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They are a Trot publication but I probably shouldn’t dismiss them outright for that lol

Waiting for the Taiwan situation to come to a head is agonizing.

Oh that’s “TerminessTTF Nerd Font Mono 14”


Never heard of of it, despite living in the FOSS community. I’ll check it outttt

Update 2: It’s coming along quite nicely, I got all the foundational essentials and whatnot. I’m finding it’s not that hard to convert html files to ebooks but it is tedious so maybe I can automate it somehow.

here is a sneak peak!


I think we found the same torrent comrade, some pretty cringe selections in there lol. But it did help me fluff up the torrent.

Any contribution is a good one!

UPDATE: I am in the process of ripping marxists.org and processing it into a neat file structure.

I’ve never made a torrent before, but it can’t be that hard. Maybe I can use this as a starting point.

Nnnf, I wanna jump in this painting like Mario 64 😍

I always hope for the re-emphasizing of radical atheism on the Left. I understand why we have moved away from that, but the scientific viewpoint of Marxism is part of what makes it so appealing to me.

The People's School for Marxist-Leninist Studies

A small channel at this point, but I have no doubt it will grow. With great people like Angelo D’Angelo of PCUSA involved you know these a principled Marxists. These are really in depth lessons, for those ready to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. At least drop them a Sub in solidarity!..

I’m friends with the sort who think they have no ideology and if they have an ideology SocDem is about as right wing as I can tolerate. That doesn’t mean I don’t talk to right wingers, but one has to be very careful when they do that. There is a way to sell Marxism to right wingers, but it’s long and hard and the best result you usually get is them understanding that you aren’t just a communist because you haven’t heard how bad the USSR was.

Definitely an underrated Marxist. If only his countrymen had listened.

This is why I would never date a liberal lol

Oh don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with studying and organizing. The Orgs definitely got the studying, I don’t know if the organizing is so good, but I think that’s just because America has been going backwards for so long, so we are pretty much starting from over trying to win the trust of the masses. Like I said, I am impatient and just want us to win already…which is of course idealistic nonsense, I am aware lol.

I know, I’m just impatient. Saying organizations in the USA are in their formative stages is a understatement. Every time I get involved it is usually more or less a study group who occasionally show up to rally somewhere. I know it’s unrealistic to want to show up and go do a revolution. I’m enjoying my time with FRSO and NAARPR, even my time with DSA. I’m just not exactly mentally fit to be a huge leader, and with FRSO having like >10 members in my area I feel like everyone has to be a leader if we are gonna grow and I get the impression that most parties in the area in the same boat. I won’t give up though, I know I can read 1000 books and it won’t make a revolution happen. Also I need to learn to drive, that’s making organizing hard lol. I’m way too old to be taking the bus everywhere lol

These guys must be serious about recruitment! Look at all this stuffs they sent me for free! (No the Xi book, but that came at the same time in the mail so that’s why it’s in the picture). I’m not sure if I want to join (I’ve been working with FRSO for a little bit, very small chapter locally) but I…

If the nortth koreanss are starving than why is thier city made of candy🤔🤔🤔

It doesn’t even appear to be blatantly Anti-Stalin from the description. …

Have anu of y'all ordered from Red Star Publishers?

I just stumbled across redstarpublishers.org and wondered if anyone has checked them out. Small publishers with a barebones website, but they’re cheap and ML. I would love to support such endeavors but I’m worried since there are no pictures of the books lol…

What's the big idea with Kyrgyzstan?

Should I be happy or sad that they Yeeted thier president? It’s hard to find good info about, no one I respect seems to be talking about it…

Did the US assassinate JFK?

I haven’t done a lot of research into this one because whenever I try to look into it all the sources are either complete wackos I wouldn’t trust to tell me much of anything, or people clearly just repeating the state narrative. I used to blankly dismiss the idea in my Libshit days and I would like …

I made this for @EN16MA big websites thingy, but their is no reason y’all can’t steal it if you want it. …