• @SpaceDogs
    218 months ago

    Oh this is actually very helpful as I’ve been confused about the term “totalitarian” as it’s been used in so many different contexts it’s hard to figure out what it actually means. At best I’ve seen people use it interchangeably with “authoritarian.”

    • 新星 [they/them/🏳️‍⚧️]
      198 months ago

      ”Authoritarian” is another one — what does it mean? If you go by the dictionary, why doesn’t the U.S. get included?

      • @PolandIsAStateOfMind
        128 months ago

        Authoritarian is when they don’t like a state. The more the don’t like that state, the more authoritarian it is. And when they really hate it, it’s totalitarian.

        • Water Bowl Slime
          88 months ago

          Yeah it’s the same thing as calling a country bad or evil, but with a big word that sounds academic. You can get away with saying the most horrific shit here if it’s spoken in formal language.