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Someone get that shark a medal… And some more executives.

Beware of extreme adds. The site this links to gave my phone aids.

Well with any luck we can make liberalism disappear and thus it’s media along with it.

The world will be fine. Humanity and most of current life is fucked, but the world will keep on keeping on. Life will bounce back once we manage to kill ourselves off. Might take a long ol while for life to bloom again and start fixing all the damage we did in order to form a stable ecosystem again but I definitely think it’ll happen.

It sucks to think this way, and I will support any government or movement trying to actually prevent this, but I’m not going to live in a fairy tale word and pretend everything is not going to shit. I’m also not going to sit here and let it stress me out and make me depressed.

Isn’t that basically why Epstein existed? As the focal point of them all having dirt on each other so if one steps out of line it’s over for them? And kid fucking is an easy one to use as it’s appalling to most people. It’s also easy to get some rich people drunk at a party and “oops, turns out that escort we hooked you up with is 15, but don’t worry, I have this trust fund you can done to” kind of shit

The only good billionaire is either a dead billionaire or like, a guy that stole a billion dollars from an actual billionaire then spent it on strengthening the proletariat. Or something idk kill rich people.

There are still plenty that don’t do this. Seems like the trend is getting more obvious with more recent animes. Also there’s some pretty good ones coming out from China I hear. I absolutely love Scissors Seven. Easily in my top 10. It’s just so corny yet also has a serious note to it. Definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it.

Hopefully it’ll “shock the Russians” so hard they will put these fucking Fascists against a wall.

Are there any redeemable members of the US government left at this point?

Anime comes from Japan which already is generally pretty racist. Almost all anime characters are drawn to look like typical white people and ethnic stereotypes are pretty obvious in anime. There’s also a good number of anime that low key supports a Nazi Germany type world. Some Isekai animes the main characters backstory is they come from a world where Nazi Germany won WW2. They play this down in the anime but it’s way stronger in the manga’s and even moreso in the novels. It really ruins anime for those of us that just like animated shows in general and want something with actual story which western media can barely even do with shows involving real humans.

Also most anime fans overlap with being terminally online gamer types so all that too.

It was actually kind of popular before he went to war with Western Europe. The original plan was for him to move east and the western nations to do nothing about it.

Edit: Not the “Hitler was a victim” but the general support of Nazism against Communism.

The sub was really not about the podcast in the end. I remember hearing that the podcast guys didn’t even like the sub cause it was so diverged from the podcast. It’s also why the chapo site became Hexbear.

I will say they did have a pretty funny D&D style RP game where they played as typical 70s white suburban homeowners and they have to investigate their new neighbor “Jeffstein” who was seen carrying into his house what looked like a small, child sized luggage bag, with what appeared to be a small arm sticking out.

Probably one of the few episodes I found actually entertaining.

See the thing is… They don’t actually pay most of the actual citizens enough to live here either.

They will use the for stupid shit too like some even more ridiculous stock trading scheme that won’t do anything but make an already hyper unstable system even more unstable. Mark my words “quantum instability in the market” will be in some news article somewhere eventually.

They have better busses for their Nazi POWs then the US does for our regular, non-nazi, civilian prisoners.

I mean I guess if their mission was to suck and loose I guess that’s true.

I imagine no post on it will be allowed and anyone that tries will get banned. Either that or the only post about it will be straight up lies about how Russian forces murdered them all after the surrendered or some other bullshit lie.

Also that hair line. I didn’t even have hair line that full as a teenager.

So these are made out of brake disks I cleaned up. They were caked with rust so I soaked in vinegar for a few days. Used a brush and the rust just slid off. Rinsed, dried then coated with some truck liner spray to protect the metal. Inserted a piece of 2 inch PVC in the center. This size fits perfec…