How do we grow lemmygrad?

Is this the main place for english speaking communists? I don’t feel like there’s anywhere to congregate and feel at home.


Yeah, and /r/communism isn’t really friendly to open discussion among communists unless you’re fine with eventually getting banned…

Speaking of which, I know a mod there; he says that the Maoists are slowly trying to take over.

And apparently, they’re even more ban-happy than the rest of the mods.

Take that for what you will…


whats even the diffrence between the maoists and the traditional ML’s?


Maoists stress certain aspects of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought in particular. The problem is that Mao did not represent a “rupture” from Marxism-Leninism; rather, despite what Gonzalo said, it’s basically predicated on AES (Actually Existing Socialism) being non-existent. Hence, why Maoists generally attack certain countries like China and Vietnam in particular.

Here’s a good article on the difference between Maoism and Mao Zedong Thought:


wait… maoists don’t think china is good? wtf…


It’s true; they think it’s revisionist.


Wait for Reddit to ban another sub

Surely they should begin migrating since FULLCOMMUNISM got quarantined?..

also try to post more content. What do people like to read?

Reddit has not been banning that much recently so maybe many have just re-made their communities there.


Just share it around where you can, I’m not too good at advertising this around.

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