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It’s so bad it looks like Ukraine is pretending it didn’t start its counterattack, for fear of bad press.

And against logic, Russia is blamed for this, as this is gigantic damage against Russia and Crimea.

Mark being the most neoliberal celebrity on twitter

We live for free in their minds

It’s super funny and shows a different side of Star Trek and I’m looking forward to the crossover

Online: Super cool, I had many conversations with some on various subjects, with the few I talked to. IRL: Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to meet many because in my region they are an extreme minority, the place with the largest population of Muslims is 140km from my city, but in recent months refugees from Afghanistan arrived in my city, but I didn’t have the opportunity to meet any of them personally.

The way it was going, it was something quite predictable, with blind support for US interests, to the detriment of the interests of the country itself and the EU, what was difficult was that people denied or lied instead of seeing the obvious

In recent years the US has underestimated the productive capacity and technology of China, as well as other countries.

And Japan is famous for falsify violence and crime data, such as not reporting cases if it is difficult to solve, no report and discredit cases of domestic violence and against women, and white collar crimes, which do not generate the same attention such as violent crime, corruption and turning a blind eye to criminal organizations, and put suspicious deaths as “suicide”.

It seems, even the numbers are lower than the last record

Everything is reported by Ukraine, so it’s not the most reliable number.

Judging by Western press coverage of the war, it’s possible that Zelensky is already using the Kremlin as a summer home.

Every week they report Russians surrendering, Russians dying, Russians ran out of fuel, Russians ran out of ammunition, Russians were cold without coats, they ran out of vodka in Russia…

It’s difficult for him to give in, only if the US wants it, he can’t decide anything, other than begging for weapons, money and sending people to die.

Camus is the philosopher definition of first world problems.

Lots of words coming from US vassal, he should look in the mirror to see a true vassal

It is worth noting that panicked reports are spreading on Ukrainian social media that during the detonation of an ammunition depot in Khmelnytsky, a large batch of British tank ammunition with depleted uranium, which was recently brought to Ukraine along with Storm Shadow missiles, was also destroyed. As a result of a large explosion, particles of depleted uranium can scatter on the territory of the region, which, taking into account the experience of Yugoslavia and Iraq, could lead to an outbreak of cancer in the medium term. There are already reports that the radiation background allegedly increased in Khmelnitsky. Let's wait for the actual confirmation.

The faction that represents humanity in the 40k universe is a theocratic totalitarian regime, basically the united kingdom, which in its doctrine is a place dominated by human supremacy, ignorance and total obedience, where there is no value to human life and any different thought is considered a capital crime.

Switzerland the famous place where the bank is the state and serves to be the destination for all the dirty money to be taken away and all the gold that the Nazis had

Lula is more based on his third term, the problem is that his government ministers are pure juice of liberalism soon he may have the same fate as Boric

The obvious villain and his cartoon villain presentation is not the villain, even though he is a colonist

Nobody from the political aspect of the left reaches the mass media of the center of imperialism if you don’t have something to extort them or if they are a joke of marxism

It was a case of domestic violence that my client was accused of,was simple to prove that I didn’t have enough evidence to convict my client,so much so that the prosecutors also agree with me

I managed to win a case, which even the prosecutions they even asked to absolve my client

Todo liberal é incrivelmente hipócrita e o obrigatório viva ao MST

From what I’ve seen in Russian media and message boards, the first video is of an explosion at a Ukrainian army ammunition warehouse.

I realize that having a degree in police science in the West is worthless, the course is training in neoliberal propaganda to justify and maintain the status quo

If he had all that military power, he would have done it already and not asked them to withdraw on their own.

I hate being forced to use social media in order to attract clients.

am , is the only sci-fi that I like a lot even though some moments are not good and how. I don’t have much free time I kind of just watch the new star trek a is on

Western Marxism Loves Purity and Martyrdom, But Not Real Revolution by Jones Manoel