Two days ago SovereignState published this post on the Genzedong community. I’ve been lurking since the exodus from Reddit, and lurked on Reddit before too, but have recently noticed something that I wanted to point out.

In SoverignState’s post, they give an update on the situation in Iran, and cast doubt on the notion that the upheavals might be a color revolution. I’m not very knowledgeable in the subject, however they do mention a post by the Tudeh party in Iran. I investigated, so now I speak. In the post by the supposedly communist and anti-imperialist party, they essentially re-iterate the recent news.

The only source that I can find cited by the Tudeh party statement/news piece is “According to a report by the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA)” on the third paragraph. They mention reports about other events, but don’t cite them. I’d be inclined to trust a communist party if they are, as SoverignState said, very aware of and against NATO, EU and U.S. imperialism. However their main source is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED*). You need only go to the “Financial Resources” section of the “about us” page on the HRANA website. They say:

HRAI receives donations from individuals and non-profit entities only. Because the organization seeks to remain independent, it doesn’t accept financial aid from neither political groups nor governments. These limitations are essential to maintaining our autonomy. Before March 2011, the organization received donations only from members and partners. But since then, HRAI has also been accepting donations from National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit, non-governmental organization in the United States of America.

(emphasis added)

I doubt I need to remind anyone here that the NED is basically a tool for the US to push for regime change. They do so everywhere the US want’s to push for color revolutions. They contributed to the dissolution to the USSR, are meddling in Latin America, as well as pushing against China. NED is bad news then, and probably now.

Generally, protests are for legitimate concerns, material ones, but are sometimes co-opted by efforts by the U.S. into color revolutions–or attempted ones. The NED is the tool to do this, as they succeeded in the USSR, tried in Hong Kong, Cuba, Venezuela, and likely are trying now. I believe the Iranian people have legitimate reasons to protest, but feat their movement might be co-opted.

I think it’s important I say that, obviously, the Iranian government is far from ideal. The only main positives I know of are their stance against US imperialism, and the fact that they are not forced to sacrifice their natural resources and sovereignty to the global north (which go hand in hand). Hence the incentive for the U.S. to try to co-opt a potential revolution.

Most of what I said is not news, except that perhaps we should be careful about Tudeh party positions. Then again, we should always be critical. Once again, I’m not an expert on this subject, but wanted to share my discovery about likely U.S. influence in perhaps an unexpected place.

I hope this can stimulate discussion about this issue, as I believe Iran’s position relative to the US and China is vital for many things, and hence for the future of AES and multi-polarity. Please correct me, criticize me, and educate me on the subject if you know anything I don’t.

Also, let me know if I’m posting properly on Lemmygrad. This is my first post.

Archive of Tudeh party post

Archive of HRANA about us

Thank you for sharing comrade, very informative. My reaction to seeing that Tudeh was sharing info from an NED front was literally “God damn it.” I don’t mean to unduly criticize any comrades in the Tudeh party for things outside of their control, or to accuse them of being controlled by feds, but with a majority of their leadership in exile across Europe it makes some sense that they wouldn’t have a 100% clear vision of things on the ground in Iran proper.

When did revolutions, strikes, protests and riots become a tool solely for the enemy to use? It’s frustrating as hell that the people’s anger is so frequently and efficiently pivoted towards imperialist interest, with or without their cognizance of it.

Welcome; /c/GenZedong is kind of a general-purpose community at the moment, so this post definitely fits here.



Okay, thanks for the info! Also I didn’t mean to sound overly critical or presumptive. I’ve read a lot of your posts/comments and they are quite insightful and interesting.

My two cents: I have never seen a single case where the NED was on the more ethical side of a conflict. I have zero trust for any organization or person willing to accept money from the NED (unless they disclose it and pull a Nasser), just like I wouldn’t trust anyone funded by any other pro-imperialist terrorist organization. It’s possible that the Tudeh party is either unaware of what the NED is (unlikely, I think) or unaware that they’re funding HRANA (or that they have personally confirmed that the report’s contents are true), but using them as a source certainly smells fishy.


I accidentally created an empty comment, so now I feel compelled to edit it and say something instead of leave it blank or delete it.

NED bad

Iranian communist party idk

Iranian people a in bad situation

But globally also a sensitive one due to ongoing multi polarization

Thank you comrade, it didn’t sound too critical. Situations like this are always complicated and I appreciate the insight you’ve brought to the issue!

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