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It would have been cool if Bernie ran independently or 3rd party or whatever, I would like to see how a real 3rd party push with momentum would play out. Not that I think it would work lol

Somehow I missed the word “Historical”

What's the big idea with Kyrgyzstan?

Should I be happy or sad that they Yeeted thier president? It’s hard to find good info about, no one I respect seems to be talking about it…

A really inspiring speech. I thought it was pretty weird he was clapping at first like he was clapping for himself or something but I came to realize he was clapping for the great work of the Korean people. He remained stoic but you could really feel his emotion.

I love Marx for his radical Atheism, but I know gatekeeping and scaring away the religious will only hurt us.

Well, I’m sure us cool boys are already on firefox and using DuckDuckGo or something anyway.

You transcribed all this? Fantastic work comrade.

when you try so hard to show people you aren’t racist that you end up being racist

I finished the game, turned out the moral of the story is USSR bad. Thanks Hideo Kojima very cool

Not really sure what to think about this one, anyone know much about the country?

No pissing, shidding and cumming in public? Sounds pretty Authoritarian to me.

Tfw China connects the entirety of the eastern world via ground travel so strangling China by blocking thier navel supply lines is no longer an option

You gotta love this. Beautiful propaganda. If only they had the money to spam it everywhere like PragerU and the like. Sure, I would like it if it was more blatantly communist, but I do think this is a good project.

Ok maybe my reading comprehension is bad but why would the PRC rig the election in the ROK in favor of the ruling party? Surely the ruling party is not a friend of China, since China is friends with the DPRK?

Hub, cool, I didn’t take Current Affairs as the kind of publication to give China any Credit.

This show is pretty funny. Kindy edgy for edginess sake, but like half the skits are good. It’s called Wonder Shozen and its all online free.


Great project Comrade. I look forward to seeing it developed further, I’ll see if I can manage to contribute.

Did the US assassinate JFK?

I haven’t done a lot of research into this one because whenever I try to look into it all the sources are either complete wackos I wouldn’t trust to tell me much of anything, or people clearly just repeating the state narrative. I used to blankly dismiss the idea in my Libshit days and I would like …

I made this for @EN16MA big websites thingy, but their is no reason y’all can’t steal it if you want it. …

Thoughts on UOS? (CPC commissioned Linux OS)

So, as a big Linux nerd I’m pretty excited about this idea. China is planning on replacing MS Windows on all government computers by 2022 with a homegrown Linux distro called “Unified OS” which is based on the already notable Chinese distro Deepin, which is based on Debian. Not only that, but they a…


Y’all know how Desert Island works? Pick the games that you would pick if you had to play those games for the rest of your life. Just to keep it simple, let’s just imagine that if you want to pick an online game that the servers will always be online and there will always be people to play with. Let…

Wait, so MLMs DON'T support the PRC?

Boy have I been confused, this whole time I assumed MLMs supported the Chinese government but I just had some conversations on twitter with MLMs and they were all upset with China saying the same thing that happened to the USSR is happening right now in China. I just assumed with one of the cardinal…


In all seriousness, everything Edmund McMillen touches is gold…