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  • There is like one line about how even rich people can’t escape it - as a person who’s known people from rich high schools, sure yeah it’s pretty funny that they’re doing fentanyl and crashing their cars lol, I saw it myself and had little sympathy tbqh. Hard drugs and even alcohol do not appeal to me

    Is that what you’re referring to? Because the broader data is very depressing and I assumed you meant the broader point lf tbe article. this is a way bigger cancer on communities that suffer deprivation as a result of inequality where people have no prospects and have no hope for the world and have nothing to do

    It’s an article about inequality killing children via despair instead of just middle aged white dudes with no college education in areas that had deindustrialization (because we’ve deindustrialized to the furthest extent we can the growth in precarious service work is huge, people would probably just rather die than be an adult working at jack in the box or a warehouse, at least that’s my read)

  • Yes, literally. If you want to just froth at the mouth with rage against some wannabe- rich brooklyn drug addicts go look up the RedScarePod subreddit thread on it, or I’ll post it to you later if I can stomach it lol

    They had like a 130 comment ⭕️jerk session about how the Woodsman from twin peaks is taking over every city in America.

    I am also desperate to see the liberals and conservatives here suffer appropriate consequences for their actions and words. But please don’t comment on other stuff I post about how younger people getting poorer and sicker in America and dying in car accidents and suicides more is good lmao. Like yes it’s a sign of america’s weakness that the financial rentier class has to pass on losses to us but it’s not like the working class of america is unchanged since the era since everyone was a bought off labor aristocrat who thought they were an investor+real estate developer bc they have a 401k and a mortgage. I’m still figuring all this out myself 😅 I gotta go find a shitty roomshare situation today - im salty, but calling me a kkkracker $$ettler who needs dongfeng missiles is not gonna make me any saltier or really fuck over the rentier class that runs the empire or their henchmen - for one I would welcome the hypothetical missiles and a clean end and some finality to it all, at least I would know what was happening sort of. there would be a smugness to it. in reality we have to manage our floundering under the boot of JP Morgan until the end so they can’t extract too much blood with the vampiric boot spikes (??? I havent had coffee yet) or yeah I guess just all go Jonestown on this removed and k*ll ourselvss 😈😈😈