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In these moments Maradona is better than Pelé.

You bet that person’s grandparents were Nazi collaborators.

the least fascist Brazilian policeman. I just saw the news that the daughter from this guy was removed from the police for defending Nazism, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

they think Mongolian is a curse, being one of the most interest civilization to study, it’s the old story if Genghis Kan was born in Europe he would be considered legendary but as he was born in Asia European historians considered the Mongols as a “barbarian” civilization

Ironically, the most profitable business domestically in the US, uses the 5-year plan to show how efficient it is

just with the end of trade with China in an eventual armed conflict, it would already be a serious blow to the US that would cause a great depression in addition to the lack of consumer goods and electronic products

I’m leaving my law firm and becoming a public defender, and become a history teacher.

so there’s a chance this will happen again, given the scale of the situation.

Get ready for electronic chip shortages

If I remember this was also the plot of one of the resident evil animations

Or a federal agent, but it’s hard to know which one he is

now asks the person to explain how the working class self-management work? who will handle the distribution of work and resources? how will you get the resources? who will take care of the logistics? How will it be done to fight opponents? How will security be? and, etc…


It will be a difficult competition but countries like Turkey, UK, Spain, Portugal, France and USA have a chance in the competition.

the correct title would be as in the perspective of americans and gusanos alike it was in the video about vietnam.

And the site uses the same designer since the 90s