Ngl a comrade kinda exhausted rn I constantly feel like I’m having to write academic papers on political theory and history or you know lately being called a Holocaust denier

I am unapologetically a Marxist Leninist. In my experience, my somewhat apolitical/slightly conservative friends have been much more receptive to this than my lib friends. Libs will always say it’s a systemic issue but never say that issue is capitalism.


Comrade you should learn from Roger Stone

Never defend. Attack attack attack

If someone brings up 100 million dead under communism reply with the fact 1.8 billion indians died under British capitalism alone

Then start rattling off all the death tolls of US imperialism

If someone criticises Stalin as a baby killing monster ask why he has a 70 percent approval rating (85 with Mao) in Russia?

You should mostly be gaslighting liberals that enter conversation with no good faith toward you - it is your job there to weaken liberalism rather than defend socialism

Once you get into this mindset its honestly hilarious


You should mostly be gaslighting liberals that enter conversation with no good faith toward you - it is your job there to weaken liberalism rather than defend socialism

Yep, and this tactic is far easier to pull off if you have the numbers on your side. It’s more difficult for a lib to fall back on cultural hegemony when they’re isolated.

yeah quite a bit. I’m from the south (in the US), and holy shit since becoming a communist I feel like I could straight get lynched sometimes. Not everyone is vehemently against communism, to be against it is the default as in most places, but with all the “kill a commie for mommie” and “what are you? a commie?” I get quite uncomfortable knowing I’m supposed to be their enemy.


Everyday, comrade. Constantly being gaslit and framed as a wacko advocating a dead ideology does that to a MFer. All you can do is find comrades and an org and get a social group going. I swear I would go batty if I didn’t know a bunch of FRSO and DSA people. That and a got lucky and I have a communist partner. Just try and do the work if you can and enevitabley the masses will come around, hopefully within our lifetimes

Yeah, it sucks. Even if I get them to agree in the short term it’s only a matter of time before mainstream media or the opinions of the other people they talk to, who also get their opinions from the MSM, claws them back into the default position of the reactionary first-world liberal.

Honestly I get more alienated when stuff like that happens in supposedly leftist spaces though. Average IRL people I can just avoid or whatever, but seeing leftist websites almost always cater to anti-communist leftists really discourages me sometimes.


Solidarity, comrade. I have friends of a vaguely apolitical but unmistakeably liberal bent that find my politics curious. It’s officially spoilt barbeques for me. I don’t want to have to defend my political beliefs and conscience every waking minute of my life, sometimes I want to just kick back and enjoy a hotdog with the boys.


Sometimes it feels almost pointless… if I say I’m a communist to a random person, I inevitably get “well what about Stalin and Mao”, and I either have to 1) have patience to talk for an hour about why Stalin didn’t eat babies and was good actually, or 2) be incredibly snarky about their political heroes and leanings. We should always strive for 1, but its easy to lose patience.

If you can, try to join a communist group in your area so you don’t feel that all your political discussions are on a grade-school level.


If you can, try to join a communist group in your area so you don’t feel that all your political discussions are on a grade-school level.

For me it’s not frustrating because the discussions are low level or whatever. As a person who loves humanity, it’s like seeing the “soul of man” (yeah, I’m spiritual in that way) ripped apart in slow motion. It’s like humanity is sinking into the darkness for me. This is why I’m often reduced to tears when I hear about stuff like Cuban doctors, because the light that comes from socialism, so warm, so filled with kindness, so filled with strength against the darkness of Empire, represents the best of humanity.


Not really for me.

I have many friends from outside the country and my family supports me. But I understand how you feel. It can be daunting sometimes, but just remember that the truth is on your side. Anyways, take care, comrade.

Ever? Every socialist feels that at some point in their lives, unless you’re actually born in socialist society and everyone around you is already a socialist of some sort. Why are you asking?


Of course. Just trying to start a discussion I guess since the US election I’ve been talking a lot more about China and the dangers of US imperialism plus seeing some of the ignorance of liberals and its just so exhausting

But why start a discussion?


Because I feel alienated? I feel like discussing that with comrades would help especially because like you said others will be dealing with the same feelings. Have you got a problem with it? I don’t understand your comments am I in the wrong community?

Ok, that’s a good reason. I’m not attacking you LOL. I even contemplated whether my bluntness was going to cause you to react that way.

I ask because I’m interested in people’s goals. Why people do things. Why people feel the need to qualify their positions with “But China do bad here!” when defending the targets of US imperialism.


There are still better ways to ask about it if you’re curious.


TeethOrCoat is incredibly rude, which is why I mostly ignore him now.

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