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I just want to say I have personally radicalized at least 3 or 4 other people now in a discord group. I still have more work to do but it’s getting there. Today I had to review and link stuff to debunk the wests Tiananmen square propaganda. The other day I had to work though the NK stuff and am still picking away at that a bit but in general I have them agreeing communism is pretty rad and capitalism has no redeeming qualities. They are all actually way further than me into the deprogram podcast but theu also need it more than me.

If feels good. I know these people locally which will be the first in person comrades I’ll have ever had.

I’m too stupid to figure it out personally. I just like hopping on and shitting a few posts and maybe learn something here and there while I’m at it. Lol. I occasionally notice the name of someone else and eventually I realize I have talked to some people more than once. But then they delete their account or go comes dark and I’m like “well shit there goes another one” so I loose track of all but a handful of posters. lol Either that or they change profile pics and might as well be a new person at that point. My brain can only hold onto so much lmaoo

Not to bring up a dead post but do we have a good news source about this that isn’t western media? Every search I do just brings up a bunch of western BS propaganda.

The US is already trying to pull out of this war… So they can start WW3 with China instead

So this is actually the opposite from my understanding. Westerners, at least in the US, use the pointer, index, and ring. Germans, along with French and Italians, more commonly used the thumb method.

I have a friend that had a big ass yoyo collection and it’s pretty neat. I suck but he’s pretty good.

Majority of the US Congress is reporting cases of Havana syndrome. Congress is take a 3 months, tax payer funded, vacation to recover from the effects of the attack. This comes after the last bill approved by Congress which doubled their pay and legalized hunting the homeless for sport.

“And buying guns to kill each other, especially children”

Only thing I miss more than the height of the genZ sub was the old Chapo sub. That was the main one for me. The memes there were too damn good. My lib brain was overwhelmed and I just got pushed more and more to the left. Then reddit banned them because fucking shit libs and cia run that fucking shit hole.

I was a slow process over many years going from chuddish to liberal to Bernie bro. Then I found the Chapotraphouse sub and it got more and more progressive from there. Then they banned Chapo and I was in stupidpol for a bit because I didn’t know of too many other subs. Then I found hexbear and genzedong sub. Somewhere in there I was in the “I’m a socialist but communism bad” stage for a while. Probably that was before genZ and hexbear. Then I watched yellow Parenti and… It just changed everything. It all sort of clicked. It all came together and I honestly cried a little bit when I watched it repeatedly trying to memorize everything he said. Since then I just learn and watch and absorb more and more.

The job of capitalist media is to spread so much misinformation that no one knows trust from fact. A confused, stressed, and paranoid populace is easier to control.

I’m down for some education. I will even work with my teachers to develope lesson plans.

Care to elaborate for the ill informed?

It means if they had data it would be really bad so they just delete it or didn’t bother trying in the first place. The actual data is probably just “my boss told me to mark these countries red” anyway.

I sometimes wonder what I would do if I was drafted for some insane US v China war, and my only hope is I would live long enough to surrender. Idk how China would treat prisoners of war but it’s probably better than dieing for some bullshit imperialists.

This balloon thing is honestly one of the most ridiculous things they have pushed in a while. Like seriously, ham radio nerds will form groups and send up these weather balloons all the time. Why the fuck would China need a weather balloon to do what they, more than likely, already have satellites doing?

Was working on my car a bit ago and literally just tore a fucking ligament in my left thumb. The UCL. I know I did because I have done it three other times in my life. God damnit. Why can I just not do stupid shit that ends up in injury.

Hi comrades, I did not post last Friday as there was already a good post that Thursday which had some good discussion about goals and such. Did not feel a Friday post was needed. So how have you been this week?

This is an older video but I think some of you might enjoy it quite a bit. A little bit of a dive into the US surveillance state and how we utilize satellites and such for surveillance. Watched this back when I was just a lib bidding into Socialism and "US may be evil" thoughts. Was reminded about it earlier today and had to really dig through my shit to find it.

Capitalism doesn’t want you to respect life of any kind otherwise you might sympathize with the necks your masters are stepping on.

I know we have posted before about China’s increasingly superior military tech. Do we have some good sources for me to reference when some Chud in my family inevitably starts going off on the “US military da best we will crush the [insert racist word for Chinese people]” bullshit? I know the J35 will dunk on any US jet at this point, and I know they have some nice new naval ships as well that the US had to copy because it was so much better than anything we had. Just not exactly sure where to find all this. I like to able to had a crushing victory when I start ripping their arguments apart because all THEY know is “Murica best everyone else weak and bad.”

FACTS* yes sorry. “We know our facts* are right” Nice catch comrade. Thank you.

I had this issue recently. I had been sharing info for a bit on a discord and most everyone was getting I to it. But I went a little too fast and brought up NK and someone was like “NK is legit bad though” and I kind of went a little aggressive with it which caused them to double down and say I wouldn’t change their mind, which caused me to do the same. Someone else intervened and we kind reached a mutual stay of arms and they said they would be more open minded but this really drove that point home.

We may have had this argument hashed out a dozen times and we KNOW our facts are right but for many this is the first time they have probably argued with someone that’s not only outside of their echo chamber but also knowledgeable enough to push the limits of what they know. Gotta just be the calmer voice. Being overly aggressive with it will cause them to put up walls. Don’t treat everyone as if they are all arguing in bad faith. It’s tiring, and a lot of the time you just want to say “fuck off lib” but don’t. That’s what they do when they say “ok tankie” or whatever.


shhhhh I actually don’t but now everyone will be looking for sneaky Zoidberg

LMAO. Glad I didn’t respond directly to that question and read the post cause I was about to comment exactly this without the strike through. Hahahahahah

Congratulations on being the first called out for “no way this person is real.”

It’s all fun and games till you accuse someone of being an alt because “I don’t believe this person is real” only to find out you were wrong and now you feel like a suuuuuuper douche.

Also, lol you all don’t have alts already?

Ok I’m sorry but that’s actually kind of funny. Don’t get me wrong, I still support his attack on Ukrainian fascism and fight against western imperialism but I cannot deny the goofiness of those shoes. I would feel the same if any other world leader were wearing them. Imagine if Zelenskyy had worn platforms on his trip to Congress etc. Shit would be funny too. Like they are in this range of being just large enough to add some height but too small to be true platform shoes. It’s great. lol

Does this mean they just admitted the expect this war will not be a “decisive” victory and will continue for at least the rest of this year and I to next? So all their articles about Russia being about to loose, they admit, is bullshit. lol

I really do not like the word “freak” as in calling someone “a freak.” I think maybe it’s because I watched a bunch of the old x-mex cartoons as a kid and they always called the mutants that, but regardless, I just really fucking hate that word. I have never used it and never will. When I hear someone else use it I get instantly irritated.

I have 2 outdoor barn cats. We got them not too long ago as kittens. Adorable little shits. They have finally gotten old enough to start hunting. The other day I went to feed them breakfast and one cat was gone. I was very worried because these guys just DO NOT miss a meal right? Well I walked around for a while looking for him and couldn’t find him. Even when back into the forested areas around out house. Right before I went back in I here his frantic meowing and he is running up with a mouse in his mouth. He brings it up and drops it. It was then I realized the mouse was not entirely dead. It tried to crawl away and he proceeded to toss it around and “play” with it. I was pretty horrified by this as it’s basically torture. I told the cat to “just kill the poor thing.”

After reading your response to that reddit modmail… “Just kill the poor thing.”…

He feels almost like an AI in his singular goal. Like someone is trying to train a bot. It’s so bizarre.

Apologies for missing the Friday post comrades. How did you do this week? I just started lifting again today after some time off. Meant to start last week but I've had car troubles and all my spare times been trying to fix that shit. Which is also why I missed making the post. If anyone ever notices it's getting late on a Friday and I haven't made the post feel free. lol

https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-resolution/10 Link to bill

How doing comrades? Remembered to get the post up today before 30 minutes to midnight. lol. How has your week been going? Personally, I'm still taking it easy on my injury but I'm hoping to get back to lifting this coming week. Starting off light and getting the muscles woken up. I have started the deprogram podcast during my daily walks and manage about an episode or two a week. I have gotten a few friends listening to it somehow. Neither of them are communists but they at least have a general dislike for our current political and economical atmosphere. I'm hoping the podcast will help me radicalize them.

First fitness thread of 2023 comrades. Sorry for the late post, it was a rough day. How have you been this week? Anything anyone feels like sharing? Personally I haven't done too much as I'm still letting my back heal. Been doing lots of stretches and using my inversion table and my back is starting to feel a lot better. Might even see if I can lift a little Sunday just to test the waters.

How's it going comrades? How's your workouts? Anything you care to report? As for myself I had a rough start to the week. Pushed a little too hard with deadlifts on Monday and felt a "pop" of sorts along the lower back. Was a little tight for a few days but pain hasn't been serious. Don't think I hurt anything major and am at about 95% of my normal mobility. Taking some time off from back intensive lifts but otherwise think I'll be ok in a another week or so.

I don't think there is a general "food" or "cooking" com but I had to share this somewhere. This is the first time I have made a pie like this. I am quite pleased. That is all. Thank you.

Welcome to the new weekly exercise thread. I will try to remember to post these every week unless asked to stop. lol. Anything exercise related you want to talk about but not feel like making an actual post can go here. Want to brag or complain? Have questions or concerns? Just talk about your weekly fitness happenings? What you listening to while you work out? Anything at all.

Weekly exercise post?
Was thinking about making a weekly exercise post for anyone that wants to talk about their progress, difficulties, plans, and other general exercise related stuff. Is this something we would be interested in? Was thinking either Mondays or Fridays? Probably Fridays would be best yeah?

Even with over the calf socks I sometimes still drag a little too hard on my shins. Then I realized if I turn my knee braces inside out the fit the shape of the calf and shit perfectly and have a good amount of cushion.

“This one-two punch from the two political parties is despicable,” according to RWU General Secretary Jason Doering. “Politicians are happy to voice platitudes and heap praise upon us for our heroism throughout the pandemic, the essential nature of our work, the difficult and dangerous and demanding conditions of our jobs. Yet when the steel hits the rail, they back the powerful and wealthy Class One rail carriers every time.” RWU believes that railroad workers need to explore options other than the existing two political parties since neither appears to have our backs. RWU also believes that railroad workers need to consider doing away with the archaic and divided craft union system that hampers our unity and solidarity, and initiate the process of building a single and powerful railroad workers union that can win in future rounds of contract bargaining. According to RWU Organizer Ron Kaminkow, “We have been played for well over a century by politicians and union officials alike. The fiasco of recent months will show that perhaps the time has come for railroad workers to push for a unified and powerful labor organization of all crafts, together with a political party that will better serve the interest of not just railroad workers but all working-class people.” https://twitter.com/railroadworkers/status/1598695487380795393?s=20&t=FAUtdkHd4uFo7sPpSGuc-A

Decided not to go another night. I thought it over and I figured it just snack onf some kraut, salad, and Greek yogurt and let that digest slowly overnight. Didn't want to take it too much closed to the Thanksgiving. Might try for a 7 day fast in a few months.

Last meal I had was Monday at around 6pm. Haven't eaten since. Only drink water and electrolytes. I'm pretty hyped. I haven't done an extended day fast in almost a year cause I have just been super stressed with work and life. Finally had a moment where I was gonna be alone for about a week and so with no one else cooking and eating around me it was the perfect opportunity. I've done several of these extended day fast over the past few years. My longest was 162 hours or just shy of 7 full days. I am tempted to go for a 7 day this time but not sure if I want to get that close to the Thanksgiving holiday. Refeeding properly takes 2-3 days minimum. The longer the fast the longer you should spend refeeding. By "refeeding" I mean, eating small portions steadily over a few days increasing size and amount as you go till you are having normal sized meals again. For anyone that is going to go one some "fasting isn't good for you" rant, do some actual research please. https://youtu.be/7nJgHBbEgsE There has been a lot of good research done into therapeutic fasting. It is a perfectly safe and normal thing to do if you don't have some medical condition and are intaking the proper electrolytes. The human body evolved to be able to go long periods without food. Only in the past hundred years or so have humans abandoned fasting at large and I feel a large part of this is the promotion of excessive consumption by capitalism. Almost ever culture on earth has had some fasting tradition in it's history and many still do. It really is an empowering thing to do. Until I started intermittent daily fasting, and later extended day fasting I didn't understand how much food ruled my life.

Prep information for arguing with Chud and Lib relatives this holiday season.
As the holiday season kicks into gear for many I wanted to make a post to consolidate some good arguments against the typical Chud and Lib family members. What are some typical political arguments you deal with? Not just with family but in general. Let's all get some good backup info and sources. If we can all consolidated and fresh in our heads so when the time comes we can unleash so much info on these people they have no choice but to hopefully either concede or, at the very, least shut up so we don't have to suffer their bullshit. I myself will most likely have a new set of military worshipping in-laws this year. I have no idea how chuddy they are but I want to be prepared. I usually don't bring up politics with my family and they don't either. My siblings family are basically landlords and also run some window instalment business but they don't bring up politics and even then I can usually make a pretty sound argument because their political knowledge is like toddler level and I've always been the "smart one" to the family. The freechat sub felt the best place to post this for traffic but if we feel it should be moved or duplicated to other coms I have no qualms.

I may not care much about sports but I do enjoy 🇺🇸 getting their ass kicked by 🇨🇳

The farts. Good God the protein farts. No matter what kind I use. Brand, type, vegan, non-vegan, etc. Those damn protein shake farts can kill. The are the most unnatural smelling abominations the human body can produce. There are a number or reasons to not use protein powder supplements if you can avoid it. Actual health concerns. Yet in the end, it is the farts that stop me from using them.

I love chili. Most of the ingredients are super cheap. Can be omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan. There's like 1,000 varieties. If you eat meat it extends that meat to save on cost. If you don't...well it still extends your meat alternatives to also save on cost. lol. Is an easy vector to add in other protein sources with minimal impact to flavor. And you can make a shit load of it in one big go and then just live off of it for a week or so. I'll make like 4-5 gallons of chili, freeze 2/3 of it in smaller bowls, then eat chili for a whole damn week. Then have like 2-3 days of chili for the next few weeks. Then do it all over again. Each time I try a change or two to my recipe and write it all down. I got like 5 main recipes now. Some use more store bought ingredients, some use almost entirely home grown tomato products. Like homemade tomato paste etc. Those recipes beat the dogshit out of the store bought recipes. All of them include fermented beans. I got some recipes that, while not giving away my secret ingredients, I will share the basics if anyone is interested? I personally do include meat in my chili. If there are those who wish to take any of my recipes and offer meatless alternatives that would be awesome. Like tofu chili or something idk

I want to live in a country that has one nationalized cellular service.
Fucking seriously, I have spent 3 days trying to transfer a phone number from one carrier to a new one. My old carrier got bought out and now the service is being ruined so everyone will transfer to the parent companies service which is stupid expensive. So I'm going to a completely different provider cause fuck em. Yet the "account #" for each of the numbers I have on my plan is fucking different. One used the sim card number the other the IMEI number. Yet both phones lost the sim number on the website. I spent 3 days trying to get this number to transfer using the fucking sim card. Then I finally call these fuckers and they tell me it's the phones IMEI. So I have to call my new provider and have them reset the transfer request. Like wtf? Why does capitalism have to fuck everything up into the most awful and convoluted bullshit? I mean, I know why, it's a rhetorical question but fucking fuck. This shit should just be a government supplied service. You shouldn't have to "shop around" and change your service ever. It's such bullshit. Ok rant over.

NATO absolutely slavering all over themselves trying to get the EU to completely eradicate itself. lol. Like I imagine the pure essence of the coomer meme as the fascists at NATO go insane with ecstasy imagining the complete destruction of the EU by their own hands. Millions starving and freezing to death just to inconvenience China.

That's all. Just wanted to let you all know you're appreciated. Even my Federal agents. Thanks for all the shit posting and lib dunking.

Anyone have insight into the whole Xi having Hu Jintao removed from the summit that the westoid media is screaming about right now?
There's videos going around of Hu being removed from the summit as he's talking with Xi. They claim it's because he voiced objections to Xi taking a 3rd term or something? I generally support Xi and the direction the CPC has been going but idk much about Hu and what he did. My "China bad" deprogramming only started a few years ago and I haven't really read much about the CPC before Xi yet. I don't trust anything the western media says for obvious reasons. I do however trust your all's insight into these matters. I'm just bad at finding sources on this stuff that is outside of the western sphere of influence. Edit: Fixed CCP ➡️ CPC

Libs crying like they trying to refill all the aquifers Nestle drained.

How do you all feel about these people that do “food art”?
Like the people that makes those ridiculous sculptures out of chocolate or take a huge block of cheese and shape a bust out of it? Idk what they do with the food afterwards but it always seems like a massive waste or resources. Like sure these people have talent but is what they are making really worthy of consideration? Imagine being some poor cocoa farmer who's basically a slave or just straight up is a slave and all you existence is to farm cocoa for chocolate that isn't even consumed? Some asshole just shapes into a giraffe for some rich fuckers to look at then throw in the trash to rot after maybe taking a bite. Or having some 40lb block of cheddar who's caloric density could feed a small family for days and they just cut it up to make a stop motion bust of some fucking cartoon character? You do the same shit with clay that I could dig up in my yard. Every time I see one of these videos it just kind of pisses me off. Maybe I would feel different if there weren't people starving and/or being horrifically exploited all over the planet.

Saw on r/sino. Wanted to share. Seems pretty awesome. Obviously would have to be toned down for human passengers uses. For automated uses though that acceleration would be bonkers. Rocket level momentums with no actual combustion fuels. Maybe those futuristic space slingshot things we see in some media. Long ass ramp that shoots a craft straight up then this uses it's engines to maintain momentum instead of wasting half it's fuel just getting off the ground?

I just want to make a follow up, appreciation post to the comrade from the other day that posted about getting krunked and ranting about communism.
Basically the title. That post reminded me of last Christmas when I got together with a few friends and all I remember is at one point I was on the floor crying about how "I just want all the Capitalists to fucking die." Like actually tearing up with emotion because of how badly I wanted it. Then in a debate at some point one of my, now former, "friends" had said something about how "I support imperialism when it benefits me" and I called him a fascist fuck and have not spoken to him since that day. Idk where I'm going with this but as I'm on my second quart of dry cider and listening to the national anthem of the USSR whilst crying about why is it gone I was reminded I'm not the only one. Thanks Comrades.

Look up the dollar milkshake theory for a more in depth of how fucked everything is.

I like the end where someone just runs up and chucks the box of stuff in the window like "please take snacks, thank you."

Comrades I did an accidental science experiment with some beans I’m fermenting for chili and I wanted to share.
So I made like 3 gallons of chili a while back. I had 2 half gallon jars of beans I was rehydrating for said chili. Let them soak for a day but also added salt to the water. Well by next morning they were fermenting HARD. Like foaming out the top of the jars and bubbling like a soda. So I just let them go on my counter for a few days and then made chili out of them. Was delicious. Not sure if the fermentation did anything to the flavor of the beans but I had zero gas from them. So anyway I decided to make more chili again. I decided to ferment 3 half gallons this time, black beans, kidney, and red. So I got them all fermenting I can can now officially say the max number of fermenting beans you should have goin in one room is two half gallons. Cause god lord do these make a smell. It's distinct. Like you know it's from beans. It's like, you know how when you have a been fart you can tell it's a bean fart. Like you just can tell by some off note "yeah that's from those beans"? Well it's like that but without the rest of the fart. Just the beans part. Here's where the science experiment comes in. I have them all with air lock bubblers. The smell has attracted gnats to the jars and they fly down into the bubblers and get trapped in the liquid I used which is a suuuper salty brine. The distribution of gnats however, is not even. It seems the black beans have attracted no gnats, the red beans 1 gnat, and the kidney beans 7 gnats. So, I can surmise that, kidney beans cause the stinkiest farts of the 3 types. You're welcome.

First off the ridiculousness of these things never gets old for me. A while back I was up to 4 sets of 10 with 205lbs deadlifting. Not amazing but I was proud of it. Then I pulled a glute muscle and generally my joints aren't great so I took time to heal and to physically therapy. Been starting back slow and keep getting delayed cause work and life but I'm slowly working back up to it. Everything took a hit and weights been reduced across the board but I'm not gonna let myself get discouraged. Some progress better than no progress. What are you all working towards? Have a strategy? Want to boast on your gains or vent your frustrations?

Not sure if the decrepit old ghoul got her words mixed up or if she's trying to get sanctions removed. lol

https://catbox.moe/c/hzzvvj more pictures here including the adjustment mechanism I built this thing a while back and got as far as putting the pads on it. Only thing I have left to do is upholstery it. I have the material which is a vinyl cloth that's easy to clean. I went with red for the color because... I mean.... Obviously. It's just such a pain to cut and sew it and put it on. So it sits now with some towels over it to keep the foam from getting dirty. But it still works just as well. Funny enough I don't even really ever incline for any lifts as I have other lifts I do for those muscle groups anyway. lol. It is pretty damn cool regardless. Also, that lowest incline? Exactly 25degrees. I did not plan that. I just kind of was winging it.

The entirety of this was made out of scrap wood in my barn from other woodworking projects. No need to waste valuable 2x4s then you have tons of scrap plywood and a gallon jug of wood glue. Drilled holes into the sides for the pipe. Holes consist of a larger outer hole and smaller inner hole. Pipe ends are threaded and screw tightly into the inner hole. I then drilled a bolt through the other side and filled the hole with epoxy before screwing the pipe in place. I can put my whole weight on one pipe and not even hear a creak and so far haven't seen any signs of failure and it's been in use for like a year or so now. Sometimes I think I enjoy making all the weight lifting equipment more than the actual "getting fit" part. lol. Stay strong comrades.

So these were originally maxed out at 18lbs with concrete and didn't have anywhere else to put weight but I wanted a nice even number. So I wrapped the edge in tape to form a mold and then filled the rims with epoxy and all manner of washers I had sitting in a bit bucket doing jack all in my barn. Also BBs. They are easily the most ridiculous set of weights I own. But the hold a special place in my heart. As a little extra discussion, what are your fitness goals comrades? Personally I don't want to be any kind of power lifter but I would like to be able to deadlift like 300 in sets of 10 one day and squat close to that. Unfortunately my joints suck and I have been set back multiple times due to just having to figure out what I'm doing wrong or the general limitations of my joints. For instance I can never do a deep squat. Like my hips simply won't bend in a way that allows me to get that low. Nor do I think my old man knees could take it.