GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Shares His Vision for a Unified America | SYSTEM UPDATE #56
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guy wants to remove federal insurance for YOUR money. He straight said he wants to abolish the department of education; and then what?, give it the titans of capital. You’ll have have Lookheed-Martin and BP running the schools, but that will teach them.

Worst of everything is his open threats of war against Mexico. I’ve never been more against a war than a war with Mexico. The Mexican-American War was the most hated war in United States History. Lincoln denounced it. Thoreau wrote “Civil Disobedience” in regard to that war. There was the highest rate of mutiny ever recorded in the US military. The US cannot be allowed to do this, and if it does it will not survive as a Hegemone. How do you think all the Mexicans in the United States, as civilian and as members of the military, are going to respond?

The government has lost it’s fucking mind. Just because the people of the United States couldn’t give a shit about a war in Europe doesn’t mean they won’t go berserk over a war on their border against a nation a lot of us have extreme affection and solidarity toward.

Greenwald not only brings this lunatic on, but says he likes some of his points. Which one? Which fucking lunatic point did Greenwald find appealing?

I gave him a lot of credit because of Snowden, but this is leagues beyond the pale. This is utterly abhorant.

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The Empire has lost whatever facade of coolheadedness and rationality it kept, its wicked smile it flashed across the world. Now all of its deep insecurities, fears, and its childish petulance and entitlement are slowly melting through the mask for full, grotesque display.

Does anybody remember in the twilight of Richard Spencer’s career, his “they looked up and saw a face like MINE” meltdown? Fear of death, even metaphoric death, and powerlessness, is the worst thing for those consumed by the pursuit of immortal dominance.

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