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Is that so? I was worried about an anarcho-syndicalist-mutualist-egocentric hoi4 ideology infestation.

I just noticed all these new posts. Did lemmygrad stop being ML? Did they stop vetting? How is this being allowed like what’s going on?

Yes because China stood up for Cuba and Vietnam instead…

There was a revolt in the Rif when berber tribes decided to cut ties with the royal family and declare independence. Later there was a period of instability called the years of lead where forces were acting to try to overthrow the Moroccan monarchy.

Because Algeria and Libya had revolutions. There were a few attempts in Morocco but they were all defeated by the government of the ruling family which had become friends with the west since the start of the 20th century.

The population is majority muslim, but the government has no problem being Zionist.

It’s not the middle ages anymore. If it means they can share part of the superprofits, the Moroccan government will abandon any principles it had. This is true for other countries such as Saudi Arabia or even other terrorist groups.

A zionist government that collaborated with french occupiers. The biggest obstacle to stability in North Africa and a traitor to the Palestinian cause.

Lol at Morocco being on the red side

Not seeing Ukraine ads plastered all over the place

At least they got the map right

Why do liberals need to bring up sex any time they talk about anything?

Do they realize how creepy it makes them look?


Government, not people

Someone ought to put those smug faced westerners in their place

I’m graduating this year with a master’s in telecommunications.

Many of my classmates have done their projects with Huawei. Could be a chance to find work in China and move there.

Please liberate Earth, alien comrades

I’m from Morocco. I appreciate most things about this country except for the state.

I like the music, the clothing, the georaphy, the history. I don’t identify with all of these however because I’m from the North of the country and it is slighlty diverse in terms of culture even though it’s almost ethnically homogenous.

I think all people should appreciate their nationality as long as it’s not at the expense of another.