I’m quite fond of communism, personally.

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Is Indonesia like Latin America in that regard? As in, virtually everyone has indigenous ancestry, but relatively few people have maintained their precolonial customs, language, religion, etc

Yeah a lot of American politics revolves around begging politicians to do the thing they’re ostensibly there to do. It really makes the notion that we’re a democracy laughable.

That kid’s going places. One of those places might be museum jail though

He’s an artist. You might know him from the song Because I Got High

Well I’m glad to be one of the senior members of Lemmygrad now 😇

🎶 Are there any kidnapping victims inside my suit pockets?🎶

MFW peace 😨😱😭😡🤬🤬🇺🇲💣

Love that guy reaching out to poke it

I’m sure once those subs get too much bad press, Reddit will get rid of them… alongside some communists subreddits

Turning myself into a living maraca sounds pretty fun apart from the crotch rocks

Here’s a link to the interview that isn’t so deep fried. It was a “very hard choice” for her indeed 🙄

Afroman didn’t turn it into one music video, he turned it into three! 😂 The songs are Why You Disconnecting My Video Camera, Will You Help Me Repair My Door, and Lemon Pound Cake

Oh my god they’re roommates

Thanks! (lemmy has bread days?)

Bing gives pretty alright results. Until you search “Bolshevik symbol” instead

I’d bully them lol

More seriously, your cousin just sounds young and naïve. She’ll probably grow out of it considering she’s black, queer, and faintly progressive. Either that or she’ll become Candace Owens 2 or something.

It’s funny that even the feds are abusing ai Trump. My favorite is this video where he and Biden argue about FE7 Nino.

Y otra vez los EEUU pretenden ser los libertadores del mundo, rescatando la gente de su gobierno corrupto. Espero que los gringos no sean tan burros para creer estas mentiras como lo creen sobre China.

For the left side I get that the joke is that Asians are yellow and Tigger sounds like the n-word, but what’s the link between Putin and piglet?

I get what you’re saying and I agree, the people who direct industry are by far the most responsible for SUV usage.

I wasn’t arguing against that, I was arguing against the notion that SUVs and pickups (the humongous modern ones) are reasonable things for urban and suburban people to drive.

And though the guy spent a lot of time mocking the stereotypical macho man, his policy proposals were focused on regulating industry to move production back towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles & making existing light trucks safer and more practical. He didn’t propose for everyone to “just stop buying SUVs” as a solution. The cogent historical overview he gave for how current SUV production came to be suggests he has a solid understanding of economics from a systemic perspective.

I don’t want to sound like I’m his pr manager because I’m not and I don’t care what your opinion of him is. I’m just taken aback by how you received someone who was making salient points, albeit in a less-than-communist way. And yes I know the devil is in the details and actual laws will need to implement these ideas with much more specificity and rigor, but this was a YouTube video, not a board meeting.

They can spell things out so candidly and people here will still believe that US military intervention is about democracy.

Why 69 hours specifically? Did they choose it for the funni number?

Looks like a great knight from fire emblem! You should give them a name and some personality quirks and a few spouses to complete their character

Koalas and other endangered species are being driven to extinction right now by logging publicly owned forests. This video shows the desertification of the logging sites.

I don’t know if that makes things better or worse…

Maybe Canadians are easier to dupe regarding US politics because you guys aren’t facing the brunt of it.

Wow your class praised Trump? They thought he knew how to run a country?? You guys have to be the whitest of the white in order for that to be remotely believable.

SUVs are the second largest contributor to the increase in global CO2 emissions since 2010. We don’t have the time to pick and choose which polluters to target, we need to be targeting all of them. And SUVs are a growing problem that we need to address before they become even more of an issue.

And because I’m confident that you didn’t watch much of this video, THESE are the vehicles that he and I take issue with:

This picture compares an SUV to a station wagon, a cheaper, smaller, safer vehicle with more space. What use value does an SUV have that station wagons don’t? Besides running over pedestrians.

Also, if you’re concerned about pickup trucks then it’s in your interest to regulate them too. Because they have gotten larger and more expensive with much smaller beds, the thing people ostensibly buy them for.

I’ve said enough already and I don’t want to continue this conversation anymore. If you don’t see the issue with people driving tank-sized cars for everyday travel then there’s nothing I can tell you to convince you otherwise.

Yeah I think stuff like this is what ultimately drives people to support American foreign policy/believe US narratives. It isn’t a matter of providing compelling evidence, but creating a feeling.

Westerners live in an environment where state targets are so routinely vilified, othered, and censored that they’re primed to believe anything negative & dismiss everything positive about them regardless of veracity.

I’ve run into this problem a lot when trying to debunk disinformation. You can knock down every individual claim that holds up a narrative, but people will still believe it. Because it feels true. And how do you disprove a feeling? Especially one that’s shared by that person’s friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

It’s more than a little disheartening. /:

I wasn’t referring to you as arrogant in my previous comment, I was talking about asshole SUV drivers. Sorry for being unclear.

I still don’t understand what you’re talking about though. The only policy proposals I see in this video are to 1) reduce/eliminate the import tax on light trucks 2) reclassify which vehicles count as light trucks 3) tighten regulations on the emissions of these vehicles 4) increase the visibility of the front-end of these vehicles 5) make these vehicles conform to the same safety standards as regular cars 6) restrict the use of these vehicles within cities.

I’m sincerely baffled by what you’re taking away from this. Rural America isn’t within the scope of this video or this channel and that was made clear by the very first sentence. You’re making it sound like he wants to purge all large vehicles from the country right this instant but that’s not what he’s saying. At all. 😵‍💫

That bit about Kevin Frost was news to me, thanks for sharing! Australia was founded for criminals and hasn’t gotten any better since, sheesh.

I find your criticisms strange because this video began by explicitly framing the issue of SUV ownership around building walkable cities. So I’m honestly not sure what your point is. Large vehicles have use cases in rural areas? Yeah man, I agree.

I think you should work on your listening skills because you’re arguing against no one. Here’s a quote from the video that illustrates my point:

“And if you do live in a rural area, you might need to drive a light truck and obviously that’s fine and I don’t care. But we’re talking about suburbia here and come on. You know as well as I do that the vast, vast, vaaast majority of drivers in these light trucks are carrying exactly 2 things: their briefcase and their fat ass. And most people don’t use a briefcase anymore.” (quote starts at 14:22)

“Intelligence community” oh my fucking god do they seriously refer to their criminal cabal as a fucking “community” come on

And nowadays, Australian officials keep themselves occupied by snorting cocaine, gambling, and firebombing the houses of YouTubers

I agree that the guy is putting a lot of emphasis on attacking SUV drivers and spends comparatively little time taking about how capitalism brought us here… but you do know those types of drivers exist, right? I mean the arrogant, selfish, boastful people that use their vehicle as a status symbol and couldn’t care less about whatever harm they’re causing. Not every SUV or truck driver is like this, but they’re definitely out there, it’s not a strawman.

Anyway, are you seriously advocating for SUVs as a safety precaution? You know what’s safer than SUVs? Vehicles that are less massive and less rigid. And yeah driving in the snow is easier with 4x4 but most of the USA isn’t snowy and the parts that are are only like that for a few months. And keep in mind that northern Europe gets just as much snow as the US, but they don’t have the same SUV usage as America does.

Also no one is saying that we should get rid of personal vehicles that can haul loads. Farmers and tradesmen need them, no contest, but the type of trucks that this guy takes issue with aren’t the type of trucks that workers want. They’re big and expensive with small beds and poor fuel economy, a far cry from the trucks that were commonly produced a few decades ago and hardly representative of what manual laborers need.

And what gave you the impression that he wants to stop all SUV usage right this second? Of course it’s going to take time to move away from them and alternatives need to be put in place to facilitate the transition away from not just SUVs, but driving in general. You and me and him are all in agreement on this.

I feel like because you dislike this guy, you’re taking contrarian positions just to dunk on him. Cool your jets, dude.

US journalists are just mouthpieces. That swap spit frequently

Didn’t US feds create the dark web in the first place? Kinda pathetic that they can’t even manage their own networks

Time to build Tenochtitlan 2

That restaurant better have had salsa de molcajete at least! Pretty weird to have named it that otherwise. It’d be like calling a restaurant “Blender” and not serving anything made in a blender or even knowing what a blender is.

Funny to see molcajete on this list. If you don’t know, that’s just what these Mexican mortars are called:

P.S. the pestle is called a tejolote

Reframing geopolitics from a Marxist perspective
A banger conversation where Radhika Desai challenges common narratives regarding world development communistly. She made a lot of interesting arguments and I took some notes that I'm gonna share here: - imperialism is when nationstates manage capitalism's contradictions at the expense of subordinate territories - once capitalism develops in one country, other countries are forced to either become subordinate (buy their excess commodities, surrender resources) or develop themselves (protectionist, state-directed industrialization) - maintaining unevenness is imperialism, resisting this underdevelopment is anti-imperialism - global development is not the spread of markets, not the rule of successive hegemonies, but the spread of multipolarity - golden age of capitalism was after WWII and was actually ruined by capitalism, not caused by it - - it came about from socialist policies that wringed monopolies: regulations, full employment, welfare, universal education, healthcare, price controls - - neoliberalism is the rolling back of these measures to protect capitalism, prevent further socialist development Highly recommend you guys listen in! This video made a lot of ideas click for me. [Btw here's a free link to her book](https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-mono/10.4324/9781003200000/capitalism-coronavirus-war-radhika-desai)

Who shot JFK?
A hilarious overview of all the official and unofficial explanations of who was responsible for the JFK assassination. Very thorough and based.

guys I just found out about Special Drawing Rights
The IMF can literally conjure any amount of money out of thin air whenever they feel like it wtf how have I never heard about this And before you ask, yes, almost all money created goes straight into the coffers of western countries instead of to the global south

A discussion on the current and future impact of US sanctions
I know it's a really long video (play it at 2x speed) but I thought it was fantastic and the part from 25:33-27:17 was particularly insightful: "The impact of sanctions on Iran or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Syria is something that those who may oppose western governments don't really ever discuss. So imagine if instead there was a NATO attack on Iran, you would have immediate clarity of what's happening. But the impact of sanctions on the Iranian people is not something that generates any sort of political mobilization in the core. Instead, actually, what it enables is a representation of imperialist states as humanitarian states." "It's not like you're bringing home people in body bags. It's not like people in the US see the outcome of sanctions because it's not like CNN is going to cover the fact that Iranians of dying of rare diseases because they can't access certain pharmaceutical medications that they aren't able to produce in their own country and can't buy because of sanctions. That's all out of sight out of mind ... you'll have almost no public backlash"

They straight up can't locate 61% of their assets, including weapons, planes, ships, and even buildings. In total, this amounts to several *TRILLIONS* of dollars since 1998 that are completely unaccounted for.

Dekulakization from the Soviet Perspective
The history of how the USSR got rid of kulaks as told from their own point of view

How Much Money Can We Launder In A Day?
Spoilers: 22,500 Australian Dollars

History of US Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
In these pressing times, the magnanimous United States has decided to celebrate the holiday season by imposing some new sanctions against Zimbabwe. This vid explains the long history of Zimbabwean debt to western powers. P.S. It's so difficult to find more information about this because literally no one is reporting on it. [This press release from the US Treasury](https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy1158) is all I got.

An insightful video assessing the origins of our modern western genders and why defining womanhood is such a contentious dispute. (this video is over 40 minutes long but it was so interesting I didn't even notice)

I just discovered this right now and I've never heard anyone mention it so I thought I'd share. For some reason, collapsed comments get expanded once they're offscreen though.

The war in Ukraine has caused a split recently among leftists and this video discusses the history of similar splits. It's very long, but the first 20 minutes are particularly relevant so I recommend watching through at least that much on 2x speed.

⚠️ Content warning for transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, and racism ⚠️ This video series is an investigation of the anti-trans "gender critical" cult. It details how they recruit people, abuse children, and manipulate the public. Apologies for the serious topic, but I think comrades here would appreciate Caelan's videos!

What’s the difference between Xism and X thought?
Like, Maoism/Mao Zedong thought or Dengism/Deng Xiaoping thought. This distinction seems to matter but I don't understand why.


And people wonder why other countries block US media...

What are the origins of the phrase “critical support”?
I see people talk about it a lot, but I can't find much information about who coined the phrase and what it actually means. It would be much appreciated if someone could post some theory on the subject!