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Do you reckon your old company is going to be able to recover from losing so many of their most productive workers all in one go? If nothing else, hopefully your dogshit old boss has sunk his own business into the dirt.

What do you think you’re going to do now btw?

Lets not sell this achievement short. There were almost certainly intense back channel efforts and negotiations to pull this diplomatic coup off. It’s difficult to put into words exactly how much work it is to get everyone on the same page before you pull them together for a meeting to officiate new political realities. I’ve been involved with these kinds of things on an infinitesimally smaller scale stitching together local communist groups previously cleaved off from each other by sectarian divisions. Its taken me a long time just to get a hearing with some of them, groups with virtually no serious political differences at all, let alone two state authorities that have been divided by deep seated religious and military conflict.

AIG will need a bailout if this is just the start of a trend of bank failures.

Just signed up. I’ll see you all on there!

Sound, I’ll sort out a new thread with a proper date and time so we can arrange it properly! We’ll probably have to do it over several sessions as Civ takes ages!

Sick, what day do you reckon would be best to sort this all out? Sundays work best for me!

Works for me, I was planning on cheesing it as Russia

By definition, Mestizo people have indigenous blood in their veins. Arguing over their status via genealogy is racial politics and should be rejected. What matters is simple; do the Mestizo people in question side with their indigenous nation against the settler nation? Those who identify with and fight for the indigenous side of their family have chosen their side. As Che argues, all of Latin America is one Mestizo people. The masses are one. The settler state is supported by a vanishingly small minority of people who self-identify as white settlers; these are the compradors with their boot on the peoples’ neck on the behalf of international imperialism.

Is there any interest in a Lemmy Civ 6 game?
I fancy setting up a big old game of Civ VI. Is anyone up for playing? When would be a good time to schedule it?

In my neck of the woods? We disrupt any and all form of aid our country sends to the U.S. in its imperialist war, the purpose of which is to no doubt seize Mexico’s nationalised natural resources.

From the sound of things, if an invasion happens then international volunteers from across the world will flock to Mexico to fight Yankee imperialism, as is only right. With that said, at the same time efforts must be made in the west to disrupt any and all outside lines of supply to the U.S. war machine. As someone inside such a country, I think myself and others in my position are well placed to fulfil that role.

Take for example the disruption Palestine Action have caused in my country to weapons manufacturers that provide for Israel. In the event of a new war in Mexico, similar tactics will be required to disarm American imperialism.

Notice they pulled Mao and Stalin from Civ 5 onwards? It’s all Tsars and Emperors from that point on.

Civilisation is massively liberal, in terms of its approach to history.

EDIT: Noticed Civ generated a fair bit of discussion. Anyone fancy sorting out some kind of scheduled multiplayer match? Could run it through the discord group.

Same. I will resist by any means necessary.

Stand up for China, of course.

Opinions differ on how to organise a socialist revolution. According to the Marxist-Leninist thesis, the organ that actually carries forward the revolution is the Proletarian vanguard; a clandestine revolutionary party comprised of the most advanced sections of the working class. This party is what organises and ultimately leads the workers as a class against their oppressors when the revolution moves into a phase of open class war.

Opinions are split as to what strategies and tactics are the most effective way of building the vanguard into a force capable of conquering political power from the bourgeoisie; It honestly varies depending on where you are and what the conditions are there.

Before anything else, it is necessary to sink deep roots into the community from which you intend to draw political support for the party. Winning popular support amongst the working class is an essential condition for the growth and success of a revolutionary vanguard. Take a look at your community and look at what you can do to win them to your side and build the local party organisation from there. Reach out to like-minded groups and establish ties so that sectarianism can be rooted out and class unity ensured. Talk to the workers in your community and figure out their grievances, then campaign on those issues to demonstrate that the party is the friend of the working class.

Propaganda is a huge part of this equation and takes on a variety of different forms and dimensions. Classical forms of propaganda such as party journalism, political education and leafletting campaigns are important as always, but can only be made possible so long as the party is active. In the 21st century, video is the dominant medium and as a result mastering it is an essential requirement if you want to spread the message of the party to the masses. This means recruiting, training and organising people with a wide variety of skills; from spokespeople who are capable orators, to filmmakers with the technical skills to create high quality video features, film editors with the necessary technical and creative expertise and flair to formulate video into effective propaganda content, graphic designers to create eye popping visual design, to writers to commentate on current political events and theorise to the masses and so on.

I’ve thought about it but I won’t leave. No matter how bad it gets. This is my home; I was born here and I’ve lived here my entire life. My roots are here. My family is here. My dad is buried here. I won’t abandon them.

A great many of my better educated and professionally qualified friends have already jumped ship. The early leavers took off out of a cosmopolitan conception of what it means to be successful; that it was socially respectable to be a globetrotter; a citizen of the world. The latecomers who felt the call of cosmopolitan life but still struggled to “cut the cord” are now finally taking the plunge, citing the decline of their country as the main reason why. “It’s the smart thing to do”, they say.

And that may be so. But that is an individualist’s calculus. If you apply that same logic on a social scale, every professional in my country would simply up sticks and leave. What then would become of the millions of people who don’t share their privileged positions in society? They will be left in an anaemic country, with their throats in the ever tightening grip of the capitalist class. In time, this perspective will reduce my country to a dead zone.

So you see, there is no choice but to stay, organise and fight for the future. Fight for the masses who cannot yet fight for themselves. That is the only way forward.

If you’ve made up your mind to run away then Vietnam is the answer tbh. I have a lot of friends who emigrated to teach English and have built very nice lives there. Besides some minor complaints about corruption in the police (and unfortunate and disappointing complaints about the lockdown policy of the Vietnamese government) my friends love it there; cost of living is an order of magnitude cheaper than life in the west and the people are friendly and accommodating. You can have a very happy night out on as little as £5 there.

Saw this all over the London tube yesterday. How do they afford all of this?!

From what I can tell, the prosperity of the utopia presented isn’t produced through socialist workers’ control of the means of production, but is instead simply the product of the genius of one “great man”, the scientist Sechenov. In this sense, the setting of Atomic Heart is actually that of a technocratic political economy where political power is wrested from politicians and falls into the hands of technical experts through their control of increasingly advanced technology. From a propaganda perspective, it is a simple canard; it dresses this technocratic political setting in Soviet aesthetics in order to conflate the two with each other. The audience subsequently relate them to each other and are consequently misled.

The fact the children themselves were lamenting that they weren’t tutored in maths earlier in life is a testament to the success of their social system. Meanwhile in America, the literacy rate is 79%, compared to the developed world standard of 99%. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Fantastic work as always comrades! Here’s to 2 more years on top of the 2 you’ve secured already!

If nothing else I suppose this gives you lads decent live experience in security practice for rooting out genuine malicious actors.

Wait, is it possible to copy .mov files from my computer for someone else to download?

Who is it on UA side that’s actually defending there? Its one thing for the ideologically committed, hardcore Ukronazi divisions to sit there and die, but reluctant conscripts would quickly lose morale under the misery of another Mariupol and cohesion would probably breakdown quickly.

Or they could retreat now while the option is still open to them, or simply surrender. Of course, now that Krasna Hora’s been occupied that intersection seems to be the only way in or out for their vehicles and equipment. If the Russians are on the ball and so inclined, they could strafe entire convoys on the run down that road with their CAS and turn that whole route into a highway of death.

If they can just occupy that final intersection just east of Chasiv-Yar then it’s a done deal, as far as Bakhmut’s concerned. Loss of roads and highways means that they’ll have to either abandon all the heavy equipment and vehicles and beat a retreat through the countryside to the north west, or else commit to a long, grisly siege in the city. Either way they’re running out of options.

That salient is just getting juicier and juicier.

If this is true then it has enormously inflated my sense of my party’s importance. They recently sent death threats to venues that my party are setting up an anti-NATO rally at to try and deplatform us.

It sounds like you have one of two choices; you can either do you best to ignore those flashing red lights and get with the programme, or you can find comrades and dive head first right down that rabbit hole.

Its worse. I have first hand testimony from a long term homeless man that the homeless are actively murdered on a day to day basis.

This old boy told me some absolutely bone chilling stories of his time as a bum in the 70s and 80s. He had this awful hernia that confined him to a couch at this squat I was staying at for a while. My friend was living there rent free and the homeless guy was his uncle. I asked him to show me where it hurt one time and when he lifted his shirt I was shocked to see that his entire belly was deep purple. It was clear to me that he was slowly dying, but he refused to see a doctor. He was absolutely petrified of going to the hospital, and hated the police.

That the CIA killed JFK in conjunction with its connections in the Cuban exile community and the mob. As reported by several credible bystanders at the scene, there were men on the grassy knoll that fired the shots that hit the presidential car, Texas Governor John Connally and the President himself, including the so-called “magic bullet”. It appears the plan was to pin the blame for the shooting on Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who was almost certainly a spy in the employ of the United States government. The plan went awry when Oswald left the book dispensary. He was never meant to leave that building alive. Known mob associate Jack Ruby’s dramatic murder of him as he was being escorted out of the police station was a last minute improvisation that was necessary to silence him before he got to share his side of the story with the public, which would have blown the lid on everything. In the immediate aftermath of the shootings the car was removed from the scene of the crime and tampered with to remove the glass windscreen with the bullet holes that would have confirmed the actual trajectory of the shots.

Each group involved in the plot had a particular motive for the killing; the CIA and the security establishment had feuded with JFK over numerous plots and schemes that had gone awry, most notably the Bay of Pigs fiasco and that time they all nearly blew up the world together. Critical comments made by JFK seem to suggest he was threatening to dismantle the CIA, with its wide ranging and unaccountable extra-legal powers. The Cuban exiles, particularly those of the militant group the DRE, were all increasingly exacerbated by JFK’s non-commitment to overthrowing Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba, and feared that if he remained in power then the US government might move towards rapprochement with the Communists, which would doom their counter-revolution. The American Mob had ties to both the CIA and the Cubans, with several prominent gangsters formerly connected with the pre-revolutionary crime scene in Havana being tapped by the CIA in their tireless efforts to assassinate Castro. Their motives were therefore inextricably bound up with those of their partners; to protect their CIA employers on the one hand and to help their Cuban émigré friends to make Cuba a safe and lucrative place for of their illegal rackets once again.

It’s far and away the most compelling explanation in my book.

Western countries will certainly have a crisis on their hands with such an exodus. They’ll have to deal with a similar “disposal problem” to what the US has with the Cuban exile community in Miami; violent fascist revanchist groups increasingly agitating for further war to reclaim Ukraine, but now from European countries against Russia.

They’ll complicate international relations between western Europe and Russia for years to come.

I am very curious to see how the western media will try to spin this as anything but a comprehensive defeat for NATO.

I suppose that will depend on the final settlement, which hinges very much on the degree and nature of the Ukrainian collapse. If Ukrainian military command holds together but there is a collapse on the front, its possible to see much greater territorial gains for Russia than if the Ukrainian brass turns on Zelensky to save their own skins. I think that given the costly nature of this crisis the red lines for the Russian side would probably be the reduction of Ukraine to a kind of landlocked rump state in Russia’s sphere of influence, with the entire black sea coast annexed. The persecution of ethnic Russians has presented Russia with the political justification for the annexation of any majority ethnic area in Ukraine’s east.

A protracted conflict probably favours the Russians, who presently seem fairly comfortable expending ordnance so that the Ukrainians are forced to spend precious lives. Logistically speaking, the Ukrainians cannot match the current pace of consumption from the Russian artillery with their own, so they’ll be forced to instead increasingly substitute shells for soldiers in human wave style assaults.

Such attacks are very draining and cannot be sustained over an extended period. As a result of this, it seems likely to me that Ukraine and the west will push for some kind of decisive battle within the next year or so, before the shortages of essential equipment becomes too acute. NATO’s member states are increasingly seeing their own stockpiles of weapons stripped away to fight this proxy war, with the lead time on replacements of essential materiel and equipment running into the years. If the behaviour of Germany towards Italy throughout the PPE shortage during the initial waves of COVID are anything to go by, countries in the west will not risk their own essential supplies of weapons in order to help a neighbour, not without an explicit geopolitical interest, of course.

Is tails any good?
I've heard tails is great for privacy and security, but just how good is it? On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is publicly accessible and 10 is a literal black box, how secure is tails? What are its limitations, from a security standpoint?

I mean people of our politics. A lot of us would just quietly roll their eyes and keep their heads down.

The aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis was the real watershed for me. Until that point, as a teenager I was vaguely liberal in terms of my political sensibilities, if nothing else than from a lack of knowledge, education and experience.

The fact that the underlying reasons for the financial crash were clearly an enormous, systematic fraud shocked me. This really reached an inflection point for me when I watched this documentary, which analysed the background to the crisis in detail. The combination of all those facts, being spoken about in such stark language by such credible figures as prime ministers, finance ministers, billionaires and academics made the nature and extent of the crisis undeniable to me. It marked the beginning of my journey leftward.

The next pitstop on my political journey is the Occupy movement that erupted throughout the 2010s as a direct consequence of the aforementioned financial crisis of the late 2000s. A great many young people, particularly those of my generation that were just entering the workforce or were full time students at uni. I supported their stand for a redistribution of wealth and wished them success, but was rudely awakened to the realities of state power when the police violently suppressed these activists and dismantled their camps. The brutality of the police left an indelible mark on me from this point onwards. I’d come to understand that the government was at this point almost completely in the hands of robbers.

Some years pass, and my politics slide further and further left. As the government repeatedly demonstrates that it cannot be negotiated with, I learn from history that only one popular movement has ever decisively won power for ordinary working people; the international labour movement. I gradually begin to reassess my views of 20th century socialist experiments, until eventually I studied Marxism myself and became an adherent to that worldview.

A documentary on life, work and art in the early Soviet Union.

The left wing communist party “Red Fightback” has apparently collapsed
The party, known principally for its pro-trans stance, has seemingly disintegrated following a split. Said split was apparently precipitated by a conflict between senior leadership, with allegations of "anti-black racism" being cast at an apparently anonymous figure inside the organisation. The party's comms and internet presence have been systematically removed from the internet, amid claims that the party's communications are being scrubbed by rogue moderators.

Where does the IMT get all their money?
Socialist Appeal, a British front organisation for the IMT, has cobbled together an impressive presence throughout universities up and down the country. They appear to possess a veritable spiders' web of university societies under their direct, centralised control; from the Sussex Marxist Society on the south coast to Revolutionary Students Edinburgh up in Scotland, the IMT have cast a wide net. Going by their own sources, more than 50 universities fall under the umbrella of their "Marxist Students Federation", all complete with expensive custom made banners and glossy agitprop art. On top of this, their pockets are so deep now that they've taken to throwing their own "Marxist festival" in an extra effort to try and woo the students. I've heard they rinse their membership with exorbitant members fees, but even so this seems like a lot. Do they have some high profile sponsors that keep them afloat so they can pursue these ambitious projects or is there some other arrangement in place to provide them all these resources?

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/482042 > PLASTIC DEFENCE is a documentary about illegal 3D printed firearms in Europe and the decentralised network behind them. These guns are robust, they don't blow up in your hands, and they're untraceable. What's more, they're being made in people's bedrooms.

PLASTIC DEFENCE is a documentary about illegal 3D printed firearms in Europe and the decentralised network behind them. These guns are robust, they don't blow up in your hands, and they're untraceable. What's more, they're being made in people's bedrooms.

The Goose and the Common
The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common from off the goose The law demands that we atone When we take things we do not own But leaves the lord's and ladies fine Who take things that are yours and mine The poor and wretched don't escape When they conspire the law to break This must be so but they endure Those who conspire to make the law The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common And geese will still a common lack Until they go and steal it back -17th century British protest song against enclosure

Is there any interest in a Lemmygrad gaming discord?
Thought I'd see if any of you sad sacks are up for running teams on Wargame: Red Dragon some time.

How long would it take someone to be proficient at coding/programming if learning from scratch?
I have absolutely zero background or knowledge on coding/programming/IT/software/computing etc, but I've recently taken an interest in it. How much time, effort and resources would I need to sink into it in order to become at least borderline competent?

Ransomware is ugly. It infects your machine and locks all the the data and to unlock you have to pay a fee. In this episode we dive into some of the people behind it.

This is the story about when a nation state hacks into a company within another nation.

This story is about a bank robbery with the objective to steal 1 billion dollars. Which makes this the largest bank robbery in history. And it was all done over a computer.

An appeal to establish Red Gyms in your areas
Your typical martial arts/self defence clubs can be prohibitively expensive for the poorest sections of the working class and they foster a culture that is hostile to people of our background and politics. Everything from the imposed necessity of gis, which significantly break from the real life conditions in which one might necessarily need to use self defence skills, to engagement with the belt system, which necessitates the purchase of more and more belts as one advances in their chosen art; all of it erects barriers that deter ordinary people from establishing their own independent community through which to cultivate self defence skills. On balance, most traditional martial arts gyms foster a reactionary political perspective amongst their members, and are dominated by figures with such an outlook. If we're to break with this tendency we will need to establish our own socialist infrastructure. This might sound daunting, but it's already been done; In my own city, there already exists a red gym that is highly accessible to people of a left wing persuasion. It protects and welcomes queer people into their classes and equips them with the skills they need to defend themselves at an extremely low entry cost. Belts and gis aren't a part of their progression, and to my knowledge all members dues have gone towards keeping up with the rent at their venue and acquiring more and more equipment. To my knowledge, nothing is skimmed off the top. The organisers of this gym cut their teeth in Anti-Fascist Action, an organisation that confronted and fought the neo-Nazi thugs of the national front and the BNP throughout Britain in the 80s and 90s. Now they turn their attention to passing their skills on to a new generation. If it can be done here, it can be done in your neighbourhood too. I appeal to any and all socialist martial artists on here to organise your own clubs in your communities. Reach out to each other, network, pool your equipment and be on the lookout for appropriate venues to hold classes. We don't need to be beholden to reactionaries for self-defence training, we can build our own alternatives instead.

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the old Texan public access TV show Alternative Views?
I just discovered the youtube archive of all their old broadcasts from the late 70s onwards recently and much of the content is fantastic. The interviews these guys manage to land are simply amazing, particularly the input of CIA alumni like John Stockwell and Philip Agee. It blows my mind that these two university professors were able to piece together such an intriguing show with virtually zero budget at all. Check em out here if you haven't already, you won't regret it: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlternativeViewTV/videos

Some of these potential member states seem to have diametrically opposed interests, particularly Iran and Saudi Arabia. In your opinion, who amongst these potential states will actually be accepted?

Explain Mastodon to me like I’m 5
I'm a poster on lemmygrad. That is the extent of my involvement in fediverse stuff. I am neither tech savvy nor interested in becoming so. What is Mastodon? Is it like the twitter what lemmy is to reddit? I'm not clued in in the slightest and not even sure if I should be? Do posts from Mastodon get moved here like other instances of things like lemmy do to lemmygrad? Do I now have to read the insufferable takes of twitter refugees over in mastodon?

What should be the strategic focus of Communist organisations in the Anglosphere?
Apologies in advance for the huge wall of text:- I organise with a communist party in the UK and am in regular contact with other organisers/activists across multiple different organisations throughout my country. Its become increasingly obvious that the UK is lurching into ever deepening crises with no end in sight, a situation which has provided fertile soil upon which to carry out genuine communist work in the labour movement here. There isn't a week that goes by that myself and my comrades aren't called upon to agitate for this or that strike; unions that have been complacent for the longest time are once again in need of experienced agitators to mobilise the workers, more and more of whom are coming over to our side and achieving class consciousness. Our own upstart union groups are finding their legs and being given a seat at the table with some of the biggest pre-established trade unions in the country in order to help them set up their own movement with the Enough is Enough campaign. This in itself illustrates how far advanced the situation has become in the cradle of the capitalist world. It shows no sign of letting up. With all this said, I'm increasingly convinced that the first great socialist breakthrough in the imperial core will happen here in Britain. Everything from the international isolation caused by Brexit to the moribund state of Britain's economy and its overstretched security apparatus is heralding total collapse if the country's current trajectory isn't radically shifted in the next few years. To top this all off, the British state hasn't demonstrated the means to achieve such a correction even if it tried. Taking all of this into account, I'm increasingly concerned about interference from foreign powers in the event that the British government is eventually toppled and a socialist one is established in its place. A lot of US soldiers and materiel are present in air bases all over England. It's extremely hard to imagine that they'll stand idly by if the US' chief imperialist lapdogs are swept from power, to say nothing of the French and the Germans looking on from across the channel. It was stated by the CIA themselves that Maurice Bishop's New Jewel movement in Grenada represented a uniquely dangerous challenge to the US during the cold war, not because of its economic or military power, but simply because for the first time ever there was a socialist government whose people spoke in the English language; people who could speak directly to the US public. This is part of the rationale used by the US' security services to justify regime change in that country. If Grenada was pounced on so ferociously, then what exactly would Britain --a country widely considered a fraternal nation to the United States-- have in store? What could Britain's workers possibly do to keep out an American "peace keeping" operation on its own? The US imperialists would sooner reduce Britain to a dead zone than allow it to limp on under socialist governance. With all of this in mind, I'm becoming increasingly concerned that especially close ties need to be sewn between socialist movements throughout the Anglosphere, particularly between the British and American proletariat. There may well come a day when internationalism from our American comrades will be needed more than any other group; to spearhead a hands-off Britain campaign that can pull back on the leash of US imperialism and pressure their government to beat a retreat. Trusted points of contact that can smuggle communications past the inevitable media blackouts and place our plight directly in front of the English speaking world will be necessary, and they will have to be established well before a situation like this actually develops. US militants ready and willing to sabotage US munitions and infrastructure will almost certainly be an extremely important element of a hypothetical struggle of this kind. So what do you all think? Do you think the following scenario is at all likely or is it all in my head? Should British communist movements place a special focus on cultivating connections amongst organisations based in fraternal English speaking nations in the core, so as to disrupt attempts to strangle a potential British revolution in its crib, or should it follow a different strategy?

Note the heavy use of emotive music and the total absence of hard facts from this "report". This is propaganda designed to instil a sense of dread in its audience.

Today I rat fucked a leader in my union.
I already feel guilty about it. For all intents and purposes he was a good comrade. The problem is that he wasn't a communist, he'd occasionally opposed a communist agenda, and he stood in the way of someone that is not only a communist, but has agreed to push my line. For context, today was the AGM in my local union branch. I had prepared in advance to push a slate of candidates composed principally of good communists who I believe will advance an effective communist agenda in my branch. The man I pushed out of the role he stood for was a fellow traveller who was an alumni of the British labour party. He had occasionally walled off my proposals at critical moments, which prompted me to make a maneuver against him to ensure the important role he was running for was instead filled by a key ally of mine. My plot succeeded, and my opponent is now out of the branch leadership and reportedly taking it quite badly. I thought I was prepared for the hard realities of the class struggle in the labour movement, but I can't help but feel guilty about this. He was a good, we'll intentioned and mostly effective leader, but I swept him aside. I wouldn't take my decision back, but it does make me think about how I will manage more difficult decisions in the future.

Is America and Canada headed on a trajectory towards a political union?
America and Canada are extremely close economically, culturally and politically. The US and Canada are far and away each other's largest trade partners, accounting for almost 7 times the total trade of Canada's next largest partner, the EU. 51.9% of foreign owned companies based in Canada are American owned. On top of this, Canada is demographically dwarfed by its southern neighbour, whose population share a common linguistic and cultural base. This demographic gap has prompted the Canadian government to pursue a natalist policy goal of achieving a population of 100 million people by the end of the century, likely a project pursued by Canada's national bourgeoisie in an effort to prevent themselves from being subsumed by the juggernaut to the south. Two previous Canadian prime ministers have in the past considered pursuing political union with the US, who would stand to benefit enormously from Canada's substantial natural resources and strategic position in the North. Annexation of Canada would likewise benefit the American state by eliminating the largest land border in the world, administration of which currently costs the Canadian state 1.5% of its GDP. Moreover, this would finally connect America's strategically important territory of Alaska to the US' territorial mainland and thus render continental north America a single contiguous political territory, more easily administered and defended. With all this in mind, do you think that America is likely to integrate Canada into its territory in the future? If so, long do you suspect it will take for this to occur? What implications would such an enormous development have for the international communist movement?