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I can’t believe this guy is allowed the be in the leadership of a “Communist” party

PSL isn’t on Solidnet, but they deserve to be. CPUSA uses its cloud to block any other parties in the USA from being on Solidnet.

I’m in PCUSA. We have attempted to join Solidnet several times, but CPUSA uses their hegemony to block us. We have spoke with the KKE and they are going to submit us for consideration next Solidnet congress, but they say we will likely be blocked again.

Solidnet is not so good anyway, they allow Social Democrat and Maoist groups in. That is why PCUSA, The KKE and others are trying to form a sort of new Cominterm. We aren’t powerful enough yet, but Real communist parties are gathering once again following the true path of Marxism Leninism. We recognize the KKE as the current center of the global communist movement.


The General Secretary of PCUSA drew this during the Perestroika years when he was still in the CPUSA. Afterward they told him he was “on thin ice” for being so critical of Gorbachev. Not long after, all CPUSA clubs that still supported the Soviet Union were cut off from the Party without notice or e…

The Road to Socialism!

I’m seeing lots of assertions and little material analysis.

Faith is a bad word choice. At least to me, faith means belief without evidence. Marxism, Communism and SWCC have been proven affective. I blame the translation lol

Several hundred million of my best friends are Chinese!

That just makes it sound like they pop pills all the time, lol.

her opinions, Comrade! Not that she puts her pronouns front and center or anything. But yea, boohoo the poor landlords, but this video is way better than the “RED FASH CHINA” we usually get from libertarian socialist types

Master owning Slave is a different class relation compared to Boss Vs. Worker. Similer in many ways, but different in others. A slave and a worker often have the same class interests, but selling one’s labor for a wage is one of the defining factors of proletarian.

I second this one for sure.

There’s bunkerchan.xyz if you want a communist 4chan.

@muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml pretty much covered most of the theoretical problems with Trotskyism, so I won’t delve into that. What I care about more is just the fact that Trotskyism is just irreverent. There has never been a Trot revolution. Trots pretty much only exist in the Western world where socialism hasn’t taken hold to any major degree (unfortunately). What bothers me the most is that Trots don’t support any of the current socialist states, or even the USSR. They are dogmantic idealists, and the only reason anyone knows they exist is because they go to every rally and try to sell you their crappy newspapers. Kshama Sawant is kind of cool though.

Ahh, it feels so much more special when the police brutality is so close to my home

Come on China just take Taiwan back already, I’m sure those boats don’t have any ammunition just like the Taiwan army

Absolutely! I know it can feel hopeless when a party is small or whatever, but they all started that way. The powers that be are always going to try to infiltrate a party of the people, they managed that without technology. That doesn’t mean it is hopeless.

Join a party. Even if the revolution isn’t anytime soon, you will be making a difference in your community and advancing the socialist cause! Bare minimum, you will find comrades. I cannot oversell how nice it is to be with comrades after ages of feeling alone in this capitalist hellscape. All the media tries to make you feel crazy for seeing the truth about the world, so actually getting to be around other Marxists is very refreshing.

I don’t know if you are in the USA, but if that is the case I recommend these parties in decending order.

Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) is my party, we are the only bolshevic-cadre vanguard party in the US. We come from the ashes of, and carry on the lineage of the original Communist Party USA (Which is now revisionist and bad). You will find principled Marxists here, ready to educated and empower you, so don’t be scared of by the somewhat ugly website! https://partyofcommunistsusa.org/

I can also recommend Freedom Road Socialist Org (FRSO). I’ve worked with them, they are quite principled. FRSO.org

Party of Socialism and Liberation seems to have a good line, but my experience with them hasn’t been so good but that’s probably because they only have a couple members in my area. https://www.pslweb.org/

They are a Trot publication but I probably shouldn’t dismiss them outright for that lol

Waiting for the Taiwan situation to come to a head is agonizing.

Oh that’s “TerminessTTF Nerd Font Mono 14”


I AM MAKING Theory Mega-torrent!

Yeh it’s going down. this is just the beginning: …

The People's School for Marxist-Leninist Studies

A small channel at this point, but I have no doubt it will grow. With great people like Angelo D’Angelo of PCUSA involved you know these a principled Marxists. These are really in depth lessons, for those ready to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. At least drop them a Sub in solidarity!..

These guys must be serious about recruitment! Look at all this stuffs they sent me for free! (No the Xi book, but that came at the same time in the mail so that’s why it’s in the picture). I’m not sure if I want to join (I’ve been working with FRSO for a little bit, very small chapter locally) but I…


It doesn’t even appear to be blatantly Anti-Stalin from the description. …

Hmmmmmm…What are the chances of this actually being good? lol. I’m sure Israel will just stop being imperialist…

Have anu of y'all ordered from Red Star Publishers?

I just stumbled across redstarpublishers.org and wondered if anyone has checked them out. Small publishers with a barebones website, but they’re cheap and ML. I would love to support such endeavors but I’m worried since there are no pictures of the books lol…

Let’s hope the CIA doens’t show up…


So much contradiction…


What's the big idea with Kyrgyzstan?

Should I be happy or sad that they Yeeted thier president? It’s hard to find good info about, no one I respect seems to be talking about it…

I must have stuck one of these under 1000 door mats lol…


I was surprised to the least…

At least the mods were based about it…