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sorry if I came off sounding rude, I was expressing positive surprise! wish you the best of luck on your political path, comrade! to victory!

surprised to see DiaMat on breadtube which tends to hate AES and “Stalinism” [sic.]

indeed. it makes me so deeply angry and ashamed that my country treats its people so horribly. We must untie the poor against the elites and oligarchs which seek only wealth and power.

From Description: Homelessness, hunger and shame: poverty is rampant in the richest country in the world. Over 40 million people in the United States live below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years ago. It can happen very quickly. …

32.3% of web users are Windows. Large companies should be punished for acting in an uncompetitive way to maintain their profits. Competition creates the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, which accelerates us towards the end of capitalism, a hopeful post-capitalist world. (anti-neoliberalism is rising throughout the world, having to defend itself against imperialism)

speaking of OS’s I wanna try DPRK’s Red Star OS or Cuba’s Nova OS

also bullish on free and open source alternatives like Elementary

Wikispooks has been taken down

ProleWiki does not endorse everything on Wikispooks (as this article itself mentions) but it’s sometimes a valuable resource for investigating the various connections of the bourgeoisie. …

yep. false consciousness of the masses to think that their lives will be worse after the elites and oligarchs are overthrown. It’s a big club but we aren’t in it!

the jailed persons in question were unwilling to disclose the funding they’d received from US NGOs. get bent, neocon

Documenting the US information warfare against FSLN

US social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are shutting down pro-Sandinista voices ahead of Wednesday’s election in Nicaragua. Please add more information to this page. …

Eugene V. Debs

Created page for Eugene V. Debs, of particular importance is the “works” section … would love to import his works into the library of ProleWiki, but it’s a very large body of work. It would be quite the undertaking…

perhaps the work ought to be done on ProleWiki itself so anyone can hop in?

I’d recommend uploading the file and creating a link to the library page for the transcription and I can make a maintenance category to track the progress of that work

Billionaire-funded propaganda outlet

I’ve created a page for a recently created billionaire-funded propaganda outlet as reported by the Grayzone. …

any update on this? we could go ahead and create the page even if the body content is not yet finished

Not nice. I thought it was a well-written piece.

Real Charles Schwab vibes from liberal capitalist globalism

seems like a Chinese national security risk … to have US troops on their soil