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WeChat can translate messages, moments, and even text in pictures, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the language barrier as much.

The hard part is: making an account, and finding people. It’s hard to certify your account if you don’t know anyone who can help, you need an existing user to vouch for you/help you confirm your account. Also, since it’s mostly a messenger/communication app, if you don’t know anyone who uses it, you won’t have much use. That being said, if you look around you can probably find communities, and find more and more from there.

I use WeChat a lot, if anyone wants help let me know.

Could you elaborate on that? Preferably with some sources or further reading?

I accidentally created an empty comment, so now I feel compelled to edit it and say something instead of leave it blank or delete it.

NED bad

Iranian communist party idk

Iranian people a in bad situation

But globally also a sensitive one due to ongoing multi polarization

This reminds me of this discussion about the death penalty. In terms of what was said, I think that this approach is an interesting compromise. I suspect, as others have said, this sort of model is requisite prior to communism being achieved.

Also, as someone new to posting on lemmygrad, should we transcribe text in images (in the comments or post) so that it can be found in searches and be more accessible for various other reasons?

Okay, thanks for the info! Also @SoverignState@lemmygrad.ml I didn’t mean to sound overly critical or presumptive. I’ve read a lot of your posts/comments and they are quite insightful and interesting.

Two days ago SovereignState published [this post](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/386011) on the Genzedong community. I've been lurking since the exodus from Reddit, and lurked on Reddit before too, but have recently noticed something that I wanted to point out. In SoverignState's post, they give an update on the situation in Iran, and cast doubt on the notion that the upheavals might be a color revolution. I'm not very knowledgeable in the subject, however they do mention a [post](https://www.tudehpartyiran.org/en/2022/09/20/statement-of-the-tudeh-party-of-iran-down-with-the-dictator-there-is-no-end-to-the-regimes-murderous-thuggery/) by the Tudeh party in Iran. I investigated, so now I speak. In the post by the supposedly communist and anti-imperialist party, they essentially re-iterate the recent news. The only source that I can find cited by the Tudeh party statement/news piece is "According to a report by the **Human Rights Activists News Agency** (**HRANA**)" on the third paragraph. They mention reports about other events, but don't cite them. I'd be inclined to trust a communist party if they are, as SoverignState said, very aware of and against NATO, EU and U.S. imperialism. However their main source is funded by the **National Endowment for Democracy** (**NED***). You need only go to the "Financial Resources" section of the "about us" page on [the HRANA website](https://www.en-hrana.org/about-us/). They say: > HRAI receives donations from individuals and non-profit entities only. Because the organization seeks to remain independent, it doesn’t accept financial aid from neither political groups nor governments. These limitations are essential to maintaining our autonomy. Before March 2011, the organization received donations only from members and partners. But since then, **HRAI has also been accepting donations from National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit, non-governmental organization in the United States of America.** (emphasis added) I doubt I need to remind anyone here that the NED is basically a tool for the US to push for regime change. They do so everywhere the US want's to push for color revolutions. They [contributed](https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/opinions/1991/09/22/innocence-abroad-the-new-world-of-spyless-coups/92bb989a-de6e-4bb8-99b9-462c76b59a16/) to the dissolution to the USSR, are [meddling](https://www.telesurenglish.net/analysis/National-Endowment-for-Destabilization-CIA-Funds-for-Latin-America-in-2018-20190403-0042.html) in Latin America, as well as [pushing](https://global.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202204/06/WS624ce8a4a310fd2b29e55308.html) against China. NED is bad news [then](https://williamblum.org/chapters/rogue-state/trojan-horse-the-national-endowment-for-democracy), and probably now. Generally, protests are for legitimate concerns, material ones, but are sometimes co-opted by efforts by the U.S. into color revolutions--or attempted ones. The NED is the tool to do this, as they succeeded in the USSR, tried in Hong Kong, Cuba, Venezuela, and likely are trying now. I believe the Iranian people have legitimate reasons to protest, but feat their movement might be co-opted. I think it's important I say that, obviously, the Iranian government is far from ideal. The only main positives I know of are their stance against US imperialism, and the fact that they are not forced to sacrifice their natural resources and sovereignty to the global north (which go hand in hand). Hence the incentive for the U.S. to try to co-opt a potential revolution. Most of what I said is not news, except that perhaps we should be careful about Tudeh party positions. Then again, we should always be critical. Once again, I'm not an expert on this subject, but wanted to share my discovery about likely U.S. influence in perhaps an unexpected place. I hope this can stimulate discussion about this issue, as I believe Iran's position relative to the US and China is vital for many things, and hence for the future of AES and multi-polarity. Please correct me, criticize me, and educate me on the subject if you know anything I don't. Also, let me know if I'm posting properly on Lemmygrad. This is my first post. --- [Archive](https://archive.ph/Balvq) of Tudeh party post [Archive](https://web.archive.org/web/20220512014201/https://www.en-hrana.org/about-us/) of HRANA about us

I’m only worried that this community might not be able to grow. On Reddit, GenZedong was excellent at radicalizing those that would eventually come to find our positions logically correct. However, how will lemmygrad grow? Will this community be relegated to a place of learning and relaxation, as opposed to radicalization? It’s good to be independent from mainstream western social media, but hopefully we will find new ways to still reach people. Organizing in real life is more important and impactful, yet the internet allows those who can’t for various reasons to participate.

Also: language barriers and travel. Barley any non-Chinese sleek Chinese, sure it’s a difficult language to learn, but Chinese kids all study English from very early in their education. In China you can easily find foreign media with Chinese subtitles. How much Chinese media (including social media) do westerners consume?

If a Chinese person wants, they know how to, and can see western media. Many foreign movies are popular in China. Inversely, westerners have no idea about Chinese media, let alone Chinese culture, society, history, politics, etc.

A westerner would struggle to name a Chinese politician besides Xi; yet there are many who are influential. You can’t understand any countries politics by only knowing of their leader. Chinese history is many thousands of years old, yet Chinese kids also study western history and art, among other things.

I visited one of the most famous western (historical) art museums with a Chinese person, from the mainland, and they recognized as many prices of art as a person from that country would. This was in Europe (most Americans study art much less in their education).

Chinese people learn western languages, see western media, can travel to the west, and can study in their universities. Westerners largely do none of this when it comes to China. Even so, Chinese is a wonderful language, and China has incredible media, attractions, universities, etc.

In essentially all respects, westerners think they have a more accurate view of China because of their “democracy” and “free press”. Yet they are in reality so ignorant about China, that they are blind to the reality: westerners live in a box with one way mirrors looking back at them, they see their own atrocities in the reflection and project their crimes into others, yet those others can see the west clearly.