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A common refrain in Iran is “Not capitalism, but Islam”

“Too many of the ultra religious folks turn to fascism in the same horrible ways that the capitalists do” what, then, of Stalin’s reconstitution of the church and promotion of socialist morality on the basis of orthodox teachings? Or do you agree with the CIA’s Hannah Arendt’s claim that communism is just “successful fascism”?

Religion can take many forms. It can be a tool of the oppressor (Christianity’s use in colonialism) or it can be a tool of the oppressed (Christianity’s use in Liberation Theology to fight against colonialism) … so too is Islam being used progressively to fight against imperialism and to fight on behalf of the oppressed (Iran has throughout its history lent support to oppressed peoples and their leaders such as the Black Panther Party)

I support women’s rights. I also expect more details surrounding these current events to continue to come out in due time. but first and foremost I will not criticize that which is in the crosshairs of US imperialism. I lend my full support to the Iranian government in its struggle against imperialism, and as a matter of secondary importance I lend support to those within Iran seeking to reform it in a non-western, non-capitalist way.

perhaps so, but playing devil’s advocate, there was lots of left wing aesthetics being toted around in support of US proxies in Syria (Rojava, Democratic Confederalism bullshit, feminism, so much so that they even attracted left-wing political podcaster Brace Belden of TrueAnon which is the most lucrative Patreon podcast to this day. … the CIA’s Special Activities Division is pretty smart these days I will say)

Beijing needs to finally finish the decolonization of HK … these pro-British freaks need to be in jail

the claim isn’t that the progressive bourgeoise is funding socialists, the claim is that they’re funding liberalism

optimism is your revolutionary duty. pessimism stands in opposition to victory.

this demonstrates how seldom you speak with construction workers, I’ve found that my construction buddies are far more receptive towards marxism than my well-educated liberal peers who I fucking hate

they’re both forms of liberalism

that the bourgeoisie has constructed artificial controlled opposition within the progressive movement, similar to the Congress for Cultural Freedom

New Page: Rent Strike
New Page: Rent Strike

hang out by the pool, contribute to ProleWiki, wear my Starbucks Workers United ballcap in coffeeshops, participate in my local community book swap to promote communism

which books you planning on reading?

the term nazbol is so useless, some random political party in Russia that disbanded after like a year. Call them transphobes and move on

just added the video as a source to the page, thanks for the recommendation!

Hate cars? add sources here
add sources about why cars are bad here lol

consumer credit, unfortunately

thankfully their BRI will bring these brrrrring productive forces to many other parts of the world

how in the world did u do this comrade

Meme Stash
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/255206 > Please help contribute to the ProleWiki meme stash

Meme Stash
Please help contribute to the ProleWiki meme stash

would be nice to have a status page with alerts that shows how much hard work the devs put into maintaining the site, it could be used to encourage people to donate to y’all’s efforts. Solidarity

New Library Entry: Lenin’s “To the Rural Poor”
We've also added a link to the audiobook version in the infobox !!!

historical fact will eventually prevail. and we tankies will be proven correct yet again.

no to the US-EU-NATO-Nazi axis! Long live anti-fascism! Long live the working peoples of all races and ethnicities!

new pamphlets dropped
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/217810 > celebrating May Day

celebrating May Day

search “Operation Aerodynamic” too … wild shit

re: your edit comment: looks like we found a Lemmy bug that we should probably mention to the mods

Marxism describes how advancements in the means of production will create new contradictions in the social relations of production (Stalin’s Dialectical and Historical Materialism describes this quite well) and thus all technological advancement will both destroy the current social order and sew the seeds for the new social order.

can’t wait for the New Thing they choose to obsess about

the fascist tactic of sending children into an active war zone is designed specifically to result in anti-Russian atrocity propaganda (as if sending children into a war zone will have any other outcome!)

even tho I’m a tankie, I can’t help but recommend the surprisingly not-terrible verso book, Fully Automated Luxury Communism. It’s a good read. I have ADHD too and books like that actually help me to slow down and think (still need to fold my laundry)

the only crypto that the DPRK could drop an address and everyone could donate to … without getting in thrown in prison lol

arguably the stupidity in their press is a form of psychological warfare to worsen the thinking capacity of the reader, can’t have the rabble thinking dangerously good thoughts (like those contained in Marxist texts).

must pump idiocy and confusion into the brains of the commoner

not only does the Economist remain the mouthpiece of British millionaires (the Lenin quote needs to be updated to “billionaires”), but it also is just abhorrently stupid

if a country wants to circumvent sanctions, it would be wise to use a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets can be blacklisted due to their lack of privacy. Transactions can be monitored by anyone. Monero is a good Bitcoin alternative, and I think folks are working on various privacy-oriented Ethereum alternatives like SCRT and TARI (iirc)

as a human myself, misanthropes are my enemy. We mustn’t hesitate to defend our species from that which seeks to exterminate us.

Long live the working people of the world!

would be cool to get a running list of banned books on ProleWiki, similar to how we have a “targets of censorship” category https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Category:Targets_of_censorship

hell yeah, we’d go to work so we could benefit our communities and our country, rather than some exploitative capitalist!

also repaving roads and building new infrastructure, since capitalism has neglected that for so long

playing economic simulator videogames to help train the AI’s that power the economic planning models

this is true. although in the transitionary period we will have to fight against laziness and anti-work sentiments. work can be fulfilling until we finally automate everything

Scott Ritter’s Twitter was suspended
we've added his telegram and other links

r/476AD banned on Reddit
Here's a comment on /r/GenZedong that points to a banned subreddit called /r/476AD ... anybody know if they migrated elsewhere? perhaps Lemmy or Telegram? I'm curious to check it out

GZ’s ProleWiki page updated to show censorship
We've updated GenZedong's ProleWiki page to reveal the censorship you've been subjected to. Please become a contributor and help us to improve the page and other pages! Welcome to Lemmy, comrades!

New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/144352 > New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine

New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine
New Info: Islamist extremists fighting alongside neo-nazis in ukraine

Russell Bentley in Donbass
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/143835 > Just created a new page for journalist Russell Bentley

Russell Bentley in Donbass
Just created a new page for journalist Russell Bentley

2022 Minneapolis teachers’ strike
Ongoing strike, needs more information

2022 Russo-Ukranian conflict
Current event needs more contributors, or if you've got criticisms drop em in the comments below and we'll try to correct the page in accordance with your suggestions!

New page: Anya Parampil
US-based anti-imperialist pro-socialist journalist

Burkina Faso Coup
We're trying to collect more information about the influence of international capital and imperialism over this ongoing current event

Anti-communist moderators on /r/AntiWork
we've added new information about the anti-communist moderation policies of /r/AntiWork

can I get an amen

It is the responsibility of those living in the US to demand that their congresspeople suspend support for nazis in Ukraine. It is imperative for all others to resist empire's lackeys wherever they arise.

COVID-19 pandemic page
Needs contributions!

Hawaii: Needs contributions
I've gone ahead and created a Hawaii page in response to recent reporting by the Empire Files about indigenous resistance to US Navy's poisoning of the water. It is a "stub" page and needs additional content and structure.

Achievements of socialism
Please help add to this list of socialism's achievements!

New Page: Midwestern Marx
Created new page for Midwestern Marx, please help contribute to it!

Started the Honduras page
Just began the Honduras page, it's a stub for now, so please add more information to it! Solidarity forever!

From Description: Homelessness, hunger and shame: poverty is rampant in the richest country in the world. Over 40 million people in the United States live below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years ago. It can happen very quickly. Many people in the United States fall through the social safety net. In the structurally weak mining region of the Appalachians, it has become almost normal for people to go shopping with food stamps. And those who lose their home often have no choice but to live in a car. There are so many homeless people in Los Angeles that relief organizations have started to build small wooden huts to provide them with a roof over their heads. The number of homeless children has also risen dramatically, reaching 1.5 million, three times more than during the Great Depression the 1930s. A documentary about the fate of the poor in the United States today.

UPDATE: UK journalist prevented from entering Nicaragua to observe election
More western attacks against the free and fair elections of Nicaragua

Wikispooks has been taken down
ProleWiki does not endorse everything on Wikispooks (as this article itself mentions) but it's sometimes a valuable resource for investigating the various connections of the bourgeoisie. as of Friday November 12, 2021, their site appears to be down. This page could be used to track down mirrored sites.

Communism will win, comrades

Documenting the US information warfare against FSLN
US social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are shutting down pro-Sandinista voices ahead of Wednesday's election in Nicaragua. Please add more information to this page. Better yet, let's turn this into a thread of tons of sources relating to this, and I'll take those sources from the thread and add them to the wiki page myself. Other contributors are welcomed, too.

Eugene V. Debs
Created page for Eugene V. Debs, of particular importance is the "works" section ... would love to import his works into the library of ProleWiki, but it's a very large body of work. It would be quite the undertaking

Billionaire-funded propaganda outlet
I've created a page for a recently created billionaire-funded propaganda outlet as reported by the Grayzone. Please contribute by creating red-linked pages or adding to this page. Thanks!

radlib vaush complaining about anti imperialists