggle. I doubt my political work will bear any fruit until at least some years from now. Hopefully I can make enough of a dent in the coming years to gain ground for local politics in my area. Just one seat on the councils in my jurisdiction represents a victory. I’m determined to carry on until I see red councils throughout the UK.

This is the first of his stuff I’ve ever listened to, and it seemed decent. He basically denounces Rojava as an appendage of US imperialism and talks about his experiences fighting for them. Is his reputation bad then? He upholds Syria in this.

The rebranding of social democracy as socialism needs to be pushed back against. It’s the classic practice of redefining words to try and eliminate the original meaning from the public dialogue and consciousness. We can’t let the true meaning of socialism be spirited away from our language, or else we’ll eventually be unable to articulate what it really is to the public.

A Dying Culture: The End of Postmodernity is a feature-length Marxist documentary looking at culture, art, postmodernism, video games, data, social media, the state and war in context of the largest crisis in capitalism’s history…

A documentary on the US military’s 1989 invasion of Panama…

Northern Ireland: A 1976 BBC Panorama report looking at British Army operations in the south of County Armagh. Ending with an interview with then Prime Minister Harold Wilson…

Chinese film about Wu Qionghua an abused slave girl on Hainan island who escapes and becomes a loyal member of a female detachment of Communist soldiers who are fighting against a local warlord. Movie is based on an actual female unit from Hainan island. (Click the cc button at the bottom of the v…

A firm critic of what he claimed was western propaganda over China, Andre Vltchek died suddenly in Turkey on September 22, 2020. Turkish authorities are opening an investigation into the cause of his death…