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hopefully the business you’re trying to buy from begins to accept uncensorable cryptocurrencies. Preferably a robust privacy coin such as Monero. Also the DPRK is mining Monero due to its sanctions-evasion capabilities

as an American communist who isn’t yet a member of a party, I hope eventually we can unite our struggles into a united front or some other sort of vehicle which can carry out the people’s struggle. The working class is being chiseled away at, the class war is being accelerated by the crisis-laden bourgeoisie

also, please contribute anything you know about African socialism to ProleWiki.org !!!

somebody once told me that “Wikipedia is CIA” and the literal sentence I had highlighted for them was sourced by the fucking Iranian State Media 🤣 like uhh … farthest thing from CIA right there with that source

ofc that’s not to say Wikipedia isn’t indeed an ideological battleground with lots of pro-imperialist slant, hence my contributions to ProleWiki.org, I just thought it was kinda funny 🤣

we need to make it easier for more workers to securely leak internal documents and stuff like this (SecureDrop is one such technology)

Fantastic news. Happy to see the rise of multipolarity and the decline of imperial unipolarity. Up next: the USD is no longer the global reserve currency, following decades of debasement and political abuses and sanctions

indeed. check these graphs of opium poppy production in Afghanistan … it only went down under non-US control

we must accelerate the movement towards FOSS software as well as CC content that can be republished infinitely … the profiteers know that post-scarcity is a threat to their power

hoping they’re able to far surpass their already-lofty goals. Here’s to the century of Marxian economics surpassing the outdated capitalist world!

Here’s a copy that’s still up http://www.bannedthought.net/China/Individuals/XiJinping/XiJinping-TheGovernanceOfChina.pdf

EDIT: jk I thought y’all were commenting that the book had been deleted by the creator, but y’all’s actual comments were deleted by you lol

love this! will add it as an external link to ProleWiki’s Marxism-Leninism page!

would be so cool if the government would publish a live dashboard of each of these dimensions and their ongoing progress … could be a good example to the world about the application of scientific socialism to real conditions