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Would you say there is a real struggle against this tendency within the Party? Lord knows many people are praying for the day that CPUSA is actually Communist once again. Many groups such as PCUSA would have no reason to exist if CPUSA abandoned it’s liberal ways, if they did it would be a massive shot in the arm for the Communist Movement.

China doing pretty dang good too, considering their very patriarchal history.

Massive differences.

PCUSA is a strictly anti-revisionist, Marxist-Leninist party. PCUSA was formed by members of the old CPUSA who were abandoned by the party for their support continued of the Soviet Union after it’s collapse.

CPUSA has many great comrades in it today, but unfortunately the Party itself and its leadership is very liberal in nature. They will tell you to vote democrat and join the local democrat party chapter. Here is an Article by the leader of CPUSA to give you an idea of our concerns:


CPUSA waters-down Communism to the point where it is only Communist as a desperate defense from the ruling class. PCUSA, however, refuses to capitulate. We are not afraid of our history as Communists, we are the true heirs of the Communist Movement. This is why, even as a young party, we are already recognized by 44 Communist Parties internationally as the American Vanguard.

True that, Comrade. I knew that before I swore an oath to the Communist movement. Sometimes I just feel weaker than others I suppose. Thank you for reminding me what’s important, I guess I just wanted someone else to say it to me, haha.

Such things are rare these days. If we are lucky there will be a broadly left event some time. Until then we will just keep growing our publishing house until we have the clout to host our own events.

Yes, hating capitalism makes sense but hating civilization seems like the ultimate “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”.

To be fair, the rest of the Anarchists we’re pretty nice. The wobblies even helped us fix our table the first time.

A Comrade for the ages, his song “The house I live in” is sort of our unofficial anthem at PCUSA.

“it is still nice to see more adoption of Linux, even if it’s in Cuba.”

Fuck this guy, lol

Thank you. Our international is something we are very proud of. For what is such a young and small party, we are really making a huge splash in the international Communist movement.

The Starbucks in my town (Everett) just unionized. Very exciting stuff. Even if the people aren’t very class conscious, they still see it as a positive.

breaking: individual YouTuber thinks they know shit. Lenin wasn’t even the first to say the state would wither away

To briefly answer what you asked to the best of my ability, yes, your understanding of the CPUSA/PCUSA split is accurate. Unfortunate as it may be, CPUSA in the modern era is ran by the Liberals. You need only read their newspaper to confirm this, or read the words of their leader Joe Simms.

PCUSA is a strictly anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist Party, which is to say a Bolshevik party. The only kind of Communist Party.

As for our stance on Historical figures, we uphold Stalin and to a lesser degree Mao. Xi and Putin? We support the PRC, although we do not endorse their market socialism, we understand that China is the current center of the Communist movement and we have had presentations with CPC Members. As for Putin, it goes without saying that his is not a Communist, nor is Russia. We do however, support Russia’s liberation of the DPR and LPR from the Fascist regime in Kiev, and hope to see the rest of The Ukraine free from Nazi influence.

If you want to learn more without totally committing you can come to our People’s School of Marxist Leninist Studies classes every Tue/Thur at 5PM EST.

I can’t believe this guy is allowed the be in the leadership of a “Communist” party

PSL isn’t on Solidnet, but they deserve to be. CPUSA uses its cloud to block any other parties in the USA from being on Solidnet.

I’m in PCUSA. We have attempted to join Solidnet several times, but CPUSA uses their hegemony to block us. We have spoke with the KKE and they are going to submit us for consideration next Solidnet congress, but they say we will likely be blocked again.

Solidnet is not so good anyway, they allow Social Democrat and Maoist groups in. That is why PCUSA, The KKE and others are trying to form a sort of new Cominterm. We aren’t powerful enough yet, but Real communist parties are gathering once again following the true path of Marxism Leninism. We recognize the KKE as the current center of the global communist movement.

Faith is a bad word choice. At least to me, faith means belief without evidence. Marxism, Communism and SWCC have been proven affective. I blame the translation lol

Several hundred million of my best friends are Chinese!