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laughs in oldschool ereader

no wonder they didn’t want to pursue that technology, imagine sharing books for free…they try to sell ebooks for the same as a paperback. lmfao’ who wants some free ebook blogs?

Want an invice code? “Free to play” game, but I propably can get you a few gimmicks to start with and a clan if you want.

Nah, Dreadnoughts before fantasy-BS. 8)

World of Warships.

Reddit is a liberal shithole these days…glad to see you, comrades.

I did never say you don’t understand ML… all I said is that Mao offers a great insight to it.- His theory of contradiction is utterly brilliant, hence me linking his speech. MLPD here btw.

My lenovo was made in China at least…can’t wait for Harmony-OS.

…your own party? which one would that be? And imho that speech is an absolute fundamental in understanding Marxism-Leninism as such.

The Chinese Soviet Republic really is a fascinating piece of history.

Yes, that was what seemed to me as the most important aspect of it as well…have you read Maos speech “on contradictions” from 1957?

One part really stuck with me: where he talks about freedom and exploitation. “When there is freedom to exploit there is no freedom from exploitation.”

He really has the question of personal freedom within socialism cornered there.

Mao Zedong is a very underrated thinker imho. Everybody goes "great leap, red guards, hurrdurr, china bad… without ever reading what he actually wrote. Good to read is “Concerning Questions of Leninism” by Stalin as well.

Wow, I bet the poor bastards are going to be so relieved a woman will bomb them instead of a filthy cishet white male -___-

Remember what Biden ordered as Obamas deputy?

Oh, that one! Watched it ages ago, it’s on youtube somewhere.