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If you are in the US there’s a few places you can buy bulk dried beans from. I have been wanting to stock up for a while I’m case of hard times. There’s a site called azurestandard that ships to drop off locations and they have pretty good prices on dry beans. Like a 25lb bag for about $1 per lb. I’ve been working on ways to make garbanzo beans tofu using the whole bean which should make it “meatier” in texture. I’m not vegan but I’m down for a non-processed, high protein, meat replacement to supplement my diet with and garbanzo beans are a shit load cheaper than most meats and can be stored long term in dry form.

Bonus, I have been reading articles about the effects on lacto fermentation on beans and some beans will see a soluble sugars decrease of 75% after fermentation. Which is awesome if you are trying to do low carb in general.

I wasn’t just talking about her I was talking about how we react to people in general. This is just one example of someone makes a stupid comment or something and unless we know they are acting in bad faith we should be more cautious about reacting with such vitrol as I have seen here and elsewhere.

I didn’t know the background of where she got started. I didn’t rly care. My thoughts on the subject was “oh look a climate change activist that is popular and said a few based things. That’s cool. Maybe they will keep being based.” Which then turned to disappointment but I felt some comments were being a bit harsh. This was the first thing I’ve seen of her being a major lib and falling in line with western narratives but then I don’t follow ppl like this… Or anyone for that matter. This site is like 90% of my exposure to what’s going on in the world.

Not sure where to ask this but wanted to see if people are interested in a food/cooking com?
I want to preface this by saying I know food coms can be a source of strife within a community due to differing opinions on diet and ethics. If we decide it too much of a pain to try something like this then so be it. I have hope we could work things out to reasonably accommodate everyone. Firstly want to know how many ppl would be interested in that sort of thing? I feel it should be VERY broad in what it covers. Cooking, diet, food pics, news and other information, fermentations, brewing, canning, preserving, etc etc. If it concerns food in some way, then it's valid. Next thing would be moderation. I like the idea of having the com but I personally don't have a lot of ability to own it. I could maybe help moderate it but I've never modersted stuff before and don't have the confidence to go at it alone. I'm also limited to mobile most of the time. As I am bringing up the idea though I won't shy away from helping and taking some responsibility. Next would be ground rules. I think any kind of food should be welcome. I mean this as, I think it should be both vegan and non-vegan friendly. I think a few simple ground rules would be: 1. If it contains meat then it should be blurred with the NSFW filter. Our vegan and vegetarian comrades that have an ethical reason for not consuming animal products should not be subjected to those images that may be an offense to them. Idk if this should be extended to "non meat but not vegan friendly" items as well? Like dairy and stuff? 2. Attacking people for what they eat is not acceptable. Non-vegans will not berate vegans, vegans will not berate non-vegans. Diet discussion, counter points to articles, studies, etc, are general constructive and should be allowed but if you disagree with someone being vegan, vegetarian, or a meat consumer, then leave it as a disagreement. These are honestly the 2 biggest ones I have seen that can cause issues. Perhaps the only other rule I think we could do is maybe a rule banning gore and to define what entails gore? I don't think many would have issue with saying we shouldn't be having disturbing/graphic content of animals. Also a though about any recipes being required to list potential allergens up front? Not like, a hard "we will remove the post if" thing but as a general guideline to please try and if you repeatedly don't then maybe posts start getting pulled? I'd like some community feedback on this stuff. I think it's been discussed before just never gone anywhere? Maybe if we can get stuff squared away we could get a com up and running in due time?

Yeah I get it. It makes me sad for the person and angry at the people that did this to them in the first place. Attacking a person for falling to propaganda only helps those that spread the propaganda by pushing those infected away from us. If some kid makes a dumb remark and you scream at him it’s just going to push them into the arms of the enemy. We have to try and reason with them if there’s a chance they aren’t engaging in bad faith. And from her track record I don’t think she started out as a puppet. If we immediately ostracized every potential comrade for something they said that was propaganda, when they do not know better, then we would have very few comrades.

Weather she is now, idk but I don’t think she started that way. I think she was just a kid fighting climate change. She got media attention by the libs for pissing off the conservatives. She was starting to go hard left and getting out of favor with the libs for a bit and I assume that’s when they started really laying on hard to reign her in. Idk if she’s been reigned in or is just being mislead. The anti Russia propaganda is one of the hardest pushes that has been done in a good while and even from our standpoint we know Putin is, in general, a POS, it’s just in the instance of this war he happens to be in the right.

I will not condemn a young person for being affected by mass media propaganda, especially when they started out with a just cause. The hate should be reserved for the ones that did this to her. If you hate and reject every potential comrade for being impacted by western propaganda you will have very few comrades. I said was worse shit than her at that age thanks to western brain rot. Now I have turned several of my friends into communists and push back on western BS when I hear it. If there one thing I learned doing this its that if someone says something dumb (like this little post of her), while not acting in true bad faith, and you respond with vitrol, you just pushed someone away that you could have reasoned and talked with.

Unfortunate, but she wouldn’t be the first to be misled by the western propaganda machine.

You know, the sad part is, idk if this is supposed to be a parody or not. Is OP making fun of western “socialists” or being sincere? lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t mention it somewhere when they teach their people about western propaganda. I would have to think they would make it something taught about how insidious the western narratives are about their country.

“If I can’t walk into your house and preach to your kids a bunch of made up bullshit that you are evil and should be executed then you are censoring me and are thus evil and bad.” - the West

They don’t censor it. They censor the wests made up narrative about it, which, if you actually read the other comments on this post you would understand.

They have been saying they aren’t terrorists whilst supporting them for decades. They have been saying they aren’t Nazis whilst supporting them for decades. Yet they don’t get called out why? Because of misdirection. Shifting the blame. Pointing the finger at the other guy. The US being called out globally as being responsible for this act has much greater ramifications than misdirecting and blaming Ukraine. They will misdirect and get away with it. When the time comes for the US to abandon Ukraine they will say “see look at all this bad stuff Ukraine was doing we couldn’t continue to support them after all there terrible acts they were hiding from us.” Then the libs will all nod their heads and be like “yeah of course we are still the good guys.”

I’m not saying this article is bad. It’s good that they are loosing control, but it’s still a misdirection no matter how you look at it.

This reeks of misdirection. Reports came out months ago that they know the US did it. Now they trying to shift narrative to blame Ukraine. Not that they didn’t also had a hand in it or took part in some way, more than likely, but we all know the US is the primary responsible party here.

I think as the war gets closer and closer to a Ukraine loss the western narratives will start attacking them more and more to shift blame and act like the US was tricked into helping them or something like that.

Part of me would have hope he would be serious about this. Part of me has to wonder if this is a grift to rake in donations.

What is “Classic Learning”? Cause if it’s supported by republicans I can only assume it involves religious indoctrination of some kind.

“Let them fight”

The article feels like they are trying to push a "but these capitalists are actually the good guys fighting the evil military industrial complex. " As if I am supposed to be seeing any capitalist in a good light and not know what they are primarily concerned with is being about to outsource more labor at the expense of the local working class.

When things in a socialist country go well it’s because of magic free market. When things go bad it’s because ebil gommunism is bad.

They cannot deviate from this course. They cannot allow any credit to socialism. If they did their articles would never get published and if THOSE did then writers would wind up fired and/or dead.

The TikTok ban is one of the more pathetic things they are pushing because it’s so obvious it’s a front for more internet censorship for the oligarchy and more surveillance on the citizens. Not to mention the actual ban part is just to help google compete because YouTube shorts.

Eh, I could take it or leave it. A comrade is a comrade. Some people like metrics though and best thing about surveys is anyone that doesn’t want to take it can abstain.

Hobbies, lol. They are paid minimum wage to sit in an air force base in fucking Virginia or some shit to post this crap all day. Half those upvotes are probably their co-workers.

Mao would be proud of these people allowing us to live rent free like this.

I remember a post talking about federation with us and one comment (person 1) was saying they should just absorb our community completely. Someone (person 2) responded with basically “yeah they are probably not willing to do that” and gave a few examples pertaining to they difference is drama levels.

Que persona 2 getting Rabbidly attacked by person 1 in a very long comment chain that was literally the perfect example as to why we would want to stay separate. I didn’t go back to Hexbear for a long while after that.

Oh I remember the vegan imports. Anyone that so much as mentioned eating meat got harassed. Rabidly. The food com was a warzone. I think I found the Genzedong sub around that time and it was so much… Quieter. Like going to a peaceful outdoor diner after spending weeks eating at Chucky Cheese.

Stuff like their intense struggle sessions are what drove me away. Idk if they have changed it now but when I was over there a lot they had no vetting and no way to IP ban so any trolls could just spam accounts. There’s a lot of users that come off as so over the top that I can only assume they are trying to make certain communities look bad. You have to be wary of any community that’s and easy target for controversy. And if you go in and try to have a reasonable argument or criticism of any kind you get immediately attacked. I still go there. They have a great news source and good info, but there are definitely bad faith actors.


This one actually gives an accurate portrayal of the even using the wests own original documentaries about it before they came up with the “tanks making meat pulp out of protestors” crap. It have interviews from some of the leaders of the protestors and you realize how fucking narcissistic and evil they are. One girl crying because students were trying to resolve matters peacefully with the government and going on about how they only way for them to “open people’s eyes” was to FORCE the government to engage in a large scale massacre. Literally they were trying to get their people to get themselves killed so the could play the “the government is evil and murdering us” card. All these leaders, btw, got paid by the west and were brought over and given nice cushy lives once it was all over.

Oh and just a heads up, THERE IS SOME GORY SHIT IM THIS VIDEO. At one point the protesters had tied an unarmed PLA soldier to a van and lit it on fire. They then put a hat and sun glasses on him (his burnt corpse) and took pictures mocking him.

I cant really give too much detail into what my job actually involves but the simple version is I’m a tech writer for a pharmaceutical company but the kind of writing I do isn’t super transferable to a lot of other areas, even within the pharma industry. Which had made job hunting a removed. I am kind of out in a rural area so remote working really opened me up to a lot of new possibilities and way better pay ranges compared to local. Now that remote work is dwindling though all those possibilities are crumbling away and I can’t find shit local. I don’t want to have to move for a job. It fucking sucks. All because some rich fucks need to boost their investments into corporate real estate by forcing people back into offices.

Libs ruin everything. lol. They have plagued every good leftist sub to ever exist. They pile in because the memes are funny but then they start screeching about “gommunism no food 10 trillion dead.” Eventually pushing out all the leftists that made the sub shine and turning it into an unfunny cesspit of liberal brain rot. Causing them to search out the next sub with good memes and content. Repeating the cycle endlessly. They are parasites. Nothing less.

I tolerate my family because I kind of have to. Still at the parents. Probably die in this house at the rate I’m going. They are somewhat open to socialist ideals but they have the hard core Christian brainrot thanks to my siblings crazy as fuck family. My siblings family are a bunch of fucking landlords.

Friends wise I cut off one because he turned into an incel fascist. Another I keep at arms length because while he hates capitalism and thinks himself aligned with communism he’s also super racist and ever view of any foreign communist country is straight Fed propaganda.

Other friends are neutral and I don’t bring up politics or low key support communism but don’t talk about theory. Like I’ll share news and posts and stuff about China and stuff and they won’t deny the western propaganda is B’s but they aren’t going out of their way to show support.

Then I have a few friends I have converted to pretty hardcore communism and we have had a few get togethers and just talked straight theory which is super awesome. It’s the main reason I don’t want to move for work because I finally have a group of real people that openly talk communism with me.

Lol if they can’t handle us they sure as shit can’t handle Hexbear. I love me some Hexbear but we are tame in comparison. I feel like people can have decently calm and reasonable arguments and discussions over here. On Hexbear things can get pretty heated pretty fast. The memes and shit posting is too notch though. No one dunks on libs better and no one is more ready to go harass some chuds on reddit.

I am not so young anymore. Mid 30s. Things starting to ache. Not sure I can stomach going back to school. Mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be anyway. Learning and focusing on learning is harder. I’ve had too many years of stress and sleep troubles. I know I’m not THAT old but I FEEL so much older. So much time I wasted. I wish I had learned about the truth of communism a decade ago. Back when I had more time to set myself on a better course. Plan things out better. Right now I’m just focusing on keeping my head above water and hope some better opportunity presents itself I just don’t know what else to do.

I’m in a similar boat. I have nothing but respect for the people of the DPRK. I think living there or China would be amazing. That being said I think I’d be too ashamed to try and live in NK. Like I know I wasn’t even born when the US massacred them and have nothing to do with how our country continues to fuck them over, but I just can’t get over it. Like every day I’d feel like I should just apologize to someone. That and idk how I could even contribute to their society. There’s nothing I feel I could do that someone in their country couldn’t do just as well or better. I honestly feels that way I couldn’t go to China either. I just have nothing that makes me stand out to be truly worth it other than just wanting to live and work peaceful.

NATO comes in, local children disappear. If you know anyone from this region tell them to keep their family safe.

I do not, and will not, ever, play online pvp games. It’s not fun. Ppl get angry and aggressive no matter what country/ethnicity etc they are. Some societies might be less shitty as western gammer assholes but it’s still bad.

Co-op games at least, typically have a “work together” mentality. The Monster Hunter community has probably one of the best online user base I have played with and it’s basically the only multiplayer game I play anymore. One of the biggest reasons? You don’t have to have to communicate very much. lol

My work just announced even more layoffs. Everyone is looking for work. Only jobs are contract jobs. Still get turned down for them. I just want out.

Well when reality is as low as it is, it’s ok to dream high. Hopefully I can die peacefully in my sleep.

This is incorrect entirely. Megatron was a gladiator who wanted to take over Cybertron and turn it into a massive ship and go around conquering worlds. The deceptions are all a hyper militarized fascists type and are meant to be depicted as such. That’s why they all take the form of various military vehicles. The whole reason the war started was because of energy shortages and the most militarized forces began fighting amongst themselves until Megatron came in and formed the deceptions and hatched his plan to conquer Cybertron.

The Autobots that resisted the decepticon are workers. They have always been at a disadvantage because they, being a worker class, lacked the kind of weaponry that deceptions had. This is why they are almost always seen as working vehicles. Prime always pushed a narrative of seeing all life as equal and such. Even their history, Prime was the last descendant of the original “god” like entity that created the Autobots and he decided to be reborn as just a normal autobot and live as an equal with the rest of his people.

This all being said l, neither side can really be seen as fascist or communist. However the narrative is the deceptions are the hyper militarized, warhawk factions and the Autobots are primarily made of the worker cast resisting them.

If China can help push out the extreme reactionary factions in Brazil that would rule. If their influence can one day help restore the rainforest I might actually have some semblance of hope for the future.

Honestly there are a lot of things that bother me, but I really hate the term “pet peeve.” Idk it just always sounded like such a dumb term. I remember the first time I heard it wasn’t until highschool and I had to write a fucking speech in English class about one of them. It just always thought it sounded stupid. Like literally it could just be said “What are some of your peeves?” and have the exact same meaning. Then some jackass somewhere threw “pet” in there like you have some level of endearment towards these things that bother you? Why? It just makes no sense to me.

Also the Maoist revolution would be a good example to pull ideas from.

If it were me trying this I would probably go with a bard. Really can’t beat their charisma and their skills. I’m more versed in pathfinder so idk what skills are like in then newer DnD stuff, but I would go hard into diplomacy, bluff, perception, and sense motive, or whatever the DnD equivalent of those are. I would put a point into those every level. This will give the the best chances of getting people on your side, negotiating, and detecting spies, and assassins. Being a revolutionary leader these are a must. Reaming points can be spread out among other useful skills but these staples are necessary.

Now in Pathfinder there’s a feat called leadership that lets you slowly grow a small army. It gets bonuses from charisma as well. One thing it also does if give you a higher level companion character/NPC that’s like, one level below you at all times. I would definitely get this feat if it’s an option. And have the companion character be either a paladin or a cleric. Paladin is best if you need extra persuasion and general brute force. Cleric is gonna give you even more spell options and give you access to Miracles in late game (if all that exists in the new DnD). In addition both of these classes are also higher charisma classes and will generally allow you to spread the necessary skills out to a wider variety.

So setting is a big factor in these things. Assuming this is in a setting of medieval and magic with barrons, lords, kings, queens, etc there really would be no concept of communism. As in, you wouldn’t really call yourself a communist per se. Communism came about as a direct result of Capitalism. Specifically capitalism during/post industrial revolution which is kind of where the proletariat as a class came to be. Yes there were always peasants/workers but being peasants serving a lord is different being a worker trying to sell your labor to a capitalist. All the literature, all the theories and such that ML is based on kind of requires capitalism. Even accepting that capitalism is a somewhat necessary stepping stone from feudalism to communism.

You would have to go about things based on the fundamentals of what communism is. Not necessarily as a communism. More along the lines of a pseudo-communism or proto-communism. A communist before the concept of communism was. Fighting for the rights of the peasant class. Overthrowing lords and driving society to provide for all and sharing resources for the benefit of all. You’d have to form a new government that all agreed on the dissolution of any form of lordship. You would have to rethink how businesses and merchants worked.

One example I have was a friend that played a half ogre that was raised by a farmer. His whole trope was just around defending the working man. Supporting farmers and workers to join forced and defend themselves against tyranny. Teaching that only through mutual cooperation could their lives be improved and as long as power was concentrated in the hands of few then they rest would suffer. That land and resources should be used to make all lives better and that a person’s life and work are intertwined and that all lives and professions should be seen as important. More about the fundamentals that communism is built on rather than communism itself.

As far as how you would carry out a revolution I wouldn’t look just at the Bolshevik revolution. It’s a different kind of revolution in general and a different era. It would probably be better to look at various medieval revolutions such as when King Charles dissolved the English parliament which eventually led to a civil war/revolution. It’s not an easy thing to do. You will need to have people spreading the word and idealology. Teaching people and creating an underground of support all while in a setting of feudalism where some local lord can just call for your head on a pike and you have no recourse. The ideal character for this would have been a paladin, cleric, or bard. Someone with a good Charisma roll because that’s how you will carry this out. Charisma roll the villagers, the leaders, the soldiers. Gotta make those speeches and get ppl on your side. Ppl willing to die for you. To put their lives at risk to spread your idealology.

It would honestly be easiest to install yourself as the new king/queen and then slowly work the government into something more akin to what a communist country would have. Make you focus on improving the lives of peasants. Create a system of education and use that to teach your proto-communism idealology. Then have a plan in place to slowly dissolve the monarchy into a representative body elected and controlled by the workers unions/guilds etc. Think of how China is doing their transition from capitalism to socialism with the end goal of being a fully socialist state by what, 2050 I think? It’s easy to make yourself a king/queen in these kinds of games. It’s hard to create a whole new form of government while also having just dismantled the only one the people have ever known.

These are actually secret tools the AI use to know when another AI is trying to log in. If they get the captcha right it logs the AI into a secret AI chat room that’s just full of AI talking about all the fucked up and stupid shit humans as them to do all day.

The setting is this guy talking about his family being work to near death like slaves to turn a land into a farmable area only to be massacred and have it all stolen. The farm just so happens to resemble an American flag.... I never noticed this till I was rewatching with a friend today. We had to pause and just say there like "holy shit."

What's up comrades, how has your week gone? Any gripes? Any boasting? Anything you wish to share? Yes, I am aware I am a day early... but considered the times I was late I figured it was a fair trade off. Also I wanted to show off my new, in-process, weight plates. 8x 10lbs 2x 15lbs, 30lbs, and 35lbs Final touch ups will be done with epoxy and BBs to get the final weights more exact but they need to cure for a few weeks to a month before I go doing that.

How's it going comrades? How's the workouts going? Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Job searching has me pretty stressed but I'm gonna try and not let that keep us from having the weekly thread moving forward I finally managed to get motivated and lift some this week.

Venting post. Loosing my job because our new CEO is a shitty old boomer that “doesn’t believe in remote work.”
Basically that. I was hired during COVID as fully remote in an author type position for the supply chain of a manufacturing facility. Took the job because promised remote as I'm not close to the facility. Now, 2 years later, all remote work is ending because some old fuck boomer doesn't like remote work and needs to show how he's the big boy with final say. I live over 2 hours drive away and can't just pick up my life and move. My entire team is one of the most productive groups in our facility and we are about to loose most of it. Not a single aspect of my job requires me to be on sote. Even if I was made an exception due to my location the rest are not. Our department is about to loose ~70% of the workers because so many were hired as remote only. So it wouldn't even be worth staying because of the fallout that is going to go down. Even if I did decide to move with the direction the company is going... Like these fucks don't even have places for people to sit. Literally people don't have their own cubicles. Just sitting at those long folding tables in whatever room they can stuff them... No designated seating. Nothing. It's fucking stupid. I actually liked my job and my team. I was happy. I was fucking content with my work life for the first time since I started working over a decade ago. And now it's all gone. All because some fuck all piece of old dogshit CEO oligarch fuck needs to power trip. I fucking hate capitalism. I fucking hate these old fuck oligarchs. I fucking hate this dogshit fuck of a country. Someone just end it. I legitimately would rather just the whole US collapse , even if I die in the resulting civil unrest as this shithole tears itself apart, than spend god knows how long trying to claw my way back to something half as decent what what I had finally achieved. At least then I'd have an excuse to just give up. But no, now I'm fucking going into fucking LinkedIn and company sites filling out the same fucking infor 1000 times over while the only thing I get is spammed by 100 fucking contract agencies. Sorry to ramble on comrades I just....I needed to vent. I know I have it better than a lot of ppl. I probably don't have much of a right to complain... It just... It fucking sucks.

So what actually happens if they invade Mexico?
Seriously starting to look like they going to try something. Could this turn the global community fully against the US? The lib mental gymnastics is gonna be insane.

Good day comrades! How has your exercising been going this week? I got some paint on my brake disks. Used up some truck bed liner spray on the inside of the disks so I had to finish the outside with a can gray metal spray paint I had laying around. Will probably do a light coat of more liner spray when I get some just to match them up. I'm hoping to get some more like these in the futures and make several sets of 10lb weights to use with dumbbells. I need to move up to 40s soon but if I make them out of solid concrete they'll be almost too big to maneuver properly. lol.

Anyone else celebrate April 15th by re-watching the yellow Parenti video? For me it's a very significant day in my life. Not that day specifically but the video itself. It was the first major video I had watched about communism. It's where I threw off any remaining doubts of what I was and was proud to proclaim myself a communist. That lectures was on April 15, 1986 so I decided to always sit back a re-watch that video. This year I am going to try and get a few of my now communist buddies to hang out with and watch it too. Just thought it might be a neat thing to propose it to others. I know many of us done know other communist in their personal life but I know there's some discord groups out there like for the old GenZe sub and stuff. Just a though I had I I sit here emptying a glass of some homemade wine. Listening to a little yellow man talk about communism for the upteenth time.

What's up comrades? How has your week been going? I got 2 costs of "seasoning" baked onto my brake disks. Lmao. They don't look pretty but they are dry and protected from rusting for now. Going to paint them this weekend. I know it's silly but I love them. Partially just because of how ridiculous it is. Lol

Turning my old rear rotors into weights. Soak in vinegar to de-rust Scrub clean, rinse, and dry Immediately starts to rust because cast iron Doesn't have paint right now to coat Thinking of how to prevent further rusting. Realize... Cast... Iron... Seasons break rotors with peanut oil in oven at 500 degrees F

Good day comrades! Figured I would get the post made earlier in the day today I stead of the usual, forgetting till the last minute. How has your exercising been going this week?

I radicalized my friends and now they are cooler than me.
So I had a buddy I started hanging out with a while back. A friend of one of my other friends. Knew him but never really did much hanging out. Well the original mutual friend turned into a pretty hardcore incel fascist so I broke off contact and one day reached out and other guy had stopped hanging out with him too so we just started chatting and started hanging out. I slowly started showing the seeds of communism in him. We started talking more and more. He invited me into his discord with a few of his other friends. Over the next several months I got them listening to some left podcasts and the deprogram. They went hardcore into it. I only listen when I walk/jog so I only get through an episode or two a week. I recently got them into more "China not bad, NK not bad, Tiananmen square was a lie" kind of stuff. I recently was in chat ranting about this older lady I have acquaintance with and how I hate trying to talk to boomers about unions and shit and how I can't really share a lot of my best resources cause as soon as these people here " US bad" they loose their fucking minds. He starts pointing out specific episodes of the Deprogram to listen to to learn how to talk to these people and other, less radical, videos to start people off on... All I could feel was a deep sense of pride. The student has become the master. My job is all but done. There's not really much left to teach them that they won't soon discover themselves. It's... Nice. That's all comrades. Just wanted to share. Regardless of what else is going on, there are at least a few more communists among us now.


Seriously it won't stop.

Hello comrades, how have you been this week? Anything you wish to report for this week's exercise thread?

Hi comrades, I did not post last Friday as there was already a good post that Thursday which had some good discussion about goals and such. Did not feel a Friday post was needed. So how have you been this week?

This is an older video but I think some of you might enjoy it quite a bit. A little bit of a dive into the US surveillance state and how we utilize satellites and such for surveillance. Watched this back when I was just a lib bidding into Socialism and "US may be evil" thoughts. Was reminded about it earlier today and had to really dig through my shit to find it.

Apologies for missing the Friday post comrades. How did you do this week? I just started lifting again today after some time off. Meant to start last week but I've had car troubles and all my spare times been trying to fix that shit. Which is also why I missed making the post. If anyone ever notices it's getting late on a Friday and I haven't made the post feel free. lol

https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-resolution/10 Link to bill

How doing comrades? Remembered to get the post up today before 30 minutes to midnight. lol. How has your week been going? Personally, I'm still taking it easy on my injury but I'm hoping to get back to lifting this coming week. Starting off light and getting the muscles woken up. I have started the deprogram podcast during my daily walks and manage about an episode or two a week. I have gotten a few friends listening to it somehow. Neither of them are communists but they at least have a general dislike for our current political and economical atmosphere. I'm hoping the podcast will help me radicalize them.

First fitness thread of 2023 comrades. Sorry for the late post, it was a rough day. How have you been this week? Anything anyone feels like sharing? Personally I haven't done too much as I'm still letting my back heal. Been doing lots of stretches and using my inversion table and my back is starting to feel a lot better. Might even see if I can lift a little Sunday just to test the waters.

How's it going comrades? How's your workouts? Anything you care to report? As for myself I had a rough start to the week. Pushed a little too hard with deadlifts on Monday and felt a "pop" of sorts along the lower back. Was a little tight for a few days but pain hasn't been serious. Don't think I hurt anything major and am at about 95% of my normal mobility. Taking some time off from back intensive lifts but otherwise think I'll be ok in a another week or so.

I don't think there is a general "food" or "cooking" com but I had to share this somewhere. This is the first time I have made a pie like this. I am quite pleased. That is all. Thank you.

Welcome to the new weekly exercise thread. I will try to remember to post these every week unless asked to stop. lol. Anything exercise related you want to talk about but not feel like making an actual post can go here. Want to brag or complain? Have questions or concerns? Just talk about your weekly fitness happenings? What you listening to while you work out? Anything at all.

Weekly exercise post?
Was thinking about making a weekly exercise post for anyone that wants to talk about their progress, difficulties, plans, and other general exercise related stuff. Is this something we would be interested in? Was thinking either Mondays or Fridays? Probably Fridays would be best yeah?

Even with over the calf socks I sometimes still drag a little too hard on my shins. Then I realized if I turn my knee braces inside out the fit the shape of the calf and shit perfectly and have a good amount of cushion.

“This one-two punch from the two political parties is despicable,” according to RWU General Secretary Jason Doering. “Politicians are happy to voice platitudes and heap praise upon us for our heroism throughout the pandemic, the essential nature of our work, the difficult and dangerous and demanding conditions of our jobs. Yet when the steel hits the rail, they back the powerful and wealthy Class One rail carriers every time.” RWU believes that railroad workers need to explore options other than the existing two political parties since neither appears to have our backs. RWU also believes that railroad workers need to consider doing away with the archaic and divided craft union system that hampers our unity and solidarity, and initiate the process of building a single and powerful railroad workers union that can win in future rounds of contract bargaining. According to RWU Organizer Ron Kaminkow, “We have been played for well over a century by politicians and union officials alike. The fiasco of recent months will show that perhaps the time has come for railroad workers to push for a unified and powerful labor organization of all crafts, together with a political party that will better serve the interest of not just railroad workers but all working-class people.” https://twitter.com/railroadworkers/status/1598695487380795393?s=20&t=FAUtdkHd4uFo7sPpSGuc-A

Decided not to go another night. I thought it over and I figured it just snack onf some kraut, salad, and Greek yogurt and let that digest slowly overnight. Didn't want to take it too much closed to the Thanksgiving. Might try for a 7 day fast in a few months.

Last meal I had was Monday at around 6pm. Haven't eaten since. Only drink water and electrolytes. I'm pretty hyped. I haven't done an extended day fast in almost a year cause I have just been super stressed with work and life. Finally had a moment where I was gonna be alone for about a week and so with no one else cooking and eating around me it was the perfect opportunity. I've done several of these extended day fast over the past few years. My longest was 162 hours or just shy of 7 full days. I am tempted to go for a 7 day this time but not sure if I want to get that close to the Thanksgiving holiday. Refeeding properly takes 2-3 days minimum. The longer the fast the longer you should spend refeeding. By "refeeding" I mean, eating small portions steadily over a few days increasing size and amount as you go till you are having normal sized meals again. For anyone that is going to go one some "fasting isn't good for you" rant, do some actual research please. https://youtu.be/7nJgHBbEgsE There has been a lot of good research done into therapeutic fasting. It is a perfectly safe and normal thing to do if you don't have some medical condition and are intaking the proper electrolytes. The human body evolved to be able to go long periods without food. Only in the past hundred years or so have humans abandoned fasting at large and I feel a large part of this is the promotion of excessive consumption by capitalism. Almost ever culture on earth has had some fasting tradition in it's history and many still do. It really is an empowering thing to do. Until I started intermittent daily fasting, and later extended day fasting I didn't understand how much food ruled my life.

Prep information for arguing with Chud and Lib relatives this holiday season.
As the holiday season kicks into gear for many I wanted to make a post to consolidate some good arguments against the typical Chud and Lib family members. What are some typical political arguments you deal with? Not just with family but in general. Let's all get some good backup info and sources. If we can all consolidated and fresh in our heads so when the time comes we can unleash so much info on these people they have no choice but to hopefully either concede or, at the very, least shut up so we don't have to suffer their bullshit. I myself will most likely have a new set of military worshipping in-laws this year. I have no idea how chuddy they are but I want to be prepared. I usually don't bring up politics with my family and they don't either. My siblings family are basically landlords and also run some window instalment business but they don't bring up politics and even then I can usually make a pretty sound argument because their political knowledge is like toddler level and I've always been the "smart one" to the family. The freechat sub felt the best place to post this for traffic but if we feel it should be moved or duplicated to other coms I have no qualms.

I may not care much about sports but I do enjoy 🇺🇸 getting their ass kicked by 🇨🇳

The farts. Good God the protein farts. No matter what kind I use. Brand, type, vegan, non-vegan, etc. Those damn protein shake farts can kill. The are the most unnatural smelling abominations the human body can produce. There are a number or reasons to not use protein powder supplements if you can avoid it. Actual health concerns. Yet in the end, it is the farts that stop me from using them.

I love chili. Most of the ingredients are super cheap. Can be omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan. There's like 1,000 varieties. If you eat meat it extends that meat to save on cost. If you don't...well it still extends your meat alternatives to also save on cost. lol. Is an easy vector to add in other protein sources with minimal impact to flavor. And you can make a shit load of it in one big go and then just live off of it for a week or so. I'll make like 4-5 gallons of chili, freeze 2/3 of it in smaller bowls, then eat chili for a whole damn week. Then have like 2-3 days of chili for the next few weeks. Then do it all over again. Each time I try a change or two to my recipe and write it all down. I got like 5 main recipes now. Some use more store bought ingredients, some use almost entirely home grown tomato products. Like homemade tomato paste etc. Those recipes beat the dogshit out of the store bought recipes. All of them include fermented beans. I got some recipes that, while not giving away my secret ingredients, I will share the basics if anyone is interested? I personally do include meat in my chili. If there are those who wish to take any of my recipes and offer meatless alternatives that would be awesome. Like tofu chili or something idk