laughs in oldschool ereader

no wonder they didn’t want to pursue that technology, imagine sharing books for free…they try to sell ebooks for the same as a paperback. lmfao’ who wants some free ebook blogs?


Or you can just use Library Genesis, they have millions of books.


I forget who linked to these details, but amazon makes stuff like this legally defensible by being ambiguous about ownership of a kindle book… IE when you buy a book, you’re only buying the ability to read / access it, not the book itself.


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oh thanks for the heads up, reuploaded

Something something ‘done away with’, something something ‘nine-tenths’.

I’m completely supportive of a platform where all the books are available to be downloaded at a monthly subscription. Similar platforms for Movies, Shows and Games too.

Unfortunately such a system isn’t possible under capitalism due to “competition” and IP. Instead we get dozens of platforms none of them with everything someone may need with tons of restrictions. Closest thing that exists to such a system under capitalism is piracy.


lol its best to get a pirated book. unless you get a printed one.

we must accelerate the movement towards FOSS software as well as CC content that can be republished infinitely … the profiteers know that post-scarcity is a threat to their power

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