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nazis supporting russia […] any different from Ukrainian coped nazi fans

They really aren’t

Arco/arch on desktop and Fedora on my laptop but I’m planning on moving either to Fedora Gnome or openSUsE KDE on the desktop since I’ve settled down more and don’t feel the need to be on the bleeding edge.

His take was “It’s like just the good parts of socialism”

yikes… the third way was the proposed alternative to both communism and capitalism, fascism. By Mussolini.

The LEO is able to accommodate about 50,000 satellites, over 80% of which would be taken by Starlink if the program were to launch 42,000 satellites as it has planned


Curious about what this means… Are they trying to port everything over or is it going to be a simpler email app under the thunderbird brand? Either way I think it’s a cool idea.

that was the most brutal thing I’ve seen in a minute

ok? but their laptops are entirely repairable and upgradable down to the CPU. The other 3 just repackage blank laptops with their name and bios on it and call it a day.

I think it’s because it’s transparent since its fine on firefox with its white background

I’m pretty sure you can undelete by pressing the trash button again

edit: can confirm just did it with this comment

shadowbanning users

subreddit mods can’t shadowban, that’s an admin only thing

yeah I was thinking that too, either through lemmygrad as something like or as it’s own domain entirely on something like

they do have that weird twitter/mastodon project that has been looking for a leader for years now

Yep iirc MTC was a subreddit for a long time before the ban but then got banned as a copycat soon after anyways

It might not be on the same level of “easy and quick” as some of the other suggestions here but chili is really simple once you get the hang of it and you can kinda just dump random things from around your kitchen in and make a large amount of food relatively quickly and without a ton of effort.

also you can easily add more protein with some deli meat, not super budget but its definitely easy

They probably done something wrong before so they choose religion to feel forgiven

some people just need something to believe in. The idea that there is a greater meaning to their lives and everything beyond is really important to people.

They just need to make one last game that they can design to be like fortnite and it’s constantly updating multiplayer to make more money. GTA 5 was never designed to be turned into what it is today so adding new content takes a lot of effort, once GTA 6 comes out it will probably end up as the last GTA and it’s online will take the modern method of updating the map every several months forever instead of new game installments.

I used to but the twitter format isn’t really my thing

I don’t think it’s worth replacing KDE on a desktop but if you have a laptop you use for simpler tasks Gnome is perfect for that.

infrared/haz has weird nazbol-ish tendencies in general so I’m not really surprised

no this chart is saying he doesn’t believe china is AES

they are just saying r/informedtankie is sending people here and wondering if anyone else joined from their post, nothing malicious

we need hexbear emojis in lemmy so bad

Ideally, the mods would pull a r/The_Donald and lock the sub with a sticky to move offsite pinned for the next month or so

if we could get even a fraction of the users from reddit on lemmygrad we’d be able to achieve a significant self sustaining community out here without the concern of reddit admins looming over and banning us to defend actual nazis

The people are my god and i am their most loyal servant

hell yeah

shamelessly stolen from [hexbear](

yeah genzedong was one of the last good places on reddit with it gone i dont really have any reason to use it anymore

They had to go out of their way to design their own proprietary system for these drives instead of using existing technology and making it possible to upgrade or repair by users. They went out of their way to develop a way to create more useless e-waste throughout their entire line of products by making them as unrepairable as possible and then they go out and say they’re caring for the environment by not shipping chargers with their phones (made over $6.5 billion USD in profit by no longer providing chargers and earphones with their phones)

> ![]( > > Image: 1945 / Chinese Internet lmao they really cited the entire chinese internet

> ![]( > > Image: 1945 / Chinese Internet lmao they really cited the entire chinese internet

good to know thanks

its probably struggling because of the amount of people trying to use it so quickly, i had trouble just loading it for a little while after the announcement on the subreddit. has a link to jerboa on the play store and fdroid (alternative app store, more up to date)

When CTH got completely banned enough people were able to hold out for hexbear long enough and with enough people where its still really active today. I believe GZD can do the same, especially since so far we’ve only been quarantined and not full on banned (yet)

yes please

> The median income per worker in the US is around $35,000. > > We'd each be earning $42k a year more, not just a straight $42k. > > The absolute middle-of-the-road wage earner would be earning significantly more than DOUBLE what they are earning now. > > And IIRC, this $42k number comes from the RAND corporation a couple years ago. These folks are no analytical slouches, nor are they known as a liberal organization. [~ /u/nincomturd](

cross-posted from: > This guy basically mirrors my experience with KDE and GNOME. I like kde a lot but Gnome feels so much more polished and comfortable to use, especially on laptops.

This guy basically mirrors my experience with KDE and GNOME. I like kde a lot but Gnome feels so much more polished and comfortable to use, especially on laptops.

What are your thoughts on The Book of Boba Fett?
I've seen a lot of people trashing it but so far it's been a pretty cool look into the guts of tatooine and an interesting exploration of Boba Fett even if they're taking him in a direction that I didn't expect. I really liked the story of him being captured by the Tusken Raiders and then earning their trust, then honor, and then being adopted into their tribe.

[OP on r*ddit]( The active tab needs to be a little more distinct but damn the new libadwaita redesign looks amazing, I'll probably switch to GNOME when version 42 releases.

TILvids - Curated Edutainment Peertube instance
It has a few major linux channels and other interesting smaller edutainment channels too

SteamDeck Linux Wiki project
This project aims to create an easy to understand wiki for steam deck user's first introduction to the linux desktop