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I don’t even bother calling liberal regimes “democratic”

The western notion of democracy is a convoluted list of requirements that only make sure political power can be commodity.

I was so surprised to learn that it’s actually smaller than the moon

Oh ok I thought they meant “anyone doing this after the year 1957”

Lmao what

I thought MLMs were supposed to support Stalin, or at least that’s what the MLMs I know irl did


Chidi knows what’s up

Depends where you go, there clearly is a periphery to Europe that has a lot of misery like Greece since the IMF fucked it up. In all core countries there is poverty at certain places but overall it’s less dumbfounding than the US from what I’ve seen in the media

Side note : I fucking love Pink Floyd

This hosts gets the wall insert laugh track

Ok so imperialism is when you refuse to let imperialists do whatever the fuck they want to destroy you, thank Mr Leftist very sound

Subscription-based MMO are kinda renting a virtual place when you think about it. Although creating a big game like this at least requires labor, unlike mindless speculation on a virtual world someone else made

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is under fire from the media, libs and succdems for saying the truth about Pelosi in Taiwan
He is far from perfect but he always upheld the one-China principle. I wish more politicians were like him, but right now France is in a state of total ideological control by the US in the new Cold War. Alone against everyone, this guy got nerve and I respect that.

Even the punchline falls flat, Turkey and Japan should be swapped

When your entire conception of humanity revolves around penis and vagina

Imagine being so propagandized that propaganda NGO is not enough propaganda for you

Mortality as a social construct is not nihilism it’s materialism. If you ask a social scientist to define what morality is, he will tell you that he can only see what morality system a certain group of people uphold, and then he is going to make experiments and studies on one particular group of people to see what behavior they condemn or value.

Marxism-Leninism is rooted in materialism, you can’t project class struggle on fundamental philosophical concepts such as morality because class struggle is only a materialistic analysis of society. What class struggle tells us on morality is that the bourgeoise constructs its morality over History in a way that fits their material interests that are opposed to the ones of the proletariat, and as they are the ruling class, their morality is imposed upon the oppressed class.

However this is just how it is, and defining morality as dependent on class struggle is limiting or even tone-deaf in certain cases. How about people raised in religion? Their morality can be understood through social science but certainly don’t serve the proletariat, however go tell them they are plain immortal and should renounce faith or traditions and you just created a bunch of reactionaries.

Therefore MLs should analyse morality as a preexisting construction that has its strengths and weaknesses and must be dealth with carefully to not be alienated from the masses who are subjects to the ruling classes superstructure.

I’m a french communist, and I can assure you this country is basically Trots City

“join the CIA community on Discord, we’ve got memes!”

Lmao this is next level trolling

“Hey guys that’s too bad we’ve decided to do a little exercise here, guess you’ll have to wait until we finish!”

Tbh with such propaganda capacity the US could just attack under any pretext and westoids would just roll with it

Why is Sri Lanka not considered AES?
I just realized they are calling themselves a socialist republic, and I've seen parades with communist iconography posted on Lemmygrad. Despite this, the most inclusive list of AES countries I've seen is Cuba China DPRK Vietnam Laos, never including Sri Lanka. Why is that?