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Hate cars? add sources here

add sources about why cars are bad here lol…

thankfully their BRI will bring these brrrrring productive forces to many other parts of the world

Meme Stash

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Meme Stash

Please help contribute to the ProleWiki meme stash…

would be nice to have a status page with alerts that shows how much hard work the devs put into maintaining the site, it could be used to encourage people to donate to y’all’s efforts. Solidarity

New Library Entry: Lenin's "To the Rural Poor"

We’ve also added a link to the audiobook version in the infobox !!!..

historical fact will eventually prevail. and we tankies will be proven correct yet again.

no to the US-EU-NATO-Nazi axis! Long live anti-fascism! Long live the working peoples of all races and ethnicities!

celebrating May Day…

search “Operation Aerodynamic” too … wild shit

re: your edit comment: looks like we found a Lemmy bug that we should probably mention to the mods

Marxism describes how advancements in the means of production will create new contradictions in the social relations of production (Stalin’s Dialectical and Historical Materialism describes this quite well) and thus all technological advancement will both destroy the current social order and sew the seeds for the new social order.

can’t wait for the New Thing they choose to obsess about

the fascist tactic of sending children into an active war zone is designed specifically to result in anti-Russian atrocity propaganda (as if sending children into a war zone will have any other outcome!)

even tho I’m a tankie, I can’t help but recommend the surprisingly not-terrible verso book, Fully Automated Luxury Communism. It’s a good read. I have ADHD too and books like that actually help me to slow down and think (still need to fold my laundry)

the only crypto that the DPRK could drop an address and everyone could donate to … without getting in thrown in prison lol

arguably the stupidity in their press is a form of psychological warfare to worsen the thinking capacity of the reader, can’t have the rabble thinking dangerously good thoughts (like those contained in Marxist texts).

must pump idiocy and confusion into the brains of the commoner

not only does the Economist remain the mouthpiece of British millionaires (the Lenin quote needs to be updated to “billionaires”), but it also is just abhorrently stupid

Scott Ritter's Twitter was suspended

we’ve added his telegram and other links…

r/476AD banned on Reddit

Here’s a comment on /r/GenZedong that points to a banned subreddit called /r/476AD … anybody know if they migrated elsewhere? perhaps Lemmy or Telegram? I’m curious to check it out…

GZ's ProleWiki page updated to show censorship

We’ve updated GenZedong’s ProleWiki page to reveal the censorship you’ve been subjected to. Please become a contributor and help us to improve the page and other pages! …

New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine

New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine…

Russell Bentley in Donbass

Just created a new page for journalist Russell Bentley…

2022 Minneapolis teachers' strike

Ongoing strike, needs more information…

2022 Russo-Ukranian conflict

Current event needs more contributors, or if you’ve got criticisms drop em in the comments below and we’ll try to correct the page in accordance with your suggestions!..

New page: Anya Parampil

US-based anti-imperialist pro-socialist journalist…

Burkina Faso Coup

We’re trying to collect more information about the influence of international capital and imperialism over this ongoing current event …

Anti-communist moderators on /r/AntiWork

we’ve added new information about the anti-communist moderation policies of /r/AntiWork…

can I get an amen …

It is the responsibility of those living in the US to demand that their congresspeople suspend support for nazis in Ukraine. It is imperative for all others to resist empire’s lackeys wherever they arise. …