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Yes help same as last time, use ukrainians like meat shield

The resistance of Bolsonarist generals to help indigenous communities and the insistence of these military personnel in facilitating the economic exploitation of the forest (even through illegal mining) are based on an antiquated concept of national sovereignty. For many Army officers, the defense of Yanomami groups is nothing more than a pretext for foreign governments to occupy the Amazon through NGOs, to take the region out of Brazil’s control. There are many books aimed at the military that spread these outlandish theories. One of these works was edited by the Army Library in 1995 and is studied until today. This is “A Farsa Ianomâmi”, written by Colonel Carlos Alberto Lima Menna Barreto.The content of the book justifies the title: Menna Barreto argues that the Yanomami never existed. released-in-95-book. According to him, “the Yanomami gentile [is] nothing more than [a] cunning and clumsy device imagined to bring together different tribes, groups and subgroups in the same ethnographic whole and, thus, in a subtle way and much to the taste of the media, changing the map of the Amazon for the most ‘noble’ reasons and without major traumas”. For the author, the agent of this “creation” would be the Swiss photographer, naturalized Brazilian, Claudia Andujar, who would have convinced the indigenous people to go through this process of “Yanomization”, with the exclusive objective of meeting “alien” interests (such as some military usually refers to foreigners). Menna Barreto reports that she had met indigenous people from those areas between 1969 and 1971 and only when she returned to the place, between 1985 and 1989, did she see them identify themselves as Yanomami. A scholar of themes related to the Armed Forces, the anthropologist Piero Leirner, from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), criticizes the line of thought of the author of “A Farsa Ianomâmi”.“It’s as if the indigenous people were looking at the Armed Forces in reverse and saying: ‘There is no such thing as the Armed Forces, what exists there are three different groups, since they don’t dress the same, they do everything separately,’” he says ironically. “They (the military) use this reasoning to say that the Yanomami are not constituted as a society, that’s the point. That’s because they didn’t want to recognize the idea that being a society they would have a territory connected to them. In other words, the problem is to manufacture the information that is suitable for a kind of political struggle that the military was carrying out there in the 1990s and carried on” explains Leirner. “They didn’t understand the fundamental thing: those groups and subgroups live in a system. That is, there needs to be some level of relationship between them for things to work there and in the relationship with the forest, obviously. It is partial and biased information that they produced”. According to the anthropologist, this type of literature has influenced generations of officers, up to the present day. This is the case of generals Augusto Heleno and Eduardo Villas Bôas.

Conspiracy book published by the Brazilian army that justifies the inhumane treatment of the Brazilian army towards the native peoples of Brazil .

It works but the opposite the real name is trckle up economics that’s why neoliberal economists are more propagandists than true economists

worse than many think that way.

I started taking creatine to help build muscle strength when I run, and I’m going back to running every day since the gym is open again after the break

after all these countries have handed over their weapons to Ukraine the US will force them to buy their weapons with an inflated price and exclusive maintenance of American companies, it will be good in the long run these countries will lose military capacity and have expensive and bad equipment

is now officially a sub for alternate history

We’ll know the real numbers of the war when it’s over, now it’s hard to differentiate reality from propaganda

As if the suffering of the people of Kiev were not enough

the surge of new far-right terrorists trained and armed in Europe is going to be big, and what’s left of Ukraine is going to be a paradise for these groups, geopolitically it’s going to be a right-wing Afghanistan within the European Union, these countries will die in the name of the US

don’t worry, it’s just the shape that is capybara, they are not made of them

yes, he was the one who published the leaked conversations that proved that Lula’s arrest was illegal, but since then he has taken a turn to the right

One thing that stresses me out when I meet my family is their clear lack of awareness of their hypocrisy along with their false moralism, my cousin spent a long time complaining about the supposed corruption of the government, but on the next subject said that he can’t wait to get into a corruption scheme together with his father-in-law to smuggle imported goods.