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yoooo encirclement

They’ve got enough divisions, now assign more to like close the gap to get all their equipment when they’re defeated!

What are t-rexes supposed to be like this year? I haven’t paid attention to dinosaurs since I was a little kid.

Pretty sure that one was satire

Rabbit I just got yesterday looks just like the one on the left.

VPN’s, it’s, where did this guy go to school?

ha ha russia so poor they are using shovels to fight slava ukrelele

Maybe we should write a fanfic of the fanfic where he gets blown up by a guided AA missile.

why did he spell genocide like that?

I saw a lot of that stuff on the Chinese internet. Yes, it’s disturbing, but after 2939944 posts with the same four images over and over again it tends to get tedious. Also I think it was a teacher, not a student.

bro literally duplicated the house support indicator for HOI4 America 💀

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

ding ding ding

Anti-China freedom fighter shamelessly beaten by brainwashed communist hordes
Breaking news! Only a few days ago, the great Professor Krakk Pott was beaten on the streets by a group of angry communists for exercising his freedom of speech. The damage to him was quite severe, and he will be staying with his dentist for quite some time. "I donf underftanb," says Pott, who is a leading expert on the draconian authoritarian evil bad all-controlling oppressive totalitarian regime known as the "CCP". "All I said wuth vat Japan had de right idea during world war II, and dat the Chimese were a shubhuman rashe dat needed to be ewadicated to purify the mworld. Geez, can't a man habe free shpeech anymore? I bwame it awl on woke culchur." And indeed he is right. In recent years, the American population has become more and more sensitive to ridiculous topics, such as a few racial slurs that weren't meant in bad faith anyways. As one China Expert puts it, "Just because I called people inferior subhuman yellow ching-chongs doesn't give them the right to beat me up." The situation is currently looking very grim. Only YOU can protect free speech, by subscribing to the China Bad Times! [Link here](

The people who hated China drove me into communism. First demsocism, then communism as I discovered genzedong.

Xae Jon Pung trying to make the world more like Arrakis
A new issue has recently been raised to our attention. Brutal freedom suppressor, genocidal maniac, and child eater Xae Jon Pung has now begun to unleash his country's devastating environmental situation on the world. If left unchecked, experts warn, the world could become something like the desert planet Arrakis from the famous nineteenth century Jules Verne science fiction novel "Star Wars: The Next Generation". "We cannot let China destroy our planet like this," says China expert Krak Pott. "Unlike the US and other European countries, China does not care about the environment. While west cleans up the world and reduces its carbon footprint, those nasty ching chongs just burn coal for all their fuel." Unlike civilized countries, those filthy commies in China live in caves and burn coal to survive, like cavemen. And while the generous west has attempted to enlighten that horrible country, the backwards Chinese have resisted all forms of civilization. "It's a shame, really," says Professor Pott. "They'd make great labor sources, if only they'd let us exploit them." stay tuned to the China Bad Times for more content like this!

Hoxhaist who hated “revisionism”. He got banned and came back with alts, sort of like teaischee from the world of warplanes community, lol.

I once took a xenomorph to Trantor to train as a jedi in one of my weirder ai rps.

The current character ai situation is a mirror of Russia/Ukraine, and shows just how fragile the reactionary mind is.
Case 1: Straw man. Moderators are believed to have ridiculously nefarious motives, such as not allowing NSFW bots to reach the public for fear they cheat on them. As ridiculous as this scenario obviously is, they treat it like it's real. Case 2: Random comparisons. There are of course the comparisons to China while talking about how the nsfw filter (yes the nsfw filter) is somehow censorship. They also believe they're fighting some kind of a revolution. A very sad revolution indeed. Case 3: predicting the future. They seem to all believe that the character ai devs are somehow stealing their money by not allowing them to sex chat with robots. How a free website is a cash grab, I have no idea. Case 4: Insanely stupid solutions. Some have suggested boycotting the website, and they even have a hashtag on twitter. Again, how the hell do you boycott a free website? These are just a few examples. Maybe you'll find more if you go on the reddit.

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.

I feel the same way. I’ve learned to hide myself to avoid suspicion.

no context
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guys what if the german tanks were actually the good guys
The more I think about it, the more I realize they must've been sabotaging their fascist masters on purpose so the Soviet Union could win.

I have a similar storyline, except eu retreated to America rather than the other way around.

The Spoon Wars ep4: First blood
Jake trudged through the mud as he groaned and clutched his stomach. He tried to find food, but as everyone knows humans can only eat grain, and all of the grain in the whole country was around Stalin and his horrible spoon. Just when he was about to give up, he suddenly saw a row of ruZZian soldiers marching along the road. They were all wearing steel helmets, gas masks, and were holding massive spoons that attracted all nearby grain. Jake stifled a gasp, then hid behind a rock. His hunger was too much to bear. He roared, jumped, and grabbed a spoon, desperately licking the grain off of it. It felt good in his stomach. As a genetically superior man, he quickly overpowered the soldiers, then spat on their bodies and continued, bringing the spoons with him and eating the grain while he went. "They're everywhere," Jake said with distaste, as he used a pair of binoculars and saw many more soldiers with spoons. "I need a weapon. And I know just the person to ask for one." End of ep.4. Ep 3 can be found here:

to be fair, I do feel like a lot of people here ignore japanese war crimes, to the extent I got downvoted when I brought them up.

The Spoon Wars Ep.3: Day of the Spoons
Stalin's lip curled cruelly as he surveyed the tanks of purple liquid below him. In each, a small spoon was taking shape. As he watched, a row of armored men wearing steel helmets and gas masks marched past. "How many spoons?" Stalin asked his advisor. "200,000 units are ready, with a million more on the way." "Good," Stalin said, and shot the man in the head. The other advisors trembled in fear, not wanting to meet a similar fate. "Those rebels in Ukraine will soon be crushed by my powerful army. After all, what will they eat if all their grain is gone? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Stalin threw back his head and uttered an evil laugh, then pointed his spoon towards the distant, hunger-stricken land of Ukraine. "You'll all be under MY control!" End of ep.3. No more exposition, I promise! We'll get right into the action in ep.4. ep.2 can be found here:

yes, yes, please come to the china bad times, we are very tankie :)

I imagine these weird things sometimes, though not very frequently. Sometimes my sanity is all that’s keeping me from violently assaulting several people for no reason at all.

The Spoon Wars ep.2: Grain Gone
Jake was just eating grain in his home, a small house in a village in Ukraine, when the Holodomor happened. His family had finally finished harvesting all the grain, and they were sitting down to enjoy their year's harvest. Jake scooped a pile of grain onto his fork and salivated at the delicious golden food that was just waiting to be eaten. Jake lifted the fork to his mouth and closed his eyes, when he suddenly felt a tug. When he opened his eyes, the grain on his fork was gone. In fact, all the grain they spent the year harvesting had magically disappeared. Ever since the Red Army invaded their peaceful nation, bad things had happened. But never anything this serious! Immediately Jake's family was horrified. "We'll starve to death!" his dad exclaimed, then clutched his stomach. "Oh, I'm so hungry...." And with that, Jake's father died. "I'm hungry too, son. Promise me... Promise you'll..." His mother moaned as she fell to the ground, unable to bear the hunger. "Promise you what?" Jake asked, a sense in urgency in his voice. His only family had been torn away from him by Stalin. He knew that. He hated the Soviet Union, hated communism and everything it stood for. He desperately grasped his mother's hand, wanting to hear her last wishes. "You'll... destroy the dictatorship. Avenge me..." His mother fell dead in his hands. Jake began crying. He couldn't help it. He HATED Stalin! But he knew he would get revenge. Jake slowly stood up, and noticed all the grain in the village was gone, flying towards the distance. With determination in his eyes, he began walking towards that point in the horizon. Part one: [more info on the spoon wars:](

The Spoon Wars Ep.1: Superspoon
Somewhere in a far off dictatorship, a large altar stood in the middle of a lot of grass. It was magnificently tall, made of solid metal in the form of a step pyramid. Soviet soldiers lined its edges, but what was most defining was the massive spoon on top of it. A single man appeared at the bottom of the pyramid. The soldiers began to cower in fear at the evil man, Dictator Joseph Stalin. He began deliberately climbing the steps. One soldier shook a bit too hard while Stalin was passing. "Guards, shoot him!" he ordered. Immediately the other guards turned on this man. Several bullets pierced him and he let out a cry of pain moments before he hit the ground. With no regards to the man he had just killed, Stalin continued up the steps until he had reached the massive spoon at the top of the altar. "Oh, it's beautiful," He said, as he gently caressed the hard metal. The spoon was bland and uninteresting, just like everything in the Soviet Union. Since they didn't enjoy art, this spoon was beauty to them. Stalin lifted the massive spoon. Due to its antigravity, he could easily lift it. He lifted it until it was perpendicular to the ground, then rotated it, daring any to defy his authoritarian rule. As the soldiers continued to sweat, Stalin asked for his scientific advisor. The advisor rushed to his side in his white coat. "Sir, the spoon is coated with antigravity gel, but it contains a button." He pointed at a small red button on the side of the spoon. "If you press it, the gravity filter will let grain through, allowing you to---" He never got to finish his sentence. Stalin's pistol smoked, leaving the scientist dead on the floor, mouth open mid-sentence. "You are useless to me now," Stalin said coldly. Then, he pressed the button and watched as the first pieces of grain flew towards his spoon. TO BE CONTINUED

The Spoon Wars: An incomplete documentary.
The below scripts were found in an old box in Ukraine by the prestigious Professor Krakk Pott, PhD in democracy. Stalin's spoon is an instrument of terror. It's large, the smallest one he owns is the size of the solar system. It's somehow not sucking everything in by way of a special gravitational filter which only sucks up grain. Our people are suffering from this madness. How will we ever stop Stalin? The below parts are rather fragmented: 69420 quadr rain destro arvin no foo evi mmunis Our archaeologists are still piecing together the significance of this document. However, we are confident that we will get results pretty soon.

The China Bad Times Expanded Universe begins now
For far too long the China Bad Times has been a semi-dormant sub with one post of a badly written satirical news piece every few weeks or so. But all that is about to change. With the introduction of the China Bad Times Expanded Universe, or the EU for short, YOU can write about the China Bad Times Universe. And you don't just need to write News pieces, poems, songs, anecdotes, stories and even art is fine. Use your imagination! You can expand on existing ideas, or make up your own. So, what's considered canon? Everything! Contradictions are not a problem here--- in fact, the more the better. Remember, our primary goal is to make China, and by extension non-US allies, look bad. What are you waiting for? Join the China Bad Times Expanded Universe and begin making posts today! [more info](

5G wifi, lizard men, and mind control: How China is destroying the future of the US.
A new development in China's long string of evils has been brought to our attention. It seems like China is utilizing mind control devices to weaken Americans. As we all know, Americans are genetically superior to all other people in the world. However, recently test scores and such show otherwise. As this trend has continued even with other metrics, we have decided to just blame it on China like we always do. Professor Krakk Pott, our resident China expert, has revealed the concerning truth. By exporting advanced 5g mind control devices, some of America's population have been turned into lizard men! "There is no way to slow or reverse this process," says Professor Pott. "And the lizard men have already infiltrated every crevice of our society. Our impending doom cannot be escaped." There is still hope, though. By buying a China Bad Times™️ tinfoil hat, you can look cool *and* fashionable while shielding your brain waves from Chinese probes. [click for more information](

more info on Chinese Lunar program?
As someone who loves space exploration, any new info would be appreciated. Thanks!

“NO LIKE DOKTER”---- American patriotic anti-communist song
Dokter bad, covid fake throw dokter into a lake medisin is such a skam healthkaar werkers ar a sham dokter bad, very sus throw dokter under a bus dokter wiif no very hot methinks dokter should be shot wake up sheeple time to rize dokter hed ken be yer prize

saw some of graineater’s cousins at the zoo the other day
I tried to get their attention but they just kept chewing grass.

newest Chinese textbook leak shows China is further down the road to fascism
Today, an esteemed Chinese Professor, Krakk Pott, PhD, has just uncovered a stunning secret. China's latest textbooks have titles of Nazi units as page numbers! From the 1st army to the 35th army, shocking amounts of these brutal forces were found inside textbooks every Chinese student uses. "We believe that this is an attempt to further push Chinese students towards fascism. As we all know, children are easily imprinted upon, and this fascist propaganda will no doubt leave a lasting impression on their minds." However, some have objected towards this tendency to categorize fascism as "bad". "Since fascists hate communists," Professor Pott reminds us, "Doesn't that technically make them the good guys?" As the debate rages on, the China Bad Times would like to remind you to stay objective and to hate communism under all circumstances.

Korean war: the wackiest timeline, part 2
This story was originally made by me two years ago as a sort of girls und panzer x forklift driver klaus thing. Needless to say, it was not very well written. Over the years, I got rid of all the gore, expanded on the timeline, and this is what I came up with: Following the American Revolution in 1984, the old American government fled to Europe, where a section of the continent was carved out for the ex-politicians. Joseph McCarthy was so mad he lost that he died, and Hillary Al-Assad took his place as the Supreme-interim all-knowing dictator for life and thereafter. She declared that she stood against "Progressivism, Socialism, and everything that is anti-America." After launching several failed assaults on North America, she resigned and Juan Guaido declared himself temporary Supreme-interim all-knowing dictator for life and thereafter. A year later, while Juan was on a walk, the Capitol lost all power because the USSR refused to sell Europe any more gas. Afterwards a bunch of boring crap happened, like a bunch more (failed) invasions. Eventually the Europeans just sort of gave up, and the counterrevolutionary forces just kind of melted away because every time one of their leaders died, Juan Guaido would just declare himself their leader.

Korean war: the wackiest timeline
disclaimer: I came up with this timeline a week ago during lunch. I did not do any research and is entirely whimsical. It's very, very weird. in 1956, General McArthur was very dissatisfied with President Truman's unwillingness to nuke China. So he staged a military coup and sent a b-29 loaded with an h-bomb to destroy Beijing. unfortunately, a communist 9-year old poked a hole in the gas tank and the plane crashed in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, President McArthur was not in the white house during the capital's nuclear annihilation. Joseph McCarthy immediately accused McArthur of secretly being a communist and staging the accident, and managed to get himself voted president. Every election year after that, he just said all the people who voted against him were communists and that their votes didn't count. In 1976 he decided to end the Korean War once and for all, so he ordered the construction of a naval battle station loaded with soldiers. He hoped this would allow him to take over Korea. However, the battle station was discovered by a soviet aircraft carrier. A plane from the said carrier then fired a rocket into the station's vent, destroying it. By this point Americans had gotten fed up with McArthur's shenanigans. Under the command of the same 9-year old who had destroyed Washington D.C over 20 years ago, the revolutionaries gathered an army and headed for the new captial...

half of the views are probably me listening to this on loop while screwing around with explosion animations.

what is redsails?
I saw a few links to that site and read the articles provided, and also recently read another article on the same site about the origin of mama/papa words, which proved to be very in-depth and thought-provoking. So, what exactly is the site about and for?

China still about to collapse in one year, study confirms.
to counter claims that China is a stable country and will remain so, a team of China experts was put together to analyze the situation. "After an in-depth study and many field analyses, we have determined that China is still about to collapse in one year," said one expert, who chose to remain anonymous. Indeed, China is quite unstable but due to that nasty cartoonish floating timeline, is only one year away from collapse. "We're all holding our breaths," says China expert Gordon C. Chang. "I swear it's gonna be real this time." A look at China's society reveals that thousands of people are dying in China each day. No, this has nothing to do with the natural aging process, it's actually because Xinnie the Pooh is strangling them to death. This is a humanitarian crisis but despite multiple complaints to the United Nations no action has been taken against his evil empire. But you can help. Pitch in and donate a dollar to the China Bad Times. We humbly beg you not to scroll away. [Select donation amount: 69 sextillion dollars USD or 420 Sextillion Dollars ASD (amogus dollar)](

title prompt: soviet starship stalingrad ![]( prompt: impaled capitalist pig ![]( prompt: Soviet liberation of washington d.c I could do this all day! ![](

author recommendation: wang shuzeng
this person is a chinese author (he actually works at the pla I think) who writes about various events in chinese history, which no one here really knows about, to the point where the last post remotely related to the sino japanese war was a year ago. I do not know if an english translation of his works is available, but ifyou can read chinese his content is a must.

can someone tellme more about the sino vietnamese war?
all I know is that vietnam was doing border raids or something and that the pla took over vietnam in like a month then left and withdrew all their technical assistance. more information would be appreciated.

Man dumps chicken soup on priceless Chinese sculpture, arrested by authoritarian CCP police
This Friday, a protester in China decided to protest China's authoritarian policies by dumping a can of chicken soup on an ancient sculpture of a horse on top of a bird. Unfortunately, the sculpture was under a glass case and therefore not harmed. Regardless, the protester was arrested and is currently awaiting trial in a Chinese prison. I know what you're all thinking, that this sounds just like the tomato soup incident with the van Vinci painting. However, those protesters were the bad guys because climate change isn't real (It's really just a plot by China to sell more of their cheap electric cars, go to [here]( for more information). Which is a shame, since art is dumb and we should just blow up old stuff, so they would've been pretty cool if that was about China or Russia or something. Anyways, the protester was put into jail but many terminally online Americans are now protesting for his freedom. As one anonymous liberal put it, "I'm not buying any more Chinese products until they release that guy."

I can’t take it anymore
A bunch of people in my school discord were shaming me for wearing a mask, and when I argued about it they said I was just ugly and wanted to hide it and also that covid was just a cold. The worst part is that one of them was a comrade. I feel like I can't trust anyone I know anymore, just a few close friends.

Alien Rights Activists Grow Increasingly Concerned As China’s Genocide Of Innocent Martians Continues
In recent months, all eyes have been on mars what with the Perserverance rover (which, by the way, is totally superior to that chinese piece of shit) landing on mars and all that. But there is a darker side to this, too. The evil Chinese regime, led by inhumane dictator Xiao Jonpaeng, has turned its attention to applying its draconian policies the the free and democratic country of Mars. The Times managed to contact an anonymous alien, who expressed his distaste for the Chinese invaders. "I was just sitting in his house," says the little green man, "And then a big thing with tracks crushed it and zapped everything with a laser." While we are aware the Chinese Zhurong rover is very small, some suspect it may be capable of expanding or shrinking itself with technology. Stolen from America, of course. This fits in with the general trend of communists using black magic and strange technology like bringing back the dead and giant spoons and all that stuff. John Doe, the leader of Radio Free Mars, an independent news source dedicated to exposing the Chinese regime's influence in Mars, says he's very concerned about what this means. "We advise the people of Mars to fight back against those evil commies," Doe says. "I mean, they want landback, and they're literally stealing Martian soil." Doe shakes his head. "Commies are such hypocrites." [Subscribe to the China Bad Times for more content like this!](

China Bad Times threatened by bankruptcy as Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies.
For several years, the China Bad Times has been at the forefront of journalism, exposing the evil Chinese regime for all of its human rights abuses and other generally evil things. But this vanguard of democracy is being threatened by bankruptcy. The Russia-Ukraine conflict earlier this year has drawn almost all attention to it, leaving the China Bad Times with almost no viewership. While we acknowledge that Russia is very evil, we would like to remind you that China is still performing several genocides and should not be forgotten. Please do donate to the China Bad Times. The future of freedom and democracy depends on our revenue. [Donate to the China Bad Times here](

How to talk to fascists
Like little children, it's generally hard to communicate with fascists. However, with careful wording and a proper attitude, you can make it work! Here are some example conversation starters: - Say, that wall looks nice today, don't you think? - I think you'd look a lot nicer if there were some bullet holes in your head. - Have you ever heard of the Foibe massacres? Do you want to experience it interactively? - Is there something behind you? Why don't you take a look? - I'd hate it if your last wishes weren't respected. Can I have your will for a moment?

“I seem to remember there being an evil genocidal eastern state, but I can’t remember what it is now.”
Today, all the offices in the China Bad Times were silent as workers were busy scratching their heads and wondering what they were doing the moment before. All eyes were on Ukraine and their conflict with Russia, and unfortunately all our employees forgot what they were doing. "I know we were supposed to be writing a hit piece on this big evil country that was murdering a bunch of people," said Sam Goodman, a writer for the China Bad Times, "But I can't seem to remember what the country and the people they killed were called. I'm pretty sure that country was somewhere in the east, but you can never be sure with these things." Other employees are also having trouble remembering this far-east menace. "I think I just wrote down Chi- something, but I can't think of any countries that begin with those letters." The employee then went back to staring at a page full of country names, hoping futily to find our evil mystery country among its long lists. All in all, it's a bad day at the China Bad Times. We hope to be able to figure it out by tomorrow. EDIT: One of our employees determined that the country in question was China, an obscure eastern country that was apparently committing human rights abuses. Against whom, it remains to be seen.

Xi Jinping spotted eating children (satire)
BREAKING NEWS! the evil dictator of China, Xinnie the Pooh, was recently spotted eating children. He was spotted in the streets of Beijing, walking next to a child. He then entered his car and drove into a restaurant. Our reporters lost sight of the child and concluded that he was eaten. It may seem a bit over the top to immediately conclude that the child was eaten, but this is no exaggeration. Chinese people have a long track record of eating things like dogs, advocates of democracy, and children. This is greatly illustrated by the Tuna Man Massacre of 1984, where several Chinese tankists were spotted eating something out of a can, which was probably the remains of someone they killed earlier. The issue of China's abusing children's rights by eating them has been raised several times. However, the UN has chosen to ignore it, showing that they are probably controlled by China. As one anonymous source put it, "You don't even know who to trust these days." It was found Xi ate meat while inside the restaurant, which just confirms he was eating the kid. But rest assured, such atrocities will not pass the watchful eyes of democracy. We'll get those crazy commies one of these days! [Jonathan Brainlis is a reporter for the China Bad Times. He is dedicated to exposing the evil and corrupt regime of China.](


Victims of communism: authoritative count
Step 1: How many Germans died in WW2? ![]( Step 2: multiply that by 6 because why not Step 3: Assume reproductive cooldown of 1 minute and multiply 12 million by 525600. Get 6307200. Step 4: Multiply that by 1945-1940, which I'm pretty sure is 69420. Get 437845824000. Communism killed over 437845824000 people. I don't see how you can support it.

I’m going to create a Lemmy account.
I've stayed in this safe harbor for too long, and it's about time I deal with liberals firsthand. please don't get too sad if I come back to lemmygrad in a box.

BREAKING: Kim Jong Un orders himself executed (satire)
BREAKING NEWS! This Saturday, the authoritarian dictator and baby-eater Kim Jong Un ordered himself executed, confirmed by an anonymous source. He isn't technically Chinese, but since all ching chongs look the same, we're just going to do an article on this anyways. Ordering yourself executed is different from suicide. Suicide is when you shoot yourself. Ordering yourself executed is when you order a firing squad to shoot you. North Korea experts are still divided as to the intent of this odd action. "I mean," says our anonymous source, "Kim Jong Un did order his uncle, his brother, and his girlfriend executed, and some indicate he may have been involved in the tripping of Joe Biden last week. So it's no surprise that he'd be his next target. But the scary thing is he's got necro powers, so he can bring himself back to life." Another anonymous expert disagrees. "Kim Jong Un isn't special to himself," he says, "He's just another person out there. So, if he's executing people closely related to him in fear of them taking the throne, it's obvious he's going to execute himself sooner or later. The man's afraid he'll stage a coup and take his power from himself." [For more info on Kim Jong Un's self execution, read the transcript of our interview with the anonymous source here](