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After readig your article on your position its completly justified to bann hin. However shouldn’t there be an official position against rivisioninsm such as the Sino soviet split that resulted in countless comrades being killed in war? Apologies if im not educated enough and i do not intend spreading false information.

any information o where the heads of the wiki can be reached like trough a discord server or something?

whats even the diffrence between the maoists and the traditional ML’s?

ofc there are only 14 countries that matter in world opinion. All the bilions living outside of the west+japan and SK are clearly unimportant. these “public” opinion polls are ridiculous.

Yeah I’m in it. It’s just sad to see that even the most organized groups can’t escape internet drama like these.

btw what happened to @bayarea_415 on that server?

he is truely the best foreign minister to have walked this earth.

what we're the implementation of democracy i the soviet union?

in debate with my history teacher we disccused democracy in the USSR and its development. more specificaly, what was the election that lenin supposedly held and then rejected in 1918? I would also be thankfull if anyone could site sources regarding the 1936 stalin constitution…

It disgusts me to see my home country of Sweden abstaining from combating fascism.

thank you this was really helpful.

sources on Obama´s war crimes.

wonderng if there is any list of US foreign criminal inerventions by the Obama administraton…

Boys, we failed. The west loves him so much they made a report just to see if he’s aight.

It’s funny how they all think that ML’s are a minority in the left

i wanted to avoid saying that the US was racist, but i guess its the sad truth.

she did draw a parrarel with cuba and costa rica which apparently is a social democratic nation. She argues that a planned economy makes it less inefficent compared to a domestic free market like farmer markets dont exist in Cuba. i highly doubt that no market economy exists in cuba since they have a tw currency system, but i would still like to know more.

What is the state of the domestic Cuban economy? [Debating with my mom part 2]

So since I would consider myself a baby ML. I don’t really trust myself in being able to defend the history and the ideology of Marxism Leninism. …

Can someone help me find the survey of socialism being favored in EasternEurope. [Debating with my mom part 1]

I didn’t really know where to post this but I figured this is sub is the most general sub. …

What even happened to badmouse, he had such great videos

Ofc the picture has to be Kim

it’s in the article to