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A nice long terror is essential to longevity

Better to drop it. You made a dumb comment. We all do it. Trying to defend a bad position is a bad habit.

Hypovore sounds like they never eat enough. Less-eater

JFK is running I’ll vote for JFK: back for blood.

The web should be broken into nooks of a thousand gardens. The superficial web should be entirely smashed. The majority of the web should be crazy, personally hosted websites off of someones personal computer. There should be no more cloud, no more server farms. We should land an artillery shell into the middle of google’s, facebook’s, etc, warehouse and see what happens.

It’s a sin to speak that name in vain

Steam and emulators work great but somethings are more complicated. As far as games your confined inside the steam environment unless you’re willing to do extra work.

It doesn’t contain nuclear components because we defined it to be outside of the definition of nuclear components. Just like the US isn’t involved in gain-of-function because it would defined beyond the definition. That’s how they smugly say their bullshit thinking anyone else is going to play their game

Are you really going for the fact that they aren’t using s,d,p orbits? You can still use a simple orbital map where it’s practical to do so, the only thing that maters at most levels is the outside orbital and how far it is from complete in which direction. But it’s an artistic depiction of an atom. You can find pictures that have the same structure. It’s meant to be immediately recognizable. If you were going to be critical it would be for how bloated the nucleus is. You wouldn’t do that though because it’s an artistic depiction. It’s not trying to convey an accurate model of an atom. It’s trying to model a geopolitical relation while harking to the atomic model.

First you misidentify it as planetary and now you’re saying that the problem is that it isn’t accurate enough. Talk about a headache

This all reminds me of petition.org. let’s all sign a petition to have Putin arrested and have Russia pay to rebuild Ukraine. That’ll show them. We’re doing something guys

What do you think? You think with all the meth in the US we’d be the most revolutionary society.

It’s just going to rot your brain, no matter how great it makes you feel. You’re going to spend all night tinkering, busily spinning in circles and getting nowhere. By the end of it you’ll be jerking your head, looking for phantoms. That’ll be the end of it for you one way or the other.

It’s all fun and games until the grass is staring at you.

“I, as most people, assumed the banks weren’t interested in playing stupid games after 2008”

I don’t remember that being the common consensus.

I think it will come back. They have a memory of the Soviet Union. They have the largest communist party inside of capitalist nation. They’ve already nationalized, centralized their core economy, though privatized government-bourgeois relations still exist. Primarily they’re tying themselves to China. Capitalism insures itself with NATO terror. If Russia started massacring communists, China wouldn’t be backing those massacres up. They’re in a position were capital is forced to capitulate to socialism.

Socialism is guaranteed simply by not having an external terror campaign.

The left most picture has Trump with three legs, simultaneously moving backwards and forwards. The cop in the foreground is reaching through perspective to grab Trumps dick. The right most cop is in his own world, freakishly in focus, and can’t be placed anywhere in the physical world.

The other picture also makes no sense of the same reasons. Legs look twisted and broken. The cop seems to grab hold of Trumps leg at the knee for it to spill over into a liquid before reforming in a totally wrong position. And physically it would make no sense to have your hand there.

The images are painful to look at. Arguing whether they’re convincing is so far afield as to be confusing.

I started watching “in the name of the people” on youtube, but I’ve been too busy with other things to watch much since the last time this came up

The problem here is genocide, them barely speaking the same language, or sharing the same culture with proletarian Mexico, or even rural Mexico for that matter.

All of these things that you want to have happened have happened Mexico and exist in the Mexican under currents.

Why are you putting all of the eggs in one basket as if the rest of Mexico had no sense of self or class conscience? It’s because you don’t know what you’re talking about. All you know is the Zapatistas so you expect a bunch of indians in the jungle with no industrial base or capacity to wage an armed struggle against a far greater foe.

Again, Mexico has a massive history of socialism, ML, strikes, general coalitions, and everything else you’d be expecting but you don’t know that.

You don’t know anything about Mexico but you read a thing on the internet. It’s not even that you put too much weight into some hold-out indigenous movement; it’s that you do it at the expense of the rest of Mexico.

Mexico in general has a much greater history of general strikes and coalitions between the various groups: peasants, peons, slum dwellers, industrialists, teachers, students, christian, Marxist.

They also have a much greater history of state repression.

If you’re going to be skeptical, be skeptical of your own expectations of others and mind to your own affairs.

You don’t sound like you understand Mexico. It sounds like you just heard about the Zapatas from the internet and excited yourself without any due regard for the history from the civil war onward. Now you’re frustrated that reality doesn’t align with your misconception.

That’s not the Zapatatista’s fault. That’s your fault. They’ve been alive before you and regardless of you.

Zapata was a socialist alive at about the same time as Lenin with Zapata and Poncho Villa being around the same time as the Russian Revolution. The PRI (party of institutionalized revolution) is comparable to the provisional government of the bourgeoisie in Russia. Mexico is it’s own thing with it’s own history. It makes sense that Zapata be held up as a national hero in Mexico and not be subordinated to foreign revolutionaries of his own time.

At a certain point action and behavior matters more than the name you call yourself.

Who exhibits their leader as a frightened child? I remember this when it was in the news

It’s insane Linux is still at 2%. There are distributions that are more user friendly than Windows. They come with preinstalled tools that meet user needs you didn’t even know existed. Linux, as it stands today, is better than Windows in every category, not even considering all of the reasons to not use Windows. So why is Windows still dominating the PC space? Maybe because this shift in layman-utility is only a few years old, you often have to go out of your way --requiring the knowledge of how to install an OS – to use Linux, pre-builds mask the cost of Windows and remove the choice, and a general bias against the unfamiliar.

I generally will do a lot manually, say I download a movie using transmission. Those torrent files are under ~/hrd/downloads/transmission

I have to leave that file there exactly as it is for it to seed, but I don’t want it there, I don’t like it’s name, and I don’t like the extra files.

ls *string*

ln “name” ../../movies/“new name”

Now I have two files of the same inode (taking up a single amount of physical space), one readable and one serving the purpose of seeding.

I wouldn’t do this for everything but for things I want to keep more permanently.

It also serves another purpose: I can delete the file from the Transmission directory and it will still exist in the Movie directory, since an inode isn’t overwritten unless it has zero files pointing to it, so hard-linking provides an extra level of redundancy to prevent accidental erasure.

This is also useful for indexing and creating playlists.

celluloid .cel/unleashthearchers &

Instead of

celluloid ~/hrd/music/unleash_the_archers/*/*.{flac,mp3} &

I’d be careful with /media since /media isn’t automatically mounted on boot, and is customarily used for temporary filesys. If you soft-linked to media the link would appear broken if the device was missing, usb, cd, external. If you have a permanent drive in media you should move it to mnt.

mkdir /mnt/“name”


# find /dev for /media – dev/sda2 mounted at /media/“user”/“name” –

unmount /dev/“name” # if mounted

mount /dev/“name” /mnt/“name”

# For instance

mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/“name”

Alternatively use the gui. Mine is called “disks” and works well.

If you prefer bash it’s important that you make the directory you intend to mount the device to first, as you can only mount to an existing, empty directory.

But soft-linking to media will end up with broken links, which, at the very least, will look ugly.

I think I saw it in theaters and liked it. It was the first ‘found footage’ film I had seen, and the only one that really caught me

Imagine if 55% of the press followed the same line

Spanish very slowly. I think it’s important to be able to speak with the rest of America. But it’s the hardest thing I’ve put myself to.

That laugh has to be the most contagious laugh

I’ve yet to meet a MAGA boy who supported the war in Ukraine.

guy wants to remove federal insurance for YOUR money. He straight said he wants to abolish the department of education; and then what?, give it the titans of capital. You'll have have Lookheed-Martin and BP running the schools, but that will teach them. Worst of everything is his open threats of war against Mexico. I've never been more against a war than a war with Mexico. The Mexican-American War was the most hated war in United States History. Lincoln denounced it. Thoreau wrote "Civil Disobedience" in regard to that war. There was the highest rate of mutiny ever recorded in the US military. The US cannot be allowed to do this, and if it does it will not survive as a Hegemone. How do you think all the Mexicans in the United States, as civilian and as members of the military, are going to respond? The government has lost it's fucking mind. Just because the people of the United States couldn't give a shit about a war in Europe doesn't mean they won't go berserk over a war on their border against a nation a lot of us have extreme affection and solidarity toward. Greenwald not only brings this lunatic on, but says he likes some of his points. Which one? Which fucking lunatic point did Greenwald find appealing? I gave him a lot of credit because of Snowden, but this is leagues beyond the pale. This is utterly abhorant.

Who broke the OPCW scandal and spoke before the UN? Does anyone remember?
Who exposed the Uyghur genocide for what it was and, without missing a beat, exposed the credulous source of that propaganda? Who exposed the ins and outs of the Russian Conspiracy while everyone bought the into it or shut up out of fear of reprisal? Whoever these people are who've been around fighting the same tired fight, even while doing it alone, for longer than most of you have been "socialist": I think I'd follow them and whatever movement they were joining before I followed some nameless nothing who hasn't earned an ounce of reputation who was denouncing them. Some of you don't know who Chris Hedges is, and that's a shame. I've been following him for about my entire adult life. He was the first person to accurately declare the end of empire, well before anyone that it was possible. He was the first person to accurately define American Fascism. He's a master theologian, a war corespondent (when that meant something), a decorated professor, and a prisoners advocate, in ways that exceed anybody else in the country. His presence at an anti-war rally would give that movement unimpeachable credibility. Even Jimmy who's done more by exposing the liberals for what they are and attempting to force a vote for medicare for all has done more for the American Left than anybody has anything to say against him, excusing whatever child idiots he sometimes lets talk beside him. And some nobody nothing without an ounce of reputation is going to try to throw mud. That person isn't anything but an arrogant fool. Just have a little bit of history and a little bit of memory. It will go a long way. Not everybody who has something to say is worth listening to. Nobody is credible who hasn't earned their credibility. Learning who to listen to and who to ignore will save you a world of confusion.

Capital talks about train crashes.
Capital chapter 10 section3 Branches of English Industry without legal to exploitation >So far, we have dealt with Ireland. On the other side of the channel, in Scotland, the agricultural labourer, the ploughman, protests against his 13-14 hours’ work in the most inclement climate, with 4 hours’ additional work on Sunday (in this land of Sabbatarians!), [54] whilst, at the same time, three railway men are standing before a London coroner’s jury — a guard, an engine-driver, a signalman. A tremendous railway accident has hurried hundreds of passengers into another world. The negligence of the employee is the cause of the misfortune. They declare with one voice before the jury that ten or twelve years before, their labour only lasted eight hours a-day. During the last five or six years it had been screwed up to 14, 18, and 20 hours, and under a specially severe pressure of holiday-makers, at times of excursion trains, it often lasted for 40 or 50 hours without a break. They were ordinary men, not Cyclops. At a certain point their labour-power failed. Torpor seized them. Their brain ceased to think, their eyes to see. The thoroughly “respectable” British jurymen answered by a verdict that sent them to the next assizes on a charge of manslaughter, and, in a gentle “rider” to their verdict, expressed the pious hope that the capitalistic magnates of the railways would, in future, be more extravagant in the purchase of a sufficient quantity of labour-power, and more “abstemious,” more “self-denying,” more “thrifty,” in the draining of paid labour-power. [55]

Do you guys know about soulseek
I just found out about it the other day. Its literally p2p file sharing. You can let people visit designated directories on your local file system and go visit theirs. Its fast and personable. They even have an AOL IM thing going on. I found out about it because they've got a lot of music and its relatively difficult to find good music torrents. I thought it was basically transmission or another torrent client, but its totally different. Linux Mint has the FOSS client Nicotine+ in their repository. The whole process was quick and easy. Find me there under the same user name.

Every time an English person says the letter “H” it sounds like they’re making a dig at whatever they’re talking about.
Hate-ch BO. I know its not very good, but the whole archipelago doesn't have to make the same dumb joke. Likewise, "whilst" isn't a word. Its just something people say because they think it makes them sound smart.

Almost killed myself two steps off of my front porch earlier today.
The whole city's frozen over. I slipped hard off the first step off my stoop and went comically flying. Took a couple minutes lying on the frozen earth to recover. Tis the season.

I’m having crashing problems with certain games and looking for advice or conformation that its a common issue.
I'm playing with steam with the latest version of proton on Linux Mint 21. Kernel 5.15.0-56. RTX 3070, last generation am4 R7 1800X. Certain games crash for no apparent reason, requiring a hard reset. The two most recent games with this issue were Horizon Zero Dawn and Remnant: From the ashes. It doesn't seem to be related to anything. It's not related to high load or load in, though sometimes it correlates other times it will just crash while nothing is happening. I think it might have something to do with the Vulcan shaders. Both of the named games take an unusually long time to process them. With Horizon Zero Dawn it can take up to twenty minutes and the processing itself causes the CPU fans to ramp up. I checked Nvidia's website to make sure I was using the most recent driver. It shows 525.60.11 as the most recent, which is what I'm using. The recommended open kernel version simply doesn't work, but closed works just fine; and I have no reason to think it's a gpu issue. I don't know if this is a solvable issue or if its something that has to be dealt with. On a side note: how do you get the resolution you want? I have a 4k monitor but my display is set to 1080p for readability. There's upscaling, but that upscales the game. The option to go above your system resolution is not available. So the only real solution would be to set the display to the hardware resolution and put my nose against the screen in order to access the game. It seems like such a weird hindrance. The hardware is there, but for readability sake you're stuck at 1080p

I think this is essential reading for everyone who considers themselves Marxist Leninst. For those who don't understand the division between socialism and liberalism this is possibly the greatest explanatory work. For everyone regardless of thought, this is a conversation between two of the most well known intellectuals of their time discussing a paramount subject which most people find perplexing. I don't know much about the party hosting the article, as I have no taste for blood pudding nor hard tact. The introduction they provide is decent enough. I hope you'll take the time to read this short interview.

Are we ever going to get better key-commands?
All I want is a way to finalize a post or comment without having to reach for the mouse. It's a little thing that's almost universally implemented. Just a simple Ctrl-Enter. That's all I'm asking for.

Pulse Audio Sucks
I'm sorry. I shouldn't even know what Pulse Audio is. It should just quietly do it's thing. The fact that I know it's name tells you enough. I have to constantly kill it in order to stop terrible audio distortions. It often struggles managing multiple audio sources from different applications. It completely fails at managing bluetooth devices often forcing audio output that sounds like AM radio and requiring a complete system reset in order to allow high fidelity output. Pulse Audio is the worse and most unacceptable part of my Linux Distro and should be completely abandoned as a total failure and an embarrassment to any developer who is shameless enough to take credit for working on it.

Money: imaginary vs labor theory of value. - reddit reply usually amounts to speaking to the void, but lets have a real discussion here and continue the thread. This is a core principle of Marxism.
Money isn't a made up concept. It's a stand in commodity, a universal exchange commodity. It represents the exchange value of socially useful labor. Money is fetishized and treated like a think in itself. You're not buying made up things with it. You "buy" money with labor and purchase the products of other people's labor. You can print all the money you want but it doesn't expand the sum of national useful social labor. If the money newly printed remains in circulation it will simply water down the exchange value represented per unit. You can print money but you can't print tangible commodities; you can't print bread, oil, houses, electricity. Your premise is a lazy cope out. Social constructs are mutually agreed upon, but without a material basis then there would be no purpose: no material consequence. The belief that money is imaginary harms the working people directly responsible for the creation of social value, while benefiting the wealthiest members of society whose business is the extraction of social value from the working people. It totally alienates the worker from their role. They believe that they are being paid by the capitalist in imaginary figures something that belongs to the capitalist. In reality the value represented by the money they are paid as well of the money they weren't paid was born from them, by their labor.

Xi Jinping - Governance of China, pdf download
Click the link, get a book.

I juggle logs for fun while doing the squatting kick dance.. is how I assume the English translation goes.

Friendly tip for browsing youtube on your phone
delete the app. Open your browser. Download an ad-blocker. Add the youtube homepage to whatever a phone's desktop is called. Open a video, minimize the browser, and play audio from your notifications taskbar. No more ads. No more needing the app to remain open to play audio. Also you can buy Huawei phones from Newegg. The P50 is shiney if anyone wants to know.

From Fox? This video showed up on my feed. First time I heard of it. I'm impressed with the Chairman who's speaking. I hope you'll find value in it if you haven't seen it before.

Old news from January 28th given greater significance in light of US-Russia affairs
Chinese Ambassador grilled on US fabrications. The NPR interviewer brings up Taiwan, asking the ambassador if he supports Taiwan right to choose their government. The Ambassador answers no without caveat. He brings up the US is selling arms to Taiwan and even went so far as to put US soldiers on Taiwan soil. He warns in no uncertain terms that the US is playing a dangerous game that will end in war. On another note. NPR is top tier propaganda. They literally tell their listeners that they're better than everyone else because they listen to NPR, and the people listening to it are sold on it. They're saying all the same lies but they're doing it in such a cock-sure way to an audience that hinges their identity on being the kind of person who listens to NPR. I kind of wish there was more push back, but you can tell the ambassador is measuring every syllable in a second language. He said everything that needed to be said. It's not his job to do theater. Calling the alleged genocide the "the biggest lie of the century" should get the point across. It's not his fault the audience is block-headed.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Is there any hope of getting keyboard shortcuts? If nothing else ctrl+enter is strange to do without.

Besides the "this is a true story" remark the guy is obviously lying here. I don't know how these people get away with it. He changes his story on the fly. The moment the host asks him; "What did you do?", he answers, "What could I do?". Then the host says; "well they aren't armed. You could have ran.", and he changes his story mid-sentence; "Well actually I ran." Which is it, "Well what could I do?" or "I ran away"? It's so transparent. Everyone's a shameless liar. They're not even good at it. This is why people think the DPRK is full of children eating rats who are eating corpses. How many people listening to this actually recognized the obvious? --Youtube, Kung Fu Comedy (Andy Curtain) | Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger, April 26, 2022. Time Stamp: 27:25

Just got fired
I didn't want to step from the ladder onto a 2.5 story metal roof during a hail storm. How should I feel? I don't know. I spent a little over half a year working for this company. Been punctual, put forward effort, one of the strongest people on the crew, put in 12 hour days when required. It doesn't matter. One hot tempered owners son who pisses the day away in his over priced pickup has the final say. The coworkers who didn't want to do it themselves but did it anyway are more angry at me for refusing to do it than they are at the bosses son for making them do it. I'll be alright. I'll find another job that will pay the same. It doesn't matter tomorrow. I've got money enough to cover next months bills, but what can be said. I guess the only answer is to drink and move on

I need communist propaganda in meme format I can text to my coworkers like their obnoxious grandma.
I'm looking for meaningful and convincing Images I can text to people who are not communist and do not understand the various subcultures in the slightest. Good distillations of communism. Thanks to all.